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  1. There has been quite a few but the one from recent memory that sticks out for me is Dean Shiels extra time winner in the Ayrshire derby league cup semi final 2012. We were underdogs and we were woeful that day, but it was horrible. Made all the worse that they went on to win it that year. Also, a special mention for the horrific attempt at heading the ball back to the keeper from Andy Geggan away at Alloa a couple of years back when it seemed we had blown the title. Possibly the lowest ive felt leaving a game, but as it all worked out okay in the end its not as sore.
  2. Good to have you lads back, looking forward to whenever it is we end up getting a game. A decent bunch of lads really. You also kept falkirk down so alright in my book.
  3. Have been in all the stands at firhill due to the constant switching of away sections. Obviously have been in all stands at Somerset, big fan of being able to move around the entire ground when there is a small away support. Although I can see why away supporters might complain about the away end views. The view from the railway end isn't very good compared with the Somerset road end. Although you can make quite a bit of noise in that stand without very many folk, I don't think it's steep enough and it can be a real struggle to see down the other end at times. I don't go in the main stand very much, not since I was a kid. Always thought the view was alright but I've never been in the far side where away supporters are housed.
  4. The thought of not having Ayr United and being unable to go to Somerset park every other week scares me. I used to go along to some Troon Juniors games when I was younger so I guess i would maybe do that again. Or I would just pick games to attend as a neutral. But in all honesty i would probably lose almost all interest if Ayr didn't exist.
  5. I assume a lot of the clubs around Glasgow would look into this. I can see Whitletts Vics and Bonnyton exploring that option too.
  6. Good luck to Forrest, been here for some time. Nearly 250 games is an impressive total, still remember his debut at Hampden. He's been at the club through some very good and very bad times. I'm sure he'll do well at Livi. He also confirmed that Dundee and Partick were in for him.
  7. For what it's worth I don't think dees should have been concerned about having a chance of going up before all this anyway.
  8. It's great to see that the West pyramid structure is finally coming to fruition. With the abundance of clubs nearby to myself it will be great to get along to see games in the new leagues every now and then. I'm sure the juniors holds some sentimental value for all the clubs but surely this a great step in the right direction and finally a chance for some clubs to really progress. These clubs being in the pyramid system definitely interests me more than the juniors set up ever did. That's not me trying to belittle the juniors league but it seems their time was up in the West. Exciting times ahead.
  9. Love going to gayfield. It's just a brilliant day out. Big fan of visiting East End Park as well for the same reasons others have stated. I do love Somerset but can see why others wouldn't.
  10. Artificial pitch might be good fun solely for the meltdowns from our support. The SRE Facebook page would be incredible.
  11. It's not political correctness gone mad. That term has long been widely recognised to be out of date and offensive. And yes having to listen to sections of our support on a regular basis can be very difficult and embarrassing.
  12. Ayr 7-0 Morton. 5 from Drinan. Will be good to just have a game tbh. Please don't be postponed. Should definitely be looking to take 6 points from the next 2 games before we head into the the 3 games against the city of Dundee. We have shown more grit under Kerr and we will need loads of it for the busy spell of games we have coming up.
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