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  1. I do not really see how the club would be in a position to offer new contracts until they knew which league we would be playing in next season..
  2. I would start with Butterfield in for MacPherson with Halberg sitting just behind tge front tow.
  3. When I saw the two subs about to come on I thought it was not a bad idea to put on Butterfield for MacPherson to stiffin up the midfield up a bit and May for Hendry to freshen up the attack...And then !!
  4. I reckon Davidson thought the game was over and took off Halberg and Middleton to keep them fresh and injury free for Monday....It was absolutely fucking ridiculous
  5. As poor as the MacPherson and Crawford signings have been the real problem is with the forwards..Over the past two seasons we have brought in Melamed, Eetu, Ciftci, Bair, Hector-Ingram and not one of them (with the possible limited exception of Melamed) has looked like a starting player.
  6. Spoke to him this afternoon and the truth is a bit different...He is not on a Starvation diet he is just trying to lose some of the weight he has put on.He also gets dizzy spells when it is warm or humid and prefers to avoid heated areas when possible.
  7. I'm not getting this at all..Itake it that it relates to something on this thread for the great unwashed but I cannot be bothered checking....
  8. I Just heard that Rooney is injured again so that's all three right backs out..
  9. I see you have signed Wee Max on loan from us for the rest of he season....Really good signing for you guys
  10. Agreed and the club could give her something to keep to commerate it like an engraved plate or Ali Crawford
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