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  1. We will have travelled further than killie did....
  2. Booing or hurling abuse at ex players in general is pretty pathetic imo. Let alone players that have had such a positive impact on our club in recent years.
  3. Of the players who would have played against you lot I think, we have lost Shankland, Crawford, Rose, and Mcdaid(sub). The rest of the team will be relatively the same albeit jigged around slightly. I'd say that on the whole we are slightly weaker. But I have been very excited by the young players McCowan, McGuffie and Kelly recently who will likely all feature. We will also hopefully have Andy Murdoch in CM where he belongs and not out on the wing. Not that it mattered much in the cup game last year.
  4. I will still happily admit that I think Adams has been and hopefully will continue to be a terrific player for us.
  5. Don't remember many Ayr fans upset about mcdaid leaving.
  6. Played through this again recently. Cause you know, no football (I realise that's a crap excuse for spending so much time on a game). Excellent. Just so good. Think it's my favourite game ever. It shows what can be done if you take time to craft all the details perfectly. The likes of Activision and EA sports should take note and maybe not bring out the same game every year. Although people still buy them ( myself included sometimes). Take a bow rockstar
  7. The Liverpool v napoli game was pretty boring. Was with my mate from Naples who got to see napoli playing in Scotland (and winning comfortably). He loved it, even if I didn't understand what he was saying to the other napoli fans around us. Did think it was funny that all those "Liverpool" fans turned out for that pish. Liverpool didn't even turn up. Tbh though I think most of the people there seemed to be dads taking their young sons just for the spectacle of it. I wouldn't say that those people there have no interest in the Scottish game. I would disagree that it reflects badly on Scottish football. As has mentioned previously I think it just shows how far reaching the brand of clubs like Liverpool is. Of course there was the obligatory rangers and Celtic tops around. Cause that's what you do when you go to watch Liverpool v napoli.
  8. We were hopeless. Doolan and Moffat up top does not work in the slighest
  9. I blame the new ticketing system
  10. Am I right in saying we have been seeded the last 2 seasons? One of them lead to us coming up against an unseeded hibs who destroyed us.
  11. Mental. Gutted for alaphilippe.
  12. The red is a ridiculous decision. Absolutely f**k all in it. Penalty is a joke too, but saved so doesn't matter. Ref had a poor game overall.
  13. Absolutely fucking raging
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