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  1. Yup He's about as bright as a dark night..And tbats being unusual polite 😁
  2. I thought it was interesting that the only club that Clive copied in on his tweet about Melamed not signing for Grimsby was Saints. It was almost like he was saying " He's not signing for Grimsby so he's still available"
  3. As far as I can see nobody said that he was playing as a trialist or even signing for them.Only that he was training with them which Wee Clive has not denied..
  4. So it's gone from Sunderland, Ipswich and Portsmouth being interested in him to training with a club who have just been relegated from the English league two into the Conferance....When he could have been playing European football with us...Way to go Clive.
  5. Callum was being interviewed at length by Sky Sports about last season and his plans for this season...One of the production guys said that it is due to be shown on Sky Sports News next Tuesday.
  6. I take it that a good many of the "Hangers on " will be corporate sponsors who pump thousands into the club every year
  7. I dont know where you are getting this info about Ballantyne from as it's not what I've heard...
  8. He left us and we had our most successful season ever..He joined Kilmarnock and was relegated..Ah well never mind eh !
  9. We wanted to keep him but not at any cost and there is no way he deserved to be one of our higher paid players..He is a good enough attacking wingback but is sadly lacking defensively.. Our upturn last year coincided with the return of Gordon and Tanser being replaced in the starting 11 by Booth..It was pretty much the same this season with Tanser being dropped for Booth around the time we started seriously gaining points...Tanser is a lucky man he has two cup winners medals but was on the bench as an unused sub on both occasions..Also he was rarely trusted to start against the " Big Teams " with Booth again being seen as a better option...Make of that what you will..No bitterness just facts
  10. You have a good attacking wingback in Tanser but you will need a more defensive player when coming up against players such as MOH and Rooney...That is taking away nothing from Tanser it's just that we all k ow his defensive frailties and that's why he was always dropped in favour of Booth in these situations.
  11. Tanser is far from being " A Dud " he is a good attacking full back as long as you have an alternative when defensive cover is required as he has been caught out on many occasions..That is why Booth always played against teams who had a wide player with a bit of pace.
  12. Tenser is a good signing for St Mirren as he is a decent enough attacking wing back. But you will need a player like Booth for the games when you are playing against a winger with a bit of pace as he had been found lacking on many occasions.....O'Hallaron would destroy him.
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