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  1. Is Moore one of your relations Djaffo embaressing trying to defend him which you do every week and would still play him in the next game
  2. A wee bit of advice Ian, go and swap there no 10 for Moore think you'll need to give them a couple of bob but will solve your problem up front overnight, he ran our back four raggit until he came off.
  3. And as I was saying Moore and the juniors, wouldn't get in that team,substituted for a centre half today says it all and Mcall will still play him next week to prove everybody wrong
  4. Absolute spot on post, easily the best footballing side and fans in the juniors. Well need to be on it or we'll be making the headlines for the wrong reasons, some Ayr fans thinking we can rest Shankland if he's fit, I don't agree with this at all, think he could be the difference today.
  5. Yes his own words, and more importantly our Shankland playing on Saturday, and hats off Djaffo your inside info spot on he said Erskine turned him down for Livingston. This surely means we're getting someone in.
  6. As always a pleasure Djaffo the sense on Ayr United
  7. Just need Moore to be given an extended contract as the future centre forward as the cream on the cake of negativity. Never mind Djaffo will be on telling me that would be a good signing like the other two, 18 month contracts come on your having a laugh. As I said before none out means none in and that says it all about this board of directors.
  8. If anyone knows when and where the team is training on a Friday, that will be your guide if you can get along and watch who is doing Any running etc anyone know?
  9. Inverness vs Ayr

    Only one guy talking pish , you trying to defend him
  10. Inverness vs Ayr

    Wondered why we took off Mcdaid yesterday seemed to be the only player giving them problems and they were cautious with , after seeing the replay I can see why he makes a terrible pass in the middle of the park straight to them which led to the build up to there goal. Moffat who I thought played quite well really has to take those chances which weren't that clear cut from our end but on replay are real chances Bell and Harvei also culpable, stop the cross they don't score and then Bell gets caught in the jump or no jump in his case, also thought the keeper was a bit slow down to it. When Mcdade got taken off he throws a water bottle at McCall which hits him and he looked furious. Moore I've said all I need to on him, not even second divisions standard juniors here he comes, McCall looked really fed up with him had to alter the whole shape of the team when he took him off Harvie meandering about the pitch as if he had a bag of coal on his back Especially at there goal took for ever to get out to the player crossing the ball
  11. Inverness vs Ayr

    Spent a fair bit to come today and staying overnight, this message is to the Board GET SOME PLAYERS IN What we have in reserve is not good enough , Moore again absolutely shocking today , spoke to someone who is on the know at the club and word is no more money to be spent, like I said previously no one going out means no one in, that's all very well but not when we have the injuries we've got. GET THE MONEY SPENT FROM THE RANGERS GAME AND THETVMONEY FROM THE TALBOT GAME
  12. Inverness vs Ayr

    Going up pre booked a while ago but fear the worst going up with a rattle of bones of a team can only hope, they are having the same problems although I doubt it.
  13. Inverness vs Ayr

    Watched there highlights and don't know how they lost there last game, reminded me of Ayr who are doing much the same missing absolute sitters in our last three games costing us. if Lady Luck shines on them they are due to give someone an absolute doing, hope it's not this week
  14. Nobody going out means in my opinion no new faces in, think we needed to get rid of Ferguson and Docherty who were out of contract and freshen things up really needed at the very least another wide left sided player as teams are just sitting in at Somerset . Injuries are crippling the team and we can't sustain the 4/5 players that are out, the ones who have come in Moore and Docherty have been really poorand adding nothing to the team. Chance we could slip right out of things before the injuries clear up.
  15. Played for 15 minutes and that's being generous, an abject performance and very worrying . Read the. Chairmans report and there's no money comes in that side of the Atlantic put plenty in so honest assessment. Dont know where we go from here looking at 4 players from my seat in the stand who would all have played today bar injuries and suspensions , so if there's no cash we can't sustain that and very worrying. ill say again the lad Moore an honest individual but very poor and I f that's what we've got to come forwa d with no shankland we won't be in the top four. Honestly don't know where we go now, romours today about Cammy smith and Elbakhtouie and I think that's all they are, just hoping the Bitcon boy comes up with the cash but can't see it