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  1. Some of the 21are still very young. I wiould say that we have 16 first team players plus five kids.If Wright and Muzz do re-sign that would bring us up to eighteen.We will probably only then have room for another two or three
  2. A winger/Wide midfielder.He has a very good touch and has a a bit of pace too.
  3. He certainly has tbe potential and I'm sure he would have been close to the first team by now if it hadn't been for those two bad injuries.....And he's from Auchterarder
  4. I remember John Davies accusing him of spitting at him. A reporter asked him if he did it and he quite openly said Yes I did.When asked why he did it he said "Because he is a little Shit"....Not excusing the spitting but he was bang on.
  5. The only thing that I've seen was an interview in the herald today.It was all about him praising TW and at the end he did mention that at "Some Stage" he would like to.manage saints.But it would be stretching it a bit to say that he meant that he was wanting it now.
  6. Tommy did work under Steve Brown for Seven Years and he did give him the biggest budget in the clubs history to work with so it's not all bad.
  7. I take your point.But as the person who told me has never given me wrong information in the past I would be extremely surprised if this is not true.
  8. I have heard from someone who normally very reliable that Kirsten Robertson is touting the economic benefits of a plastic pitch and wants one installed
  9. Love the way that papers talk about so and so "Emerging as the favourite" "Leading the chase" "Top of the list too replace.." etc based on....f**k all
  10. When Hartley was converted from a winger to a more central role he became one of the best midfielders in the country.He was great for us and I really admired his play...But I could never actually like the miserable little c*nt.
  11. I can see a big reduction in squad numbers and a lot of young players getting their chance next season
  12. I'm fully aware of the differences and made a typo you feckless teuchter 😂
  13. Is there anything more sad than clowns like this who's views are governed by his "Fitba Team" ? Sad little men who you know what there opinion will be on everything by just looking at their scarf.
  14. There were a few more interesting questions TBF.When he was asked.."Who do you hate most at the club" ?"Who do you think about when you're wanking"? and "Is Wallace Duffy as shite in training as he is on the pitch"? etc
  15. I try to avoid it but take an occasional dip in.It's inhabited by kids,barely literate goons,knuckledragging morons and the terminally bewildered..
  16. Completely agreed with most of your post.The only thing that I have problem with was putting the sprinklers on at half time.I know that Chris has been told to do this by the pitch consultants but for the life of me I cant see the logic in watering a wet pitch that players were(at times)s struggling to keep their balance on.
  17. To take a point and keep a clean sheet in an away game only three days after a hard cup tie against Celtic is not too shabby
  18. We know that TW can just freeze players out but this situation is really strange.Swanson is frozen out and after we sell Kennedy Jones is brought in.Jones gets game time against Ayr and looks ok.Then he is frozen out and Swanson appears back in the squad.TW looks like he has no intention of playing Swanson and he is just a bench filler while Jones sits in the stand.Obviously something has gone on that we are unaware of..
  19. Probably around half that number.Remember your big team are playing Hamilton at home at the same time.
  20. Thank you very much for your money.With such a small support I'm always grateful when guys like you contribute to our player budget in the way you do..
  21. You need to simmer down a wee bit. Even Lennon was telling tvem to man up and stop time wasting at the end..Utter Shitebags 😅
  22. Yeah what with all the rain and the floods of tears when McCart was only booked..Have you ever seen the paranoid androids time wasting against Saints before by the way ?
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