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  1. I do not really see how the club would be in a position to offer new contracts until they knew which league we would be playing in next season..
  2. I would start with Butterfield in for MacPherson with Halberg sitting just behind tge front tow.
  3. When I saw the two subs about to come on I thought it was not a bad idea to put on Butterfield for MacPherson to stiffin up the midfield up a bit and May for Hendry to freshen up the attack...And then !!
  4. I reckon Davidson thought the game was over and took off Halberg and Middleton to keep them fresh and injury free for Monday....It was absolutely fucking ridiculous
  5. As poor as the MacPherson and Crawford signings have been the real problem is with the forwards..Over the past two seasons we have brought in Melamed, Eetu, Ciftci, Bair, Hector-Ingram and not one of them (with the possible limited exception of Melamed) has looked like a starting player.
  6. Spoke to him this afternoon and the truth is a bit different...He is not on a Starvation diet he is just trying to lose some of the weight he has put on.He also gets dizzy spells when it is warm or humid and prefers to avoid heated areas when possible.
  7. I'm not getting this at all..Itake it that it relates to something on this thread for the great unwashed but I cannot be bothered checking....
  8. I Just heard that Rooney is injured again so that's all three right backs out..
  9. I see you have signed Wee Max on loan from us for the rest of he season....Really good signing for you guys
  10. Agreed and the club could give her something to keep to commerate it like an engraved plate or Ali Crawford
  11. Tbf, I think Davidson made reference to pulling his calf as a player and how long he took to recover. Not sure, he was aware about how serious or not the injuries were at the time. All he had to say was that three of the players injuries would be assessed and a decision on their fitness would be made in the next few days...
  12. So three days ago we were told by the club that three players were facing up to six weeks out due to injury..Two days later we are informed that two of them are in the squad to face Hearts and and the third is 50/50 Welcome news but WTF is going on here !!??
  13. Does you arse ever ģet jealous of vast amount of shite that comes out of your mouth ?....Just asking for a friend !
  14. Big coincidence that Barry Ferguson quit Alloa yesterday
  15. He has been pretty average up until now but the guy definitely has something about him...I may be wrong but I do think that we will see the best of him playing with players such as Ciftci
  16. Dependant on levels of fitness I would like to see MacPherson and Ciftci on together at some stage..They are both clever players and have a good touch.I reckon they would bring the best out of each other
  17. Schrodinger was making a joke and was intentionally being absurd.So your analogy just makes you look stupid and ill informed...Hope this helps
  18. Unbelievable! That decision was so bad you almost have to laugh...Never a penalty in a million years
  19. I am not expecting many to agree with this but I would start with Middleton on the right of the midfield three with Butterfield centre and MacPherson on the left. Middleton gives us more energy and Macpherson is a far better player than Crawford with something to prove against The Fuddies.
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