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  1. Agree with most people of why he didn’t play his best players, but you ha e to give him credit for keeping with the Hamilton team performance who everyone were praising. I was really shocked Fjortoft wasn’t playing as he looked class when he came on and Salkeld was outstanding at right wing back so for me Fjortoft had to come in. Young Hewitt is perfect for coming on as a sub as he has so much energy and can play in a few positions, McKenzie I’m sorry but hasn’t kicked on from last year and can only play up front so as a sub would be his best option or put him out on loan as a striker to get confidence, it’s worked for the boy Cameron. All in all I say if that’s the best on there own shite pitch and no away fans then this league is very open they certainly wont dominate like they and the pundits think.
  2. No complaints Better team won, gave them far too much respect and allowed them to dominate us, McKenzie and Hewitt way out there depth and should have been changed at half time, boy O’Connor looks promising Afelobi looks like a big raw boy. If they are the favourites to go up then there’s hope for all the league and looking to a 38 year old In Burke to carry them through I don’t think so. There’s gonna be a lot of sad people in Kilmarnock come the end of the season.
  3. Barring injury or suspension Salkeld will be in his first eleven every week,nobody will touch him for work ethic.
  4. Gomez looking good so I think there is zero chance we’re getting him, I’m really disappointed because he is a mixture of the doc and Kelly, would have been great still crossing my fingers but not hopeful, a bit like Drinnan situ of last year got into the squad and was going nowhere.
  5. Oh well, I would have taken Smithas he’s different to what weve got, I’m I really disappointed no , I agree with other posters his work rate is suspect but as I said because he’s different it might have worked playing the false nine. I’ll be really disappointed if we don’t get the boy Mancini as I think he’ll do a Steven Kelly type job. The boy Maxwell is also going to be a good signing and is exactly the type Hopkin likes very high work ethic, just another striker needed if we get the above the Burnley boy might do as he has the physique for it and is hungry, if not I trust Hoppy with what he brings regardless as all the ones he’s got up to now I’m more than happy with.
  6. That’s exactly what it was the deal with the dogs in the picture, I wouldn’t say it was massive as he described but who knows
  7. Improved 100% at the back And the best defender played 20 minutes and looked class midfield very promising a real good mix add Kelly and this boy Mancini and there’s your class up front work in progress we have a good striker who has still to get fit can only get better After the very poor Morton quotes the boy SALKELD is a real find a managers dream and can play almost anywhere
  8. Solid performance overall back four very pleasing good to see Houston back to his early form, midfield Murdoch def back to himself but agree we need a couple of class players in there the boy Salkeld looking great works his socks off the boy (The Burnley number four will give the class was impressed with him on Saturday ) Hewitt showed he can handle this level and will be good cover up front Adeloye he’s a handful and a good player Who I like but needs to do the graft side of the game and worrying that he keeps coming off, defo need someone beside him, the Burnley boy might be the one to partner him with Think the Hopkin Duffy partnership is gonna work
  9. Happy with the Duffy appointment great experience at all levels, could be a master stroke by Smith and spreads the net wider for players from lower leagues. Don’t know anything about the guy Joyce so time will tell how useful he will be , surely be helpful that he was a community coach with Gers so links to some youngsters.
  10. Can confidently say he’ll struggle to get in your team and play in the premier league, nowhere near ready for that jump.
  11. For gods sake Morton the season is over get over Hopkin and move on, you survived and have a good experienced management team in place. Try and post comments without a mention of Hopkin he’s not your problem anymore getting really tiresome now.
  12. As the song goes two out of three ain’t bad, Ayr will be Mcgintys14 club in 11seasons must have some patter the boy to get that many moves .
  13. Well hands up my prediction was way wrong but have to say I’m delighted 4derbies will enhance the season tickets no doubt, just hope the extra money Hopkin will get he gets it right, oh for next season and crowds surely well not be deprived of this massive money winner. Sounds like they will be having a massive sale so no guarantees they won’t be here for a while, on paper big favourites but we had big players on paper and we know how that turned out.
  14. Must be something going on Financially into the pitch then for that to happen, and looks like we are building a relationship with them which should also help with a couple of loans, can think of a few who were out last year that would definitely improve the team. Having this lowland team will impact on a few teams in our league who get loan players from them, won’t be getting them next year.
  15. I was meaning the drive up via Largs and the town , totally agree about the stadium and the view Gaza.
  16. Is Hopkin there in disguise big high balls up at every opportunity against a giant defence, strolling it Morton and I’m happy a better place to visit than Airdrie.
  17. Hope not but I think Dundee Might have missed a massive chance last night to kill that game, one more team performance like last night and you’ll get there it was excellent right across the park. They done there home work stopping Killie two wide men getting crosses in For Lafferty, the pro pundits very disrespectful of the job the team done (, Killie won’t play as bad again quotes ) Dundee didn’t allow them to play that’s why they were better one more performance from the players who will be very confident after last night.
  18. Impressed with Ross Forbes tonight Goode experienced pro, his assists for goals must be right up there, was high when he played for Morton, I know Hopkin thought the team lacked experience so he would fit the bill maybe
  19. I would love the Ayrshire derbies back, but Unless Killie really shit the nest I don’t see it. After playing Dundeethree times I cannot see Them beating Killie, comfortable two leg victory, and the hype around Charlie Adam to be the difference don’t make me laugh, never got a kick against us three times and that was a poor Ayr team this year who scraped through survival.
  20. Pains me to say it but if it’s Killie they will scoosh it, Lafferty will run riot, pray for a Motherwell result and you’ve a chance
  21. Son of the previous chairman Donnie McIntyre in the Barr days who was good to work with , you might be right about hospitality knowledge although I thought that would be our commercial managers remit , don’t expect real cash thrown at the club though.
  22. Quite varied views on this and no surprise, there are ways to move players on who are contracted that are clearly not improving the team and Hopkin is well experienced in that. Quite a few quotes on Moore who for me would be no more than an impact player from the bench, a part time role maybe, and I don’t think we should close the door to having a few more, he was well below standard long term injuries or not, and I’ll be really pi—— off if he gets a full time gig . All the full time posts given out will have to be more scrutinised as Hopkin is going to have one hand tied behind his back dealing with the players he does not want and as said I’m sure he’ll manage . Stranger things have happened of course football is i know him he’s better than that and Zanatta is an example people at Raith are in for a big shock, and we can only hope there a few managers who are thinking that way, let’s face it a lot of people were getting excited this time last year when we were signing Chalmers Walsh and Zanatta players on paper who were to take us to the next level.
  23. Illegal my a—- Red they negotiated a two year deal last year what business rewards failure none that I know club would be well within there rights. Division that’s a laugh if Hopkin gets it right the ones he wants away won’t kick a ball and warm the bench so they’ll no be happy and moaning , there agents will have them out as quick as.
  24. I agree with this comment but it is critical that the ones he can get in are the right type and players he trusts hence Jacobs at Morton and the goalie at Morton will be high on his list. The players on the two year contracts are easy sorted, no wage increment and reward the ones who he trusts with a wage rise, the players not on a wage rise will be actively looking for a club and moving on if they can, failing that we are stuck with them.
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