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  1. It was a good point,very good point away from home at a ground that we have have a dismal record at over the last few years.A clean sheet Liam Gordon getting a full 90 minutes under his belt and climbing off the bottom of the league....I'm struggling to find room for all the positives
  2. Whilst in the home stands the punters can enjoy their old favourite The Methadone pie
  3. I would have Sheerin in for O'Halloran,he had far better football brain and was way more creative
  4. Del is a Saints fan he absolutely loves the club.
  5. Oh come on your not that bad I'm sure you will stay up ma wee lamb
  6. The thought of these utter c***s crying all the way back up the road is just the icing on the cake
  7. I would like to see three out and two in.I know big Madis is here on a years loan but surely he is going one way or another in January.Callachan should also go and perhaps Kane as well.This should allow us to bring in a defender and hopefully a striker as well
  8. Yeah we were pretty awesome with him and Dazovic in central midfield and not just against Celtic
  9. We may concede a goal or two but we have (as has been pointed out in the post above) an embarrassment of riches in attacking areas.This should be more than sufficient to see off those drug addled soap dodging wanabe gobshites.
  10. Vihmann on the bench and Duffy starting.iA current international player who is behind a 20 year old( who has only played a couple of first team games) I can't see him being here for the whole season..
  11. It is a complete embarrassment..A lot of them are kids, but there are a large number of brain dead semi-Literare morons on there as well. I have said this before but it really is for people who find WAP just a bit too challenging.
  12. Anybody else think that we will see Shaughnessy back in the next transfer window ?
  13. If TW is as bad as she makes out then why do so many players come back to the club ??
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