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  1. The player we have to get back to his best is without doubt Moffat, when he plays he changes the whole set up making space for others holding up and allowing our slow midfield to get up the park, I agree with the previous poster last night he was terrible.
  2. Falkirk goalie laughing his head off on bbc interview at the first goal and how they got into McGhee at full time for trying to say he meant it never mind we don’t have anyone else according to posters so keep soldiering on
  3. So we don’t give the boy Hare Reid a game your saying what the f—- is the point of having the boy, there’s no pressure now as we’re in free fall and have been for weeks. as for your comment about McCall I sincerely hope your right
  4. Another defeat to an absolute howler of a team, young keeper needs dropped not for the first time he’s cost the team first goal is crucial in these games and we gift wrap it AGAIN and can’t continue just waiting on the usual McCall defence of the players where they’ve taken us etc,in after match comments, any where else he’d be sacked but got the cushiness job he’s ever had in his life under no pressure.
  5. Hope you make the top four with Ayr and look forward to the play off games with confidence.
  6. Have to agree with Djaffo on this one I thought this guy will come good and better than McGuffey at this time
  7. Gardyne has absolutely ripped the p—-out us the night the difference between the teams and our defending oh my god gift wrapped three points. And so the slide continues never mind McCall will be on to tell us he can’t criticise these boys due to there efforts.
  8. That’s them on to there third striker McManus difference in squads and budgets huge
  9. F—-me get Harvie off while we’ve half a chance
  10. Meant Harvie ,well that’s big Jamie sorted Stewart big Graham next mon the big man
  11. Boy Ecrepont just a boy a know but must be better than Harriet, running about with the bag of coal on his back everything pushed down his side no wonder massive weak link in the team, but hey ho Djaffo will be on to tell us how wrong we are
  12. I see they are survey drilling at the car park in the ground, must mean some construction starting soon by our absent director mr kirkland More importantly the same going on over at our nearly new ground the heathfield site, two machines core drilling and markers out all over the area, spoke to the guys working there and they said they were drilling down 5 metres for a survey report. Anything going on with the heathfield ground who actually owns it for example?
  13. Ayr vs Dunfermline

    Never seen the team so off the pace as that rank rotten right through the team except Doohan, and a daft penalty was the only way they would have scored, two rank rotten teams and only going one way for us now, should stay up but wouldn’t surprise me if we get sucked in to the play off spot the way the bottom of the league is going. Biggest worry is rotten or not, they rolled there sleeves up and got stuck in and made it happen, beginning to look like we have too many prima donnas in the team.
  14. Morton v Ayr

    Well dunning you are correct watching from the cow she’d looks pretty decent to me, but I’ll challenge you to try watching in that corner we were standing in and squashed in to and you won’t have an argument , and by all means try the other facilities when your there a cow pit gives it a better name.
  15. Morton v Ayr

    Meant to say earlier that’s the last admission money Morton get from me, didn’t go to the last game as the bit of the stand they were putting us in was horrendous for viewing and facilities shocking toilets etc Went yesterday as I saw we were in the terracing area but not much better than the stand can’t see anything from there to the top goals just guessing very cramped again and same facilities toilets etc terrible, whole away end lying empty and no respect for fans so good bye to Cappielow for me in the future, show some respect to your customers and you might get me back. I know Somerset’s not the san siro but there ground is way poorer.