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  1. Shankland has not been sneaky, he plays this way week in week out see it all the time he has a wee quick look where the defenders are when he gets a ball in to him in the air or on the ground, simply trying to stop being clattered by the centre halfs. The ref had the card out straight away due to the shout by the player who got caught, if he had done what he should have and check if the player was ok before showing the card. The player was up in our box after it trying to score from the free kick. Surely he'll be honest and realise he was hasty and made a mistake AGAIN as in the Alloa game big tube that he is.
  2. OOPS, had a moment there completely forgot about Crawford and yes that tells you about how I rate him, he has been very poor since coming back from injury, but I'd play him here instead of Forrest at right mid
  3. Don't know why but this is a no brainier for me, put either mcguffie or mcdaid to left back they are both out and out left sided players mcdaid particularly does really well defensively when he is playing left mid, both players will probably finish up playing there in the future anyway. this will keep the balance of the team right and then good options for right back, a must is bell and rose through the middle as they have a lot of height in there team. We then just have to get on with it my team would be presuming shanklands appeal fails. Hart Ferguson, Rose, Bell, Mcdade Forrest, Kerr, Adams, Mcguffie Moffat, Moore Subs Geggan (half fit for second half) and youngsters
  4. Don't know how close Somerset lad was to the supporter but I am within touching distance and mr petiggrew instigated the fan be ejected he did not ask the guy to leave he went straight to the steward insisting the guy be ejected without asking what happened. the fan had a differing opinion of mr mcalls tactics to which Boyle jumped up shouting and docherty following with his tuppence worth at the end the guy lost it but no doubt for me Boyle and docherty caused this by not being able to sit in the box and let the fan voice his opinion whether they liked it or not the guy pays his money and they should know better if they can't handle don't sit in that area.
  5. Season ticket holder put out today next to me by stewards because he was skating McCall tactics (totally justified in my opinion) Boyle and docherty mouthing off I'll not repeat what they told the guy but it was strong words at the guy defending McCall. Mr Pettigrew our supposed fans spokesperson got involved getting the stewards to put the guy out without seeing or hearing what happened just saw the guy and the players arguing, think you should be trying to listen to the supporter before asking for the guy to be put out mr fans spokesperson.
  6. The player the fans are liking from airdrie yesterday is sandy stewarts son I highlighted him as a player way back when they beat us 2-0 his dad is best pals with McCall and in fact was working for Ayr as a scout this year but went to Ross county when Owen coyly went there. confirmed by Airdrie fans at the last game down at Ayr he has resigned for airdrie along with a few others like watt who is a Motherwell player both would be brilliant signings but both would require a fee which won't happen I'm afraid unless airdie and Motherwell let them tear up contracts.
  7. Firstly well done to the travel club people and the directors for subsidising very well organised set up for the buses, felt really good going to the game. the game was just an absolute battle from start to finish which we really got up for in the second half and once again shank land comes up with the goods, one effort in the first half was absolute class and would have been goal of the season. big Adams and bell were awesome, some poor performances but the whole team dug in there, what an atrocious stand side linesman how he is working at this level amazes me capped with the offside when Moore was in his own half by a full yard. lastly well done to the keeper kept on his line as he should and let the defenders deal with crosses and dealt with everything else I'm sure he'll feel great tonight, massive gamble mr McCall but you got away with it so well done.
  8. I was at the Albion game right where the players come out, and the big dafty was laughing as he came of the park at half time gifting a goal I asked what are you laughing about you big haddy and his smile quickly disappeared. His alleged comments of do you know how much I am on sums him up someone who Is up his arse and nothing like as good as he thinks he is we're stuck with him as the other ones worse by a long way, as I said before who ever is advising on goalkeepers at the club has not got a clue. the defenders at the club deserve a big well done up to now with him in goal as the team have absolutely no confidence in him
  9. First class bunch of supporters I met at the bowling club, enjoyed there company. Think they missed the boy Gault superb player if he'd been playing I think it would have been a lot tighter, as the Hearts boy at centre had to play in a different style one up front, believe Gaultwould have supplied better service to the boy from wide areas.
