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  1. Congratulations it looks like his agent leeking a story has spurred United into action and you will have him for another couple of years You guys must be ecstatic
  2. Yeah, I had a look at the Dundee United forum when his agent leeked the story and the response was an almost universal "Thank f**k " ..😅
  3. I'I know that I've said this before. But Paul Mathers has been with the club around five years now and we created a upgraded position for him presumably with a big increase in his salary to prevent him going to another club...In his time here I cannot think of any Goalkeeper who has improved under his coaching and neither of our two senior keepers fill me with confidence...
  4. If we win on Saturday we are only six points behind them....Catching them is unlikely but far from impossible
  5. I know that at times I ( Rather Unfairly ) ridicule some of your posts...But seriously dude how on earth do you know that an English league two side's preferred formation is 3-5-2 and how one if their lonees is performing?Not taking the piss just genuinely baffled.
  6. What does it say about our "Head of Goalkeeping" or whatever hes called when we have two keepers who appear incapable of doing the basics on a consistant basis
  7. You rather sadly appear to labouring under the misapprehension that I give even the slightest of fucks about you or your question lad
  8. I'm happy to see all the guys that are out on development loans doing well..I always keep an eye on how they are doing at Cowdenbeath Montrose Forfar Edinburgh city...And Aberdeen...
  9. Yeah against a country with a population around 30% bigger than Perth
  10. Is that Dickensian Slum opposite opposite your main stand where you house those Post Apocalyptic Salavating Mutants and Graduates from the School for the Permanently Bewildered still standing ?
  11. I.never thought that he was all that great as a shot stopper.......A ball would come straight at him and instead of catching it he would theatrically fling himself at it and palm it away then do a couple of dramatic rolls for good effect....Absolute fucking clown and a complete c**t as well
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