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  1. Not the most exciting for us but definetly a winnable tie. Saints fans seem excited, hope to see a good number of you down for it. I do love a cup tie at Somerset with a decent away crowd for atmosphere.
  2. Am I right in saying Brian Gilmour was part of that team as well?
  3. The Jamie Adams Stand has a good ring to it. When's the renaming?
  4. Well we needed that. Very good 3 points. Hopefully that gives the team a bit of confidence. Dundee seem as shite as us so no reason we can't win next weekend too.
  5. Just cast my vote for the snp. Unfortunately my constituency will likely vote Tory again. Fucking b*****ds.
  6. No idea how we didn't put the ball in the net at the end there. Was a pretty shite game. We didn't deserve a win.
  7. I believe the rule regarding penalties and red cards says that if there was a clear attempt to win the ball then there won't be a red. If there is no clear attempt that it's still a red. What happened in this case? If it's a red it's a red, the timing doesn't matter.
  8. I'd forgotten about that trip to cliftonhill. Shivers..
  9. My 11 of the decade would be made almost entirely of players that have played in the past few years with a couple of extras. Following on from shite players talk. Did we not play Craig Beattie at centre half in one game? Or am I remembering that incorrectly. We have had some amount of absolute jobbers. Possibly the lowest I've felt was one game away to Airdrie near the end of the Roberts era when we lost 3-0. One of the worst performances I have ever seen from anyone. Horrendous players doing horrendous things. Kevin fucking McKinley
  10. Yeah for holts goal it seemed he had the angles covered quite well but it went right through his legs.
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