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  1. Going from our current fullback options to Devlin and Smith would be quite incredible. Shame it won't happen. In fact, get Daniel Harvie on the phone.
  2. Ayr United Football Club will win this Cinch Championship fixture.
  3. Should have scored 5 or 6 today. Played some really nice stuff at times. A very good performance overall. Hamilton are an awful awful football team. Just nothing about them at all.
  4. I hear Zanatta and the P&B Hamster are excellent friends.
  5. It's a novel idea, trying to keep the ball away from the opponents. I'm definitely not a football dinosaur so I'm all up for us trying the newfangled stuff. Let's give that a go!
  6. It's important to remember trauma and work through it mate. Remembering that play-off game has sent me down Mark Roberts memory lane, to one of the worst experiences watching football I've ever had. A 3-0 loss at Airdrie in December of following season, Kevin McKinlay (yeesh) played one of the worst performances I've ever seen culminating in scoring a comical own goal for the third. Paul Slane had a 2 minute cameo before deliberately getting himself sent off because he was raging he wasn't getting much game time (because he was fucking useless). Not sure why I remember that game in particular. Roberts had been sacked the week before and I remember an overall feeling of it didn't matter because we were doomed anyway, no getting out of this. Ian McCall arrived a week later and we somehow did enough to stay up. All ancient history now....
  7. Ooft, that play off against Cowden, mind that. Roberts should have gone after that season. It took the very real prospect of relegation to League 2 for him to finally get punted.
  8. Kirk has been excellent for most of the season. However, has to be said that his form in the weeks leading up to being dropped was pretty poor. His passing in particular (something I rated very highly for a championship CB) was all over the place for a few games in a row. He's a very decent centre half and tbh I think my favourite partnership I've seen at the back is him and Musonda. The fact that there's even a question about who should start at CB shows how far McGinty has come on.
  9. I thought Musonda had a good game on Monday, other than the handball. Our team is weaker overall when he isn't in the backline.
  10. Aye this tbh. Hopefully if Dipo goes we get a good fee for him, added to (hopefully) the money from a top four finish - there's not much guarantee of that but you never know with how poor this league is. Right now I'd bite your hand off for mid table obscurity (if there is such a thing) next year in this league. Especially considering we will likely have a lot of this squad still on the books. As you say, wide players and full backs desperately needed.
  11. Aye this. I am just gutted we won't get the chance on having those occasions. Probably the only chance at that sort of thing for a long long time, for a lot of Ayr fans. The immediate feeling is probably on a par with the loss at Alloa for me. Even though that pain only lasted a week, I genuinely felt we wouldn't go up in the play offs. That defeat felt like we had the best season I had ever witnessed to that point, only for it to all end in bottling it. Was on overall emotion of, we are never going to win this title and we won't get out of League 1 for more than 1 season. We are just going to remain as a yo-yo club for years. Thankfully it completely flipped 6 days later, good times. But with getting to a cup semi / final we don't get that chance. You just know we won't have an opportunity like this for a long time. Gutting. Next couple of games are huge for us in terms of the finances available for next season. Pls Ayr.
  12. This squad won't be getting promoted through the play offs. I would obviously love to be wrong, but it's not happening. I want a play off place for the additional prize money it would give us for next season's build. What is totally mental, considering how limited the quality of our squad is and how shite we've been, is that I still think we have a decent enough chance of finishing in the top four. Not sure on this seasons precise numbers but in previous seasons the difference between 4th and 5th was 75k, the difference between 3rd and 5th was 150k. If we can manage to scrape into 3rd or 4th then much like Adeloye last season, we have a lot to thank Dipo for.
  13. Tbh I don't remember McCall being any different on that front. Would regular talk shite in interviews to avoid taking the blame for defeats as far as I can remember.
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