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  1. Doran’s would be class signing in our side exactly what’s needed, the new boy is a holding midfielder so still light in attack and a bear of a centre half Jamie Adam’s esq please. If the coach doesent change his mind about Mcginty I fear the worse and I don’t think he will as he made him captain, playing bad enough but captain Jesus.
  2. Here’s hopping Bully agrees or has a say with whoever’s coming in as I’m told he never saw Gondoh until he seen him at training. This seems to be the model we are following Mathie and the new scout picking the players for Bully to coach, that’s what he’s signed up for, but if the standard is not good he’s gonna have a hard job, trying to get gold out of silver.
  3. My worry is Bully doesent think that Mcginty is S—— when we all know he is. Is he less Shite than Fjortoff, I don’t think so his two best at the back are Baird and Muirhead all the Stmirren boys I spoke to said Baird is ok with somebody decent beside him, and they just laughed when I told them we were playing Mcginty and that he was captain, unbelievable was the comments. The first goal he mistimes his jump again for the umpteenth time( he only jumps a couple of inches) the second goal he kicks the ball straight to the Stmirren player who then starts the move for the second goal and yes we could have done better after his mistake. And the myth that Bully doesent get on with him I saw them both after training the other day and there was laughing and joking between them outside the ground. All this gps stats is nonsense the point has been made make the system work for Adeloye or we are truly F——- he’s the only chance we have of getting out of this absolute mess and I nearly forgot get Mcginty in the sea where he should have been early doors.
  4. Really poor again and regardless of some of S—— we have Bullen isn’t inspiring me tactically If he thinks Mcginty is a good defender and makes him captain that is really worrying M O M for McKenzie aye for running about a lot cos that’s all he does, boy should be nowhere near the first team a sub at best New contract for Houston very uninspiring there are better full back in the juniors, tell me the last time you seen him over the half way line Much as I love him Moff is past it like McKenzie impact player from sub And bringing on the young boy at 17 to change the game come on your having a laugh That’s nearly half the team today and I could have included more no where near good enough Seaside here we come with the most expensive back room team in Ayrshire history.
  5. Two for next season Harry Milne left back Cove Rangers and Morgan Neill centre half been here before both outstanding tonight.
  6. Morton always had an extra man in midfield yesterday allowing them to build they really were well on top in there after the first 15 minutes, the first Houston has to do better to stop the cross and then Dumb andDumber do there usual to who is marking Reilly. The second great skill from big Ugwu and then gets a run at the defence actually Mcginty gets back and is unlucky not to cut out the cross, Houston is in La la land as usual.
  7. We were beaten by a basic 3-5-2 system which we did not adapt to and Morton won all the fifty fifty challenges coupled with giving the ball away to them regularly, Tommy scores with the gift it’s a different game as they would have changed there system instead we gave them gifts and they obliged and eased through the game at there own pace. Really worrying that the coach thinks we have enough defenders if that’s the case and he doesent get a centre half in we will have a big problem as Mcginty is an imposter.
  8. Superb press conference and can I say the subtitles part are very welcome from someone who struggles through hearing and would appreciate in all of the interviews going forward, as a positive going forward who is asking the questions apart from Callum?
  9. Sorry disagree Todorov is great in the air and works his socks off when we don’t have the ball, that’s missing with Adeloye, who has good composure and a very good finisher, I think both would make a great front two and cause all sorts of problems.
  10. Todorov id take and he’d make a massive difference and if we’d got him initially I think we would have been a lot better, he’s not the first to snub Ayr at first approach Sir Lawrence Shankland left McCall dangling after being told where he was to go by Aberdeen, we got him after that failed.
  11. From a very reliable source, Aero got a bad knock the Albion rovers game but has played through it until he couldn’t any more, developed into bruising that was still painful and basically told to take the break. Although not still fit the new gaffer asked him to play a role for him on Sat and he did and was immense for me closing down all over the park and should be the first player signed up for the fight ahead.
