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  1. Really enjoyed that, was great to get back to a game for the first time in what seems like an eternity. Thought we looked pretty solid, definitely need a couple more additions to the squad but overall pleasantly surprised with the performance. Buzzing for the the Falkirk game.
  2. Would be voting green for the constituency vote if there was someone standing. SNP then green it is.
  3. Hagrid being a Tory has ruined my childhood.
  4. Ah my bad, apologies. Should have been more thorough checking. Am I right in saying then that Andre Wright was barred from Ayr Morrisons? The glitz and glam of being a professional footballer eh.
  5. Some player that ndaba. Friend of mine who works in Morrisons was telling me that Corrie Ndaba kicked off at staff when they asked him to wear a face mask. Saying "do you know who I am I've just signed for Ayr united". Don't think he realized that statement would get him nowhere. Was right after he came up. Thankfully he turned out to be decent so I wasn't put off him.
  6. Ridiculously tight. We were no better. For what it's worth I'd much rather you guys stay up in the playoffs. Best of luck.
  7. Get this season so far to f**k. Very happy tonight.
  8. Well f**k me. If I'm perfectly honest I didn't expect us to manage that. Thank f**k.
  9. Bunch of shitebags. Can wait to see the end of this team.
  10. All the work that got us to where we were over the past few years. And it's all fucked. Hopkin can f**k off.
  11. The triple save by the Witch Whenever I see a clip of that moment I still think we're about to score.
  12. Definitely recommend once we're allowed back into grounds. The Fife trips are amongst the best imo.
  13. Sportsound teasing a bit. Was just telling us it should be Thursday.
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