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  1. Well only one word after Friday night Maguire, the guy was everything I thought he would be to the team ,and it’s great to see a bit of real Quality on the pitch, you can’t coach that ability it’s natural. The whole back four were collectively good and McAllister coaching young Hewitt through the game was great to see. If they are handing out two year contracts out McAllister should be top of the list for his attitude and commitment and versatility. I think young Hewitt when he gets over his nerves will do well at right back, he is good athlete and I believe that position is his best shout of making it. Watched the highlights of Queen’s Park and I can’t believe they lost that game, it was one way traffic. Watched Fleetwood game today with Corrie Nabada playing left centre back he was very good, still tied to Ipswich but read his recent profile on wiki, there’s a quote from Hopkin saying one of his performances was the worst he had seen, what did he know eh.
  2. Got to be having a laugh with the extension to McKenzie, if that’s what we are resigning there’s no hope of stepping up boy is a junior player at best.
  3. Well like it or not if Bullen gets to the play offs he will have surpassed his expectations for this season anything else better will mean a bonus. As previously stated we need at least 6/7 of the squad improved on vastly in my opinion, is he the man to do it the jury is out.
  4. Please tell me Ashford,Reading,Houston,Oconner, Michell Lawson,McKenzie DO NOT HAVE two year contracts, if they have god help us.
  5. Reading is absolutely howling must be the worse left back in this league and plays every week, he hasn’t a clue when he plays against a half decent winger
  6. First half maybe Dundee edging it, bit of class from Dipo got us level. Albinson has made some great saves to keep us in it so all to play for big difference in middle when we get it trying to pass it, and set up couple of half chances all to play for.
  7. M Glynn set up 3-5-2 to dominate the midfield, struggled in the first half hour and game should have been over in that time, didn’t panic and kept to the same set up at half time only refreshing the wide players and the striker, he knew as well as every manager in this league when our full backs are Reading and Houston we are shocking. All we had to do was match that set up in the second half as the cracks were showing after the first half hour, take Mcguire off who was isolated and not involved in the game as he should have, and replace him with Kirk Mcginty, Musonda , get 5 in the middle and two up top, plenty of options to do that from the subs but Bullen just hoped he would get through it. Does nobody in the coaching set up go in the stand lol this would be glaringly obvious to anyone with any idea of how to change the set up.
  8. Grasping at straws I know but how is Donaldson still on the park after being booked, then fouls Musonda for the penalty Oh the agony good bye to 250k and the money for the final, Mathie will be on the shredder tomorrow for all the written plans gone. Interesting to see the home support for our next match on a Friday night.
  9. Absolutely shocking Musonda was miles off it all night and McGuire no where near fit played with 9 men and BULLEN has to take the can for that result if he couldn’t see that changes at half time we’re needed
  10. Biggest game we have had in a long time that could set in place what the club will do going forward, financially it is massive. Take care of there two wide men and get the ball to McGuire and we will win comfortably, massive for the development of this club and coupled with the money we will get for Dipo should see a right good team on the park next year
  11. On the appeal, Louis Thow was at the game sitting beside the two referee observers who sit right in the corner of the directors box and get there hospitality etc etc, if they supported that red card then the club should be noting this and tell them to get in the stand in the future and buy there own pie and tea at half time. surely they must have backed up what everyone in the ground bar the referee saw, and surely reported accordingly, if not that’s an absolute disgrace and basically said get it up youse. The club are saying they had a witness in a former grade 1 referee, I can only assume that was Louis.
  12. Well can’t say I’m surprised always sh—- against this lot. Looked like it was going to be a decent game until the ref decided otherwise, Mullen carried off and not even a card, Oconner jersey CLEARLY being pulled back and when there guy let go his momentum took him into the player , shocking decision. Then throughout the game Dipo being fouled continually and little done about it. That said we can’t seem to go through a game without 2/3 players having terrible games, loose in midweek and we will free fall, and that’s two players out Oconner. And. Mullin we can’t carry that and I think we should be appealing that Red card that’s what the player fund is for, as Oconner was easily our best player up to then.
  13. All the teams in it have really invested in more quality numbers, we have brought in two, time will tell but I’ll be really pleasantly surprised if we have enough to stay in the top four.
