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  1. Funnily enough some of my favourite memories are from that time..Visiting grounds that I had never been to before or since..
  2. Someone mentioned to me that Gordon had picked up a knock towards tbe end of the game..Anybody know if there is any truth in it?
  3. He is quite often poor after international games..Probably all the travelling
  4. Rooney Ambrose Booth with MOH and Devine as wing backs is my guess unless he plays Muller at RCB
  5. Yeah and Sky Sports who had him playing as a central defender
  6. I agree Hibs are a much bigger club you blew us out of the water when you signed Dery Wright....No way could we compete with that kind of money
  7. Of course you are not sweetie....Ah well never mind eh you just go out and celebrate getting a dodgy penalty then holding out for the last ten minutes against an injury ravaged side who were down to 10 men..
  8. Having five players out injured, going down to ten men, finishing by far and away the stronger side and only going down to a dubious Penalty......
  9. That commentator on Hibs TV Even his co-commentator is trying to reign his psychotic comments in a bit.
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