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  1. No getting away from the fact that Gio has fucked it bringing in Ramsay for a penalty.
  2. Sakala getting subbed off so Ramsey could take a penalty
  3. From what I've heard Tomi and Mcinroy are both back from holiday in the next couple of days. So maybe a Friday of signing news (or disappointing rejection news). There has to be a deadline at some point so maybe it's early next week.
  4. You lot better pray that McCall doesn't fall into the same trap as some of our jobber managers who regularly played Muirhead in midfield. Just awful. I don't really rate him that highly as a CB, possibly biased because of all the times he's lost his head and given away stupid fouls or got himself sent off. If he's a back up for you then that should be fine. If you have any intention of being at the top end then he really shouldn't be near the starting 11 most weeks. He's a lower championship/top of league 1 player at best imo.
  5. Really happy with that Dempsey signing. We now have him and Murdoch long term which is huge. What a start to Monday. Here's hoping it's a sign of good things to come. Not fussed at all about Baird being gone. Good luck to him but I'm hopeful we can find much better.
  6. Can't say Muirhead leaving has bothered me too much. On his day, he was fine as a bottom 3/4 of the championship type player, but he was prone to losing his head and would regularly be quite happy to put his teammates under huge pressure just to make it look like he was doing something. The king of hospital passes imo. Most of the criticism I threw at him stemmed from the fact he was playing in CM a lot of the time, where he was truly shite. I guess that's not really his fault but I did feel that he sometimes got away with a lot cause he would occasionally put in a strong tackle or wind someone up. Often, other players got a lot of criticism that should have instead been aimed at him. Rumour is he is away to Queens so all the best to him there.
  7. Another embarrassing bottle job from the embarrassing franchise outfit. Glorious. Out in force today with their section b, loyalist, uvf shite. Hope they're having a thoroughly shite time.
  8. Tbf every train from Glasgow to Airdrie was cancelled at last minute.
  9. Group of us heading along to this with our QP supporting mate. Spiders, where you all going before the game?
  10. Pars fans seemed to rate Coll Donaldson in his time with them. With their relegation I wonder if he could do a job ahead of our current lot of CB's, if County were interested in loaning him again. Saying that, maybe we should try to move away from Hopkin style instantly looking to sign players from teams who finished below us.
  11. Can see McInroy, Reading and/or Maxwell maybe headed to thistle tbh
  12. Moffat absolutely was a very very good finisher early on with us. f**k knows what the pars did to him. Still, his link up play and touch were still absolutely class.
  13. I'm similarly dubious about Bullen and agree mostly with the points raised, but I can't say I understand some of the heads gone right now. For what it's worth, our signings in January were, for the most part, very good. It was Bullen's tactics and choices that were lacking. So I have confidence in the club in terms of new faces. It's a lot of the existing faces that trouble me. We'll see what the next few weeks hold in terms of contracts. It may be a disaster with haddies getting rewarded with 3 year deals...or we'll take a more sensible approach and try to tie down our better plyers on longerish deals while punting who we can and keeping a couple on 1 year deals as back ups. Tbh, I'm mostly glad to not have the football for a bit. Last couple pages here have been fun though, if nothing else.
  14. Ooft mind that. Very strange boycott. Saw him at a game recently actually.
  15. I had no idea that so many Killie fans were such precious wee losers.
  16. Aye I was always put off my the big lump sum. Due to a change in work this year, this is probably the first season in 5/6 years that I'm going to buy a season ticket at the start of the season. Over the course I would always end up paying the same/more at the gate but the big sum can be really off-putting. On the other hand I get that the club really want as much money over the summer as possible. Tricky one.
  17. Aye couple of mates moved up to Dundee and Aberdeen for uni and work. When I was over there for visits/games/nights out it was genuinely great to be able to just chat about football and have folk actually be interested in my team, the league they're in etc. Far better than being surrounded by old firm fans who are incapable of having any conversation that isn't entirely about they're half. Or, more often than not, about the unhealthy obsession they have with the other half. The accents over there though...ooft.
  18. Aye this is the order for me too. Really hoping Montrose come up, haven't had a trip there for a ages.
  19. Same with me. Grew up in Troon but my parents had moved down from Pollok just before I was born. My old man had followed Celtic when he was younger, but became very disillusioned with following the old firm and a lot of what came with it. Was never keen on me following either. He took me to an Ayr game once cause his mate from work said I'd like it. I loved it. My dad had little interest in Ayr really, but until I was old enough to go myself he bought season tickets for me and him for years, also travelling to away games if we could, just cause he was delighted I had "my team". Sounds like we started going around the same time. We were truly shite around that time but it didn't matter cause I loved going to Somerset Park for some reason. Actually come to think of it you're probably a few years ahead of me.
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