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  1. You won’t be signing Muirhead either £200 a week in wages difference from last year and I presume less again this season.
  2. The Carlisle scout/analyst was beside me in the stand and he liked Adeloye and Reading, he knew him from his Middlesbrough days and they are paying considerably more than Ayr as he confirmed what Reading was on, so we’ll have to say if that goes anywhere. He also asked how Mcginty had been for us I said a disaster walking in the first half of the season but fair to him he’s had a very good second half season
  3. Well we got there a good performance with everyone showing great desire to get the result which shows they want to be at Ayr, but would keep only a few. Bullen saying no major surgery needed and maybe 3/4 players coming in, we’ll they better be better than what’s there we will need it or it will be same same next year. Muirhead to Queens I don’t think so we were paying a couple of hundred more than them this year think it will be even less they are paying next year. Young Smith had a very good game and reminds me of a young Murdoch and along with Hewitt will push for s start next year so all bodes well there. Fridays crowd shows there is a good fan base a lot of them young which bodes well for the future surely a bit of money being thrown at it and a wee bit of luck could carry the club up.
  4. McCall will defo rest his Talisman Tiffoney and possibly Docherty for there play off games, but I don’t believe for a minute he will put out a team that won’t be trying, he’ll love putting one over us as we fairly rubbed it into them pre Shankland days he won’t have forgotten believe you me. They have scored 9 goals in the three games against us so pretty worried about Friday gonna be a rollercoaster for sure.
  5. My comments are based on what has come up from England all very basic for me, Mcenroy I really like but we will not keep him next year like the others he will be put out to a lower premiership club if Celtic keep him.
  6. People keep saying we’ll be fine with recruitment with Mathie and Glendinning, based on what they got so far I am far from convinced all of them are average non league players with Kenyon a shocker of a choice. overweight can’t run hadnt played for months how was he gonna help us
  7. Horrific defending leading up to the second goal, take the foul FFS although watching macadam and murdoch defend the first free kick they probably would have scored off it, the second is an absolute HOWLER from the keeper and Bullen saying he thinks he could have maybe done better what planet is he on,and then this sympathy for Dunfermline comment hope we both stay up.
  8. You know it’s bad when the Dunfermline folk are asking how they won that today wasn’t there but goalkeeper big questions asked of him today?
  9. Never good but looks like we will be looking for massive favour from uncle Ian last two league games, they I think will decide who is in the play offs between ourselves and Dunfermline regardless of tomorrows result. Again need to hope they still need points after the Raith game tomorrow and then Dunfermline, can’t see them putting a full team out against us with play offs in midweek.
  10. Same team same set up in the second half from Saturday will get a result very confident of that
  11. Totally agree with this there is no doubt Dunfermline are strongest up there left hand side keep that quiet and I think we could get a result. Big bonus for us if Doran’s still out as he runs the show when he is playing, if we have Adeloye and Bryden playing they will cause them problems. Our nightmare is Murdoch out we will get overrun if he’s out.
  12. hi guys can you pay at the gate or buy a ticket on the day next week
  13. At half time I thought we had completely gone, lost it in the first half no desire and poor commitment to win the battles and looked sea side bound. Again they came out the traps at half time and not could, should have won that. The boy in the middle of the park Kenyan my god how out of shape is he and cannot run about he has absolutely nothing for the team, McKenzie and Houston being played every week when we have able cover in the bench, if all three are playing next week we will get nothing.
  14. Well that’s it down to two points and we’ll need to be on it on Saturday, Raith we’re shocking gave away a gift of a first goal and all downhill from there. No doubt Dunfermline outlets are Lawless and Thomas which gives me the fear with Houston at right back ,Thomas will give him a torrid time the form he is in, and if we go there two ahead a victory for them puts us in 9th , gonna be another nervous time but all could change if we turn up on Saturday. Inverness have had a nice break no game last week so will be really up for this
  15. like this boy thought he was looking the part before his injury and Mcall was waiting to pounce couple of times sat in stand beside Neil scally he was always asking about him
  16. Think the boy Spencer would get the goals we need from the middle of the park and Lawson the holding midfielder real tenacity in him
  17. Spencer and Lawson from the Accies they have the grit we require badly in the middle of the park
  18. Well done AGAIN Tommy playing while clearly injured (attitude your having a laugh) the guy was limping off at half time in the warm up. The only thing I’d say is Bullen took a gamble in not starting him to get a half out of him if not fully fit, so credit to him for going with young Bryden who was excellent throughout the game, and Tommy managed to stay on.Thought Moffat made a big difference also when he came on. Really like the big boy Ledger and the Haynes boy from them. Houston again horrific lost count how many times he gave the ball away , and Mckenzie run all day but no end product brings nothing to the team, young Bryden on yesterdays showing should be ahead of him for Friday.
  19. How out of shape is Robbie Crawford goodness me huffing and puffing about the midfield, went back a mile to when he played for us.
  20. What a load of negative nonsense spoken about Tommy. Fully entitled to go home to family if not playing or training and guaranteed Ayr will have sorted treatment if needed with an English club near him. I knew before the Killie game he was only 50/50 to a foot injury, if Bullen had left him out he would have got pelters from this forum, the manager and him agreed to give it a try but it didn’t work out and those Killie c—— were not taking any prisoners in the game I watched unlike our sorrylot of defenders, I think people should back off criticising our top scorer.
  21. Sad when teams are organising extra sessions on set plays before the game because we are that bad and score with one to win the game.
  22. So the coaches at Rangers were shite too? First year he was excellent, all downhill from there, guy is rubbish and would struggle in the juniors.
  23. So we knew all about Killie corners and worked on it in training, so why the f—- did we not comply, and the two players who were taken off because we needed to change our shape nothing more. the first goal Mcginty and Reading absolute shocking one canny tackle and the other is on his arse the second Mcginty again( no surprise) loses Lafferty for the knock on and Houston at the bag post is obviously dazzled by the crowd wondering why they have there phones on game over the third oh right we know about these corners they’ve had two already and scor3d and nearly scored so go ahead Killie have another go. As I’ve said I’ll be amazed if this defence keeps us up shower of absolute s—— and we’ve re- signed two of them unbelievable.
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