  10. Who the ---- is advising this club on goalkeepers, cruising at 2-0 just before half time and ruddy decides to come for a ball he'd no chance of getting stays on his line defenders deal with it, Albion then realise this guy is crap and punt everything down his throat from everywhere not pretty and scary at times watching him. We made trouten look like a Brazilian tonight standing off him caused havoc every time he got a run at our back four, and don't start me on Forrest absolutely awful gave the ball away all the time eventually pulled after an hour should have been off at half time. once again ouronly bit of class shankland bales us out again And wins the game.
  11. Geggan going to right back and bell to centre half has tightened up the back four, ferguson had been struggling for weeks at right back and higggins wasn't doing things well either couple of horrendous goals down to him may be a good leader but hasn't been that good this season
  12. My first and last time at Arbroath, absolutely awful conditions for both teams and talking to Arbroath fans this seems the norm at Arbroath. Went over to the main stand side the last ten and the wind was blowing you away thought the flag pole was going to crack, so well done the players from both teams for trying to put on a show in those conditions. Draw a fair result but thought we were beaten tonight. good Arbroath team who will not be far away in the play offs and hope we're not involved
  13. Best performance of the season, raith got of light at 3-0, came for a draw and a hatchet job got nothing and a handful of bookings, they are a better team than that but didn't show it today
  14. Hawkhill bowling club right next to the ground 2mini buses booked in from raith food and drink available no brainier
  15. Looks like the plan to get his booking at Albion rovers before the Ayr game has backfired on Davidson , and then raith trying to get the game against Forfar rearranged has also failed. they will miss Davidson badly as he is the rock in defence, seems the boy Robertson is struggling also and he will also be a big loss if he doesent make it, they still have the very talented Vaughan who can win a game with his skill, but ayr must be big favourites for this one and hoping we don't pick up any stupid injury at this weeks training, pitch is good and no weather worries lie ahead so it's game on but very confident based on this.
  16. Really had to step at half time for that win, impressed with the tenacity and work rate of airdrie, if they had a cutting edge today it would have been game over at half time. Thanks to the shank again. by the way Ayr directors take note airdrie directors mixing talking and shaking hands of their support for the backing at the bowling club before the game, think our directors might take note and find out where the Ayr away support go before the game when away and thank them for the great away backing they get every away game
  17. Wee bowling club hawkhill next to ground open if you require food and refreshments, let us know if required and how many
  18. Quite simple this, match their enthusiasm especially early doors and we'll win, very young team who work there socks off, and don't miss glaring one on ones this time shankland, Moore, and Moffat guilty up there. really like the boy Stewart, McCall pals with his dad surely a good young signing there for next year.
  19. I can see why youse are getting worried, but have to say the work rate and effort on show by your team clearly shows the players are playing for the manager, all you needed was a wee break which ayr got with the first goal. i think there is a team in there but a bit of quality up top is all that is required but don't know where you'll get it now after January door. Ayr have that quality in the boy shank land whole be in the premier league next year. Don't see east fife going down
  20. From a good source Crawford and docherty back next week, probably on the bench but positive signs we are getting stronger as a squad on team wise today it is clearly obvious mcguffie and Forrest should not nlŷ be impact players from the bench although for me Forrest is ahead of mcguffie boy mcguffie great skill but absolutely no pace and disagree with McCall the boy is not going to be a top player because of this. mccall has given both a chance to establish themselves by starting several times with neither taking it. thought east fife worked hard today which wakened us up eventually and shanklands goal just class
  21. Moore is an out and out goal scorer put it in the box and he will score most times, but he is most certainly not a team player doesn't contribute anything in build up play like Moffat or shank land. In my opinion he is like Forrest an impact player from the bench.
  22. You beat me to it my son sent it over from Canada absolutely embarrassing and cringeworthy, hope someone sends it on to Cameron and tags all the staff at Ayr in. very noticeable difference in warm up tempo on Saturday, ours meandering about and Alloa very speedy. This has got to be the unfitness levels of a junior team and we are full time. Gods knows what they do thro the week but it is definitely not running, mind you half the team are always injured and Kerr now joining them after Saturday shambles
  23. Exactly what we need someone who has legs and pace and can carry the ball from midfield, has played well against us every time, have to say though why didn't we sign him before Kerr. I also think we need a centre back to tighten up a no nonsense type, if we got that I'd be very confident we'd go up as champions
  24. You can park at the hawkhill bowling club 1minute from the ground, if you have passengers they can enjoy a pint or two before the game, just head to the ground and it's the wee road first left back hawk hill avenue
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