  12. Totally disagree with the Moffat criticism, ran his legs off for team exactly what he was asked to do, bye his best I agree but that criticism was harsh today.
  13. What a joke of an interview totally un audible in the echo chamber of the new Cameron’s bar or was it just my take ?about time this amateur service was put in the sea i’now he is a volunteer but that is up there with totally amateurish set up as you’ll get totally embarrassing not checking that out before putting it out. The young boy that posts on tube is miles ahead of this black and white to.
  14. This guy seems to be the real deal and fits exactly what we are looking for and will cost money and mean we will spend a bit in January, really hope this comes off and it’s not another wild claim. If it does then it fits with the spending we have already done so the board have turned up big time.
  15. Im beginning to think there is a chance the new guy might have caught this omicron and that’s the reason for the delay because of isolation situation.
  16. Gogic told he can leave Hibs with the management connections we have I would expect us to be in for him surely
  17. Well that’s how you do it Mr Mathie Raith showing the way two players who would have walked in to our team signed and one out to Hibs, miles ahead of the game Mcglynn, he’s been scouting the young talent throughout Scotland previously for Celtic and the next one to get a premier league club will be Nathan Ross watch this space. Surely they know who they want in the job by now and have identified 2/3 who will improve the team.
  18. Football people go about giving jobs to the circle they are comfortable with I’ve seen it many times. Mathie gets the job he hires one of his previous circle Glendinning gets the job he hires one of his circle If Canning gets the job he will hire one of his circle fact My big concern is the club has spent money Mathie would not have come cheap,Glendinning left a job to come he would not have come cheap. If Canning gets the job he will be the cheap option he’s out of work it’s obvious and doesn’t follow the line the club was going. Have to say I was delighted the club are putting a proper structure in place at last but this if it’s right baffles me. as stated the Morton fans and the Dumbarton fans were 100% right in there assessments of Hopkin and Duffy. The Hamilton fans seem to be saying the same things about Canning.
  19. And that’s why I never purchased, knew there pitch cannot take any rain.
  20. Waiting to see how the weather pans out before buying, there pitch isn’t good so might be effected with this shit day, anyway I’m curious as to how these players turn round the gubbins they have given us there two up front and tiffoney tore us apart completely bullied us all over the park but especially at the back. Get any result tonight and I think we are on our way to better things.
  21. I see our man Mr Mathie had one of the old Hibs top boys George Craig beside him on Sunday in the stand, he is a vastly experienced football operations man who retired a couple of years ago from Hibs , he is certainly using his contacts and can only help in the recruitment and manager level process we are going through and bodes well for the future.
  22. Have to agree with Davy White the crowd that was there created a really good atmosphere and got right behind the team and clearly lifted the team. The new Somerset Road end.
  23. Well sat next to Neil Scally today and had a good blether with him thro the game Thistle are looking for another wide player Tiffoney like no commitment about any player other than he thinks Maxwell and Reading are good players. Asked who. The best team in the league is apart from thistle and like me he said Inverness. Will they go up, yes if they get the wide player they are after, but he said there pitch is really bad due to two teams plating on it and they are worried it could jeopardise there chances. Can I also say he was cheering every goal and complimenting the Ayr players throughout the game stayed to the death not like other guys scouting games still has a big thing for Ayr Thistle apart, he also said he had a big say when Docherty went to Thistle there families go way back on and off the pitch. Apart from the result really enjoyed meeting him today and he feels we have the players to stay up and with a couple of additions might surprise a few like today. The big question on Mcginty he just said we-offloaded him as he just continued to do his own thing week in and out terrible individual mistakes until he was told if he didn’t listen he’d be out and the rest is history.
  24. Sorry don’t agree Reading has been poor for weeks now and Maxwell is a left back nothing Else we have been shoehorning him into the midfield and-he has not been great so for goodness sake play the boy in his position before we complain or off load him and if so play reading in front of him if needed or it will give him the kick up the arse he needs.
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