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  1. Yep bbc Scotland, not rated by any of the so call pundits won’t even make the top four, don’t know what they are on REALLY. That’s the best as a team we have played in a few weeks let’s hope we’ve turned the corner and we shut them up in the next few weeks, and Murray saying they are every bit as good as Ayr but lye in ninth place.

    Young Ecrepont was ok just kept it simple McAllister never thought he had that in him absolutely outstanding and should have walked away with the man of the match.


  2. We need another centre back and the Pollok number 4 Darren Brownlie fits the bill strong in the air and the tackle 25 so could develope quite a bit yet won all his battles tonight against big Dipo. Swap him for Bangala as he’s never going to play at championship level. Definitely one that one of  Bullens pals recommended so don’t think he’ll be recommending anybody else, shame as I think he comes across as a decent guy, but after all the trouble to get him here he’s not up to it.

  3. Lawson is one of the best midfielders in this league and can play anywhere, strong aggressive, exactly what we need but there is no chance Hamilton are t gonna let him go no chance, we should be targeting him for a pre agreement if we are allowed to that’s how thistle and Livingstone work every year, cherry picking the best players.

  4. Based on a report looks like Musonda is doubtful for Saturday, so not just cramp like Bullen said., I thought he looked sore and with an ice pack on his calf when game finished .The boy saying he wants to be away with his country for a friendly the week we play Inverness so think he’ll be looking to rest up this week as well.

  5. The poorest we have been for a while 4/5 players well off the pace, and passing was really poor. Stone wall penalty and a red card for Baird can’t believe the ref never gave it.

    What I totally expected from Morton a pure battle, must have had about 20 corners I’m counting all the long throws ( every throw in over the half way line was like a corner which we defended very well)

    Nearly stole it late on when Morton ran out of steam but draw was a fair result. Bullen must surely see that playing two wide men can’t go on Dempsey and Murdoch really need someone in there to help. Don’t know if we were in for Crawford but for me that would have made the team better balanced overall, going forward for me play one wide man and let them fight it out who plays in the other midfield in a three.


  6. Watching Bangala in the reserve game I thought he was very competitive and worked really hard against a good  young Killie midfield, if needed I think he will do a job in a defensive role but I don’t see him displacing Murdoch or Dempsey.

    Killie had a good few young midfielders, with no 10 a lad Warnock catching my eye he’s 19 very energetic and influenced the game well really got about the park and is one I would keep an eye on, they also had a big strong  young number 8 who also did well and again worth keeping an eye on.

  7. Just back from the reserve game at Cumnock v Killie

    Really good game could have went either way 2-2 when I left

    Ayr really have good depth in there squad which will help as the season goes along, today the boy Williams really caught the eye scored a great goal and I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t start on Saturdays Morton game.

    Oconnor Ashford McKenzie Smith all played well also and the Moff had a run out second half along with Bryden

    Most good teams have a healthy reserve side pushing them on and I have to say we have that which is very healthy. We have a few good youngsters as well not sure who they were but they did really well with Ecrepont probably the pick, think this needs to be the year he kicks on and I would have no worries if he was put in for the struggling Reading. Surprised he wasn’t involved today possibly has a knock


  8. Definitely  rode our luck a few times again but we’re unlucky a couple of times also, like the Partick game we were better in the box than them so we’ll done. The next game will be a battle of the midfield which I’m sure Bullen will know, there only change being Efe in since the last game and we all know he likes to give out presents now and again, a decent signing for them but no more than that he is def a gamble that’s why he’s not had a club till now.

    Cant see Bullen changing his style at home so I think it will be another rollercoaster.

  9. Firstly a highly entertaining game, I expected a win today but have to say that was a 100% better Cove team than the one we played up there the big key for them was the big striker who caused us lots of problems held the ball up well and got them up the park time and again, if he was in our team we would have won that easily. Cove keep that up they will win more than they loose so let’s give some credit to them. We had numerous chances to win it and a poor pass from Dipo when young was clear summed up our finishing, I think that was the reason he was taken off as he looked tired.

    on to the Jags now who will have a big reaction after there demolition today could be an interesting game it does not surprise me as I liked the look of Queens despite the heavy loss to us.

  10. Agree with Bullen we totally deserved to win but 5-0 ? everything we set up seemed to go in,  we were due that after last week where Inverness stole the points.

    Queens have quite a few good players so will be fine and wouldn’t be surprised if they are in top four along with ourselves. Only issue I had was listening to Coyle  after game where he gave absolutely zero compliments to Ayr, everything was down to  how bad his team played and mistakes from his team and nothing to do with our good play

    Think we have a right good squad now and one that is capable of a top four place, only team I haven’t seen in the flesh is Partick but will do a week on Tuesday from what I have seen I do not fear any of the rest.

  11. Well a lot of negativity on here and I can’t see why

    We should have got something from yesterday but just didn’t get the breaks in front of goal, Inverness goal was where they got a wee break.

    I would say that if you are getting 20 corners in a game you must make the goalie work and we didn’t so we must put some work in there at training.

    In the first half we totally outplayed them and yes missed two very easy chances, 2-0 would not have embarrassed us in that half. For me only two players weren’t at it and not for the lack of effort as they both work there socks off and you know who they are.

    I think we have a very good squad with good competition and am confident we will finish top four, and will get better as the season goes on.

    For me Ashford and McKenzie are ideal players to bring on when teams are tiring with there pace and work rate, and I hope Bullen sees that with some changes next week.

  12. Reallygood game and Morton played there part a really strong physical side who work on getting into the box with the long ball and play off it, if they get a striker they will be there about. We showed we can match that physicality today with a good team display but these guys are really going for it which is very encouraging. On to uncle Ian’s team next week would love to put him in his place but again I think it will be tight. And Viking ton I haven’t changed my mind the corner stand set up is S———e, but have to eat humble pie the toilet set up there has vastly improved, didnae eat from the burger van but it seemed busy enough .

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