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  1. Poland have been utter shitebags. Hope Mexico go through.
  2. Nice to know this guy played for Argentina, there's hope for us all
  3. I think Colocolo specifically is a type of leopard. But I prefer the idea that it's ginger ginger. That sounds like an average game for a South American derby!
  4. Apparently he actually used to have the nickname "Colo", meaning ginger. Messi told all the boys to stop calling him that cause he didn't like it
  5. Anyone saying that's a penalty are surely on the wind up. Fucking mental decision. I'm raging though, got Messi to score on my bet.
  6. Aye we're away to Cove two Saturdays in a row. Pish.
  7. Don't think we should be trying Bangala or Ashford or anyone else who isn't naturally a fullback at RB. Don't particularly rate our fullbacks but I'd rather them there than weird experiments. Would give Ecrepont a game. Shite that it seems Musonda isn't back yet. Good news about Kirk though. Pray Frankie is back soon for the run into the new year then hopefully Kirk back not long after that.
  8. Disappointing to see big satan and little satan go through, however they are definitely the best 2 in the group. Don't think Wales will be at a world cup for a while. Iran are a good laugh. Mon the Senegal.
  9. Hope Iran pump the USA. Can't bring myself to watch the other game. A mix of the English pundits, god save the king, Gareth bale and those fucking stupid bucket hats - grim.
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