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  1. Dundes's kit was somehow misplaced and they indeed did end up wearing our away kit
  2. St Johnstone have just announced that they will be wearing their newly registered third kit for Saturday's match
  3. "Everybody" 😅 The only person getting worked up about it is Random
  4. It makes perfect sense to keep him registered as a player.He's not taking anyones place it just means that he is available if required..
  5. Random all that has happened is that one of the coaches is also being registered as a player...Stop overthinking it
  6. I've really no idea I only got that he was looking for two more..What makes you think its him ?
  7. From what I've heard Conway has signed but it has not been announced and Callum also wants two more signings..Not mutch I know but it was all that was the best I could get
  8. Jason Kerr is married a Spanish girl and called his son Juan.
  9. Swanson is a tremendous player but his problems are well kown..If you do sign him and can get him into the right frame of mind then you will undoubtedly have the most talented player in the league in your team.
  10. Grown men worrying about when a replica kit will be available 😅 It must be really devastating not being able to shell out 50 quid on a piece of dodgy tat to watch Saturday's game on the telly in..
  11. "Aye well,fair play to StJohnstone for winning I suppose.They were more streetwise than us.but I would hate to watch that every week,they were brutal."...etc,etc ....Yawn !
  12. Really ! 🤣 Getting your excuses in early lad ?I take it that United's players are still as saft as shite then..?
  13. I think it's a good move for him..C.D knew him from his time at Dunfermline and gave him training facilities but its extremely doubtful if he was seriously looking to sign a ninth defender.
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