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  1. Great to have that finally confirmed then, hopefully he hits the ground running on Saturday. Good that we have the option to make it permanent if he's a good fit. Seems to know Adeloye and Gondoh also. I do like the description of him being box to box. I feel that's a trait that we have been desperate for and could be beneficial if Bullen ever decided to switch it up to some sort of 4-3-3? Just glad to have another midfielder in, finally.
  2. Maybe we stop them from getting promotion or play off spot. That would be tasty. * *Tasty, as it will be the only thing to play for due to having already been relegated.
  3. Button up that shirt you weirdo. Reading between the lines on his discussion about Callum Davidson. "It's the players as well, no just the manager". Nice try Peter.
  4. That was shite. We were never going to get anything today with that set up. We allowed St Mirren to completely control and put our woeful defence under pressure immediately. Much the same as the Morton game, we were beaten before the game kicked off.
  5. It will likely be quite tight for kick off, depending on how quickly you find parking as others have said. Definitely doable and you shouldn't be any more than 10 minutes late getting in.
  6. Most strikers would love playing against McGinty tbf.
  7. McDaid was decent overall I thought. I did find him frustrating sometimes through inconsistency, but tbh that's true of almost every winger at this level. Could do a job in this team.
  8. Sort of agree on the slowing down moves, although I feel with more creativity and support he wouldn't need to drop back as much looking for the ball. If he could rely more on just getting on the end of moves as you say I think he would have a lot more success. I have noticed the not always tracking back for throws and such but I don't feel that what his biggest critics have a go at him for. They tend to shout and scream whenever he doesn't get on the end of the countless long hoofs up the park.
  9. It amazes me that there is so many claims about Tomi being lazy when he has literally no service or the quality of play and passing around him is absolutely shite. What's he supposed to do? He is at this level for a reason. A competent enough striker for where we are, who has proved that he can score goals at the level when he is actually given support.
  10. I think New Zealand and Australia have said they're sending planes over to try and assess the damage. Most of Tonga is still covered in a cloud of ash so it must feel pretty grim there.
  11. Aye I could almost understand if they were shutting different parts of the line at this time each year. But it's always that's stretch. Makes no sense.
  12. There's still very little news about the impact it's had on Tonga. There's been limited contact with the capital island (where the bulk of the population live) but not much is known other than that. Most of the islands are very flat so there has to have been some awful damage.
  13. No one has really had a go at Bullen. It has been pointed out that his set up/selection this week was wrong, but other than that it's just been the usual complaints about the squad. Wouldn't call it knicker wetting.
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