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  1. Just seen the highlights and should have been six or seven and we couldn’t have complained , what a job the next person has trying to make something out of this lot, two centre backs are a must in January the three we’ve got are absolutely shocking and for me that’s the core of our problem, If Mathie can get any reputable manager coming any where near this lot I’ll be very impressed but that’s what he was brought for I suppose. I would just get rid of the whole back room crap we have which will cost the club and let Davy White run it till end of the season can’t see there being money for a new set up, and Hopkins cronies (Timmons)that’s left aren’t gonna walk without a pay out we may be progressing off the park in facilities for fans but what a state we are in and without doubt the worse I have ever seen at the club.
  2. Had a conversation with one of the players dad and he confirmed that Ayr were paying £ 200 a week more than Queen of the south which is 800 a month, consider that with the way they wiped the floor with them on Saturday
  3. Players not responding to instruction despite telling them week in week out and the same goals being lost cross balls into the box. All the teams are on to how poor our centre backs are regardless who we play, I’m sorry but Duffy has lost the dressing room on this shower of s—— and has to go, do the decent thing Duffy and walk like your predecessor.
  4. Well really good interview with the new MD, and chairman and the honesty that I’m out my depth here so well done him. Sounds like a very ambitious professional individual and no doubting he knows a player, seems very confident that things are gonna improve soon mentioning the January window, I don’t think it would have been cheap to employ him so there’s money there and there would be no point in bringing him in if he wasn’t allowed to get a few bodies in to sort us out. Has Santa come early I think we’ll know soon.
  5. Waiting to see on this one, this smacks of it’s not my fault it we go down I’ve tried this and he certainly won’t be getting players from Hibs then. Similar to the Hopkin appointment Duffy was the insurancefall back when he came in if it went wrong , I agree he must have a lot of good contacts so we’ll see.
  6. Fair enough points made by Duffy about why he couldn’t make quick changes, not like them as they have a squad of 30 plus 25 of who can all walk in to the team, think we forget they have double our budget for players, and still don’t look any great shakes but as I said that’s what will get them the minimum of the play offs.
  7. Seen all the teams now and our glorious neighbours twice, think it will be close for the title and there depth of first team players might get them over the line, that was the difference in the teams tonight good strong running players to replace those that were not performing. They’ll have to win the league outright though as I don’t see any team In the league going up via the play offs The premier teams will be too strong for any of them, I agree the January window is massive for Ayr and Killie recruit well then things may change the above. In my view there was nothing between the teams for an hour and we missed a Really good chance early in the second half. After that they changed there midfield and took over and we were hanging on and but for a stupid defender they wouldn’t have scored and we would have gotten a draw. Problem we now have is Muirhead playing on for half an hour Clearly with an injury And McAllister struggling from early in the second half. Duffy made good changes previously that won us the game against Queens but his management of change that was badly needed tonight failed miserably. The new hub is all and well for the future of the club but the chairman saw tonight what crowds we could achieve if we put the money in the team, build it as they say and they will come ( in the team).
  8. Massive opportunities available Every week on a Saturday and Sunday mornings especially . there must be at least 500 kids and families at there games at KG5, Prestwick Academy, Caledonian park, Queen Margaret , Ayr Academy. Get the mascot and players out taking turns at each venue, photo opportunities for kids and give out kids tickets free, I guarantee two things will happen, parents will buy a ticket to take them and yes great idea to make it a reduced price or the kids will be there and spend at least a fiver in the food shop ( I speak with experience of this my two grandkids)or maybe more at the new shop. Get e mail addresses and keep building it every game to them with special offers.
  9. Feared the worst yesterday and the first half showing backed that up. Murdoch looked really tired yesterday and was really poor and Salkeld seems to be getting worse by the game, he must be really showing up in training to get the game time he is getting and that’s the only reason he can be getting in, works hard the boy but doesn’t do much right when on the ball. The substitutions changed the game and Chalmers was really good along with young Bradley, should have been down and out on the chances they missed or saved by the excellent McAdams, showed good character throughout the team though. Big test next week up at Arbroath come through that with something and I think Duffy will keep us safe.
  10. McKenzie was in the box with Mcginty O’Connor and a couple of others.
  11. Away for the week end and was very predictable that result, Duffys first game after getting the job. Went to Fleetwood v Charlton league one level and both struggling yet have vastly superior players not one of our players especially the defenders would get a game for either team.
  12. Bad day at the office, you can’t carry three/ four players in a game and expect to win in this league, would have liked the changes to be made earlier and Moff added a better shape to the team when he came on. But hey if you can’t win it don’t loose it and they did well with that. Thought we were a big team but they are way bigger and hard to play against and draw was about right.
  13. The mistake was down to the club secretary Who has been at the club for years and should have known the rules simple as and no communication with the temp manager, I was at the game and left with ten to go so what was the point in putting two players on for there development for under ten minutes, if your gonna bring players back you surely have to play them from the start or what’s the point.
  14. Reading was outstanding, but I still want Maxwell to left back and him into left midfield as his crossing showed on Saturday we would benefit big time, Maxwell no harm to him will never play for the first team at Rangers but will make a very good left back as shown last season. Please make it happen Duffy it’s glaring to see the boy is out of sorts in the middle.
  15. Myself and all the fans around me agreed Todorov and Dorrans in to our team and we’d be fixed for the season, don’t know what game people were watching but Todorov battered our two centre half’s today right up to 60 minutes then ran out of steam, the same with Dorrans brilliant to watch in the first half until we put a marker on him in the second half so please please Dunfermline I’ll swap you no problem.
  16. Best we’ll get is a point and can’t see much change in system but I’ll take that
  17. Well def never seen a bus for players from Raith on tue night so must have came in cars.
  18. Paul Lovering my god go and watch him in a game, the guys gonna have a heart attack with his rantings, I went to see Troon v benburb there was a guy ranting through the whole game, I thought it was a deranged fan, turned out it was Lovering, he was suspended not for the first time, yet continued to shout and coach the team from the side which is not allowed.
  19. Here’s a loud one, Dick Campbell Wasn’t due to play either team for weeks, yet he was in the box Sitting with with two Ayr Directors.
  20. No surprise and I think the chairman has had a performance clause that he has agreed too, there is no doubt his assistant will walk very soon he’s done it at other jobs they were together. That leaves Duffy and Joyce, don’t think Duffy wants it he clearly said when he came he wanted a less pressure job and was happy as a coach. To the new boss play 4-4-2 Maxwell with Reading in front Maxwell was the best left back in the league last year and he’s no midfielder .Swap Houston (been a bomb scare )with McAllister and Muirhead at centre half with one of the rest and play Moffat with Adeloye. Murdoch Hewitt Bradley and Reading in midfield.
  21. Make it happen and make sure it is leaked to Smith it certainly will stop Hopkin wasting any of the money from the 500 club
  22. I’d be confident his assistant and Duffy would walk in principle, Duffy doesn’t need the money , failing that I had a feeling he was appointed I had an inkling this would pan out As plan B. There’s also the chance they will all walk, and I would put D White and his team In till Xmas you never know.
  23. Another way would be to punt him onto garden leave paying him monthly via the 500 club keep the rest till Xmas and see how it goes that would leave smith and the board to save up till Xmas if it doesn’t work with Duffy and the rest. I’d join the 500 club just for that and I’m sure there would be a lot more
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