  14. Based on what I saw which was limited in the pub but I thought we should have won that big improvement throughout the team from previous. We can only get better with Maguire and Musonda and Murdoch to come in, good to get some good players back for these big games coming up. Don’t get the boy McGuire is carrying timber not what I saw on Tuesday he looked in good shape to me for a guy been out for 6 months . The amount of people who were asking me who is playing in Ayr really annoys me long way to go to build up the support.
  15. Left at 0-3 really good workout and Hibs well above our level, 3 outstanding youngsters no 3 / 11/ 9 the latter Gary Oconners son really caught the eye and would walk into our team verypacy the type of player that makes poor passes look good, this boy will make it 19 can only wish for that talent. The good bits Musonda is back thank god got 45 minutes Maguire looks like we’ve found our number 10 what we are badly missing , think he will do well, got 60 minutes looks a fit boy but having the legs to get about will take time and games based on what I saw I think he is what we need. Wasnt overly impressed bye the rest and the only downer no Murdoch not even on the bench and no McRae which surprised me.
  16. No doubt a player in his day, but come on no preseason and hasn’t played in 6 months god knows when he will be ready, hope he is on a pay as you play contract because he won’t be cheap, and then the push has to come from him to get match fit. We need players in that can go straight in the team.
  17. I agree with north British we surely can get at least a couple in from the cup money, after all that is never budgeted for in a season, that would get some fresh competition in to the squad. Has to be players that can go straight in the team , must be a few players who will know they are getting released from clubs and would come on loan to earn a contract. Another thing that really annoyed me yesterday was a free kick with goal scoring chance and Reading took it , neither Mullin or the boy Mclear who has history as a bit of a specialist at free kicks went anywhere near it and shows how low there confidence is. we have to try something new and go 3 5 2 going forward and see how it goes our system just now is clearly been sussed by all the coaches.
  18. Absolutely GASH again at home for the umpteenth time, listened to Mathie’s report of January window and it’s a load of mince. Win this league or get in the play offs with what we have your having a laugh mate. We need 3 players right through the spine of the team or we have had it end off. There is at least 3/4 players playing every week who have lost it and they keep playing because there is no competition for there place, unless there is change this is gonna end very badly.
  19. Just thought I’d give you a shout and to say very well played on Saturday, we robbed you with the last gasp goal, all the best going forward and the boy Hester would take him to play with Dipo.
  20. I’m thinking he has been approached by a club without telling thistle, and they have found out, after all that’s what he did to get back to thistle.. Sneaky character, and would never work under the Smith/ Mathie regime.
  21. Plain and simple that was an absolute mugging done by Ayr today, miles off it all over the park with the exception to Mcadams, kept Ayr in the cup with some wonder saves.. Ansolutely does my head in playing with wingers and they don’t play as wingers, playing like it will happen don’t worry until they scored the the shit hit the fan, absolute embarrassing performance didn’t watch the extra time as I’d had enough by then.
  22. Listening to the match preview there, with our new boy looking forward to it, but I’m thinking he wasn’t signed before the draw was made so for me he can’t play is that correct? Wouldn’t want to do a Queen’s Park and happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.
  23. Well after that result the difference was obvious to see Queens have brought in 4 three went straight in the team one on the bench and came on and are absolutely a lot stronger and will be in the top four We brought a guy in who has played little football in the last two months and is clearly not up to speed so might take some time. I was really surprised he started the game based on his playing record recently.It is vital if we are to have a go we need at least three in on loan who can go straight in the team , if we go with what we have our back up youngsters are not ready for this yet, cover for injuries ok but that’s all, we won’t be in top four, all the results like last week went for us but we won’t get too many more opportunities like that.
  24. Can only go what I witnessed on the day and showed McDonagh had a bit about him, I think he’d be a good cover for the big man.
  25. Well some good business done and I’m being greedy and would like to see us getting cover for Akinyemi just in case and a striker that could play with him, the boy McDonagh has been let go by Cove a big strong lad who played really well in the game at Ayr, he is the only centre I have seen giving Kirk a really hard time and gave us problems especially in the air andI think he scored the equaliser against us
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