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  1. Still amazes me that Scott McKenna turned into the player he is. He was awful for us. Albeit he was young and in a god awful team, but he seemed to come on very fast when he went back to Aberdeen, then got that move down south. Fair play.
  2. Sorry, do you mean to say you're not in League A?
  3. I'm very excited to see Hickey climb to the top. What a pler.
  4. Some bunch of lads. League A isn't for everyone.
  5. Aye I thought Porteous was exceptional tonight. Really switch on performance.
  6. Fucking brilliant stuff. So so happy with this squad. Beautiful.
  7. Oddly, my time following Ayr started around the time everyone is discussing. God knows why I kept going. A few years in, at 08/09 was the first season I'd seen us not be completely shite. We then came straight back down after the game on the final day at Cappielow...
  8. Damn, I didn't know this. Is that because of rail strikes? Fair play to them though if so. Will get the x77 bus down to Ayr in that case.
  9. Disappointing to hear all of the above. I'm all for the rivalry etc and couldn't care less about how Ireland get on away from games against us, but not great to hear that all that stuff was going on. Couple Irish mates who live here were just saying they had some unsavoury stuff shouted at them after the game. In my own experience the Scotland support tend to be better than that. Agree with others, would rather not have fixtures like this if it's brings out nutters like that.
  10. This 100%. Can't stand hearing about wanting all the home nations + ROI to do well. Wanky behaviour. f**k them. I doubt they could give a flying a f**k about our team either and fair enough.
  11. Aye Adams finishing may leave a lot to be desired at times, but his overall game contributes far more.
  12. https://twitter.com/sheelaghmclaren/status/1573792056698437633?s=20&t=INLPZJwF9TlVhRzRqq2HIA Hahahahahhahahahahah
  13. While MON does love being an annoying wind up merchant at times, I do kinda respect it.
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