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  1. Seenhighlights and Musonda gets caught flat footed at back post for oreilly to score should never happen he is a good 6 inches bigger than him most certainly should be winning that game on clear cut chances, good crowd in also so a chance to build on the two thousand if we win in Cove, and if we get a couple of players in a striker and midfielder it could push the crowd up for the Dundee game although being on the box could lessen that. listening to Bullen and he’s now saying they have to be the right type who will fit in, for me he is talking himself out of signings so not hopefull. It will only take a couple of injuries and we will be right in it.
  2. Two evenly matched teams who really battled for it, two quality goals a draw was. Fair result, really like the boy Oreilly and Lawson for Accies.
  3. Dylan Tait not in squad at Hibs, would be perfect for our midfield runner, come on Mr Mathie make it happen with your Hibs contacts or Scott Allen free agent and commentating today.
  4. Hope all the half time posters are totally embarrassed with there comments, the game is played for 90 minutes not 45 and we’ll done to big Akinyemi guys gonna blow Adeloye out the window.
  5. In his report Campbell saying we are a lot better than last year, and had to defend for their lives to get a point, interesting to hear what another manager thinks about us, and sending off was a stonewalled saved his side losing the game.
  6. Well quite concerned going in today, but have to say every single player worked there socks off for Bullen today not a failure except young Bryden, his touch and control are nowhere near good enough, can’t fault the boy for work rate and we know Bullen loves that. Another decent forward today and we win that lost count how many times the youngster gave the ball away , not his fault should be nowhere near the team at this time. SURELY we can pick up another decent forward and an attacking midfielder, get that and we will be fine, and man of the match was spot on McAllister was very good but so were most of the rest. Funny to see Dick haranguing the ref at the end to blow his whistle, he knows he got out of jail today with a draw.
  7. Maxwell signing a two year deal as a LEFT BACK what he should have been when he played for us, outstanding for Queen of the South in that position and where did we play him, I rest my case.
  8. In his interviews Bullen keeps referring to we will be ready for the Arbroath game so if he is def using the league cup to try things out formations and players and I would think he has run that past the board. Come the Arbroath game he has no excuses and I hope the ones he kept and the ones he brought don’t let him down as I genuinely believe he is the most approachable guy we have had in for some time. He surely has given a few every chance to stake a place in the team and the games we’ve played have shown that Hewitt, Smith, and def McKenzie are not ready yet and need to go out on loan, Bryden has just shown that he deserves a chance for me. That being the case we def need at least three who are gonna hit the ground running. Two of them have to be players who can get in the box and defend it’s been glaringly obvious we need that in the two home games. here’s hoping.
  9. Just seen the penalty given away what a clown McKenzie is player going nowhere absolutely no danger and he clatters in to him, don’t know what Bullen sees in him but keep playing him and he will get him sacked, then he caps it with the penalty miss, get him as far away from Somerset as possible boy would struggle in the juniors.
  10. The longer this recruitment goes on it has the hallmarks of waiting on the big two deciding who is going out on loan
  11. Great wee bit of fun yesterday at the bowling with the gaffer and ladies, gents, and young volunteers. One of the ladies a wee lass from Australia was outstanding, Frankie and Patrick were good too .Hope to do this again at the end of the season and put something on for the guys. No football discussions about results and all the players seemed to be pretty relaxed and were great with the fans.
  12. Big Arron Muirhead just scored a cracker against the unwashed, best defender on the park, letting him go was a massive mistake by Bullen.
  13. Screaming out for midfielders that can take the ball and get forward because Dempsey and Murdoch won’t here’s what’s available and some are free agents, fail here and we have had it, and the sign of half the fans leaving with ten minutes to go last night will be more embarrassing in the weeks ahead, and any chance we had of increasing ticket sales has gone, people won’t pay to watch that. Dylan Tait. Scott Allan. Alex Gogic all Hibs surely Mathie has a connection there Liam Grimshaw Motherwell Harry Paton Ross County i know some will be costly but we haven’t spent anything in the area where we need too.
  14. Two games same result totally overrun in the middle Dempsey and Murdoch miles of the pace and all the other lot were so poor, made 5/6 good chances missed the lot ALARM bells ringing out loud. These two coming in had better be first team material next no more from down south this ain’t working.
  15. Got to wait till this cup section games are over before judgement on the new players up to now Musondo looks the part and better than Baird and the other big one forgot his name already, would have liked to have kept Muirhead in there and would have been fine for the centre backs let’s hope the arsenal boy can show something. Akinyemi I already like works twice as hard as Adeloye and if he gets a couple goals will help him, I’ve a feeling Ashford will help him. Young Hewitt showed up well on Saturday very unlucky not to score. Smith the one I had high hopes for but allowed himself to be bullied through the game quite concerning Mcallister , Houston, McKenzie, Definitely need another striker , midfielder and a centre half and we are good to go.
  16. Really lacked an energy to the game, whichElgin had in abundance really had one chance where they should have scored very well organised and as said worked there socks off and we struggled to combat that. I really struggle to see how the boy McKenzie gets anywhere near the team and young Smith was very poor which disappointed me I thought we had a player there. well documented that a lot on here are happy we are shopping in a different window from the rest, up to now I haven’t seen anything from these boys that they are better than what’s up here already, the Elgin boys proved that today. Have to give credit to the boy Musondo looks better than what we had last year really strange he was 3/4 choice at Raith.
  17. According to the vision night 9 have went with 6 to come in so we are going to only see 2 more coming in surely some QUALITY at the back and another forward anything else and I’m concerned.
  18. I agree he was very good in the thistle game, but just now and then I could see his legs going a bit and he was blowing, but as I said that will improve with regular games, I hope the boy gets a chance and grabs it with both hands and show a bit of aggression. The best I can say is , when I took my seat in the stand I saw Andy Murdoch in the directors box obviously out and my heart sank. After about twenty minutes I completely forgot about him as the boy looked like he just slotted in that role easily.
  19. I agree about young Smith there’s a talented player in there, in the games he’s played you can see he doesent quite have the legs for it YET but that will come with games, if given them not from the bench he’ll build that up andI think he’ll surprise a few.
  20. Cuthbert not coming is a massive blow he was club captain coach material don’t know what happened but I believe that deal was a certainty to happen so can’t see us getting anybody of that quality in now seriously disappointing.
  21. Nae wonder fitba is going to the dogs with this s—- my god get a life
  22. Bit concerned about no signings , but more concerned that the ones we sign are gonna miss pre season training and down the pecking order of fitness for the start. Most seem to be coming from down south and English contracts usually run to the end of June, if that’s when we get them they will be way behind in fitness and exscuseswill be in early doors.
  23. Was at the event which was very well attended, really exciting plans and a good bit of humour throughout only problem I had was there should have been a mobile Mike as I couldn’t hear the questions, and I struggle with my hearing anyway or the question should have been repeated through the speaker. I think we have a really good management team that have the club at heart which bodes well for the future. 9 players out and 6 in is really risky so he’ll need a fair bit of luck with injuries etc, not bothered about any that have left as they were all decent but no more. No surprise Adeloye looking for way over what he’s worth which Bullen said he won’t get. Maxwell looking to play at a higher level again I think he will struggle to get based on last season, and Mcinroy offered the top wage at the club again I think he will struggle to get ,lacks pace which will go against him. All in all quite excited for the season ahead and to see what comes in but I really hope the boy Scott Cuthbert is one of them if rumours are right.
  24. Listened to Steve Evans Stevenage boss he says he wanted to keep Scott Cuthbert but he was wanting to get into a coaching role which he thought he would excell at with his leadership skills, if we have spoken to him could this be our new player coach would be a great move, been captain in his last three clubs and will have made a few bob in England. Before maybe looking to move back to Scotland.
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