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  1. Respect your view Robbo but don’t agree with you and who knows whether Stewart knocked back the position only Stewart could tell you that, easy for Kerr to leak that and say that if that’s what you heard?The only route for Kerr has to be a player coach a leader on the park especially in the middle of the park and who would see this as a chance to wind down his career and get coaching experience I’m sure there will be plenty in that category. The only problem with that is he will be a threat to him going forward and that’s why he’ll be hesitant in that.
  2. This get another coach thing is nonsense he went for the job and has to stand on his own, he could have brought an experienced coach or kept Stewart which I was amazed he didn’t, went down the route of sports science so he has to pay the piper if it doesn't work out. Dodged a bullet with the Dundee game off but no excuses he must win the game on Saturday or it’s time up sorry to say as I like him.
  3. As I’ve said and again, from his first game for Hamilton his energy commitment and effort were significantly way above what he was showing at Ayr and playing in the exact same role either something was wrong or he’s a cheating wee c—-
  4. Turned it off can’t watch anymore absolute terrible performance.
  5. Yep your correct Adam Rooney got mixed up there and Richie Foran apparently they were getting really fed up with Butcher and nearly on the plane back to Dublin.
  6. Was at that game also in the disabled section with my brother and got talking to Inverness fan who told me I was in for a treat of attacking football. He was right all you heard was here comes Johnny the whole game. Johnny Hayes must have laid on about 5 of the goals And big Sean Rooney ran riot. I asked him about them and he said Hayes, Rooney and another Irishman were in and out of the team early on in the season, they went to Butcher and told him to play them or let them go, the rest is history they ran riot and ne er looked back, Hayes was the perfect winger absolutely ran riot against teams.
  7. I totally get that players like Anderson can suddenly click at a new club shankland is a perfect answer. The big thing that I called early doors when he went to Hamilton was his movement and enthusiasm and work rate, all the things he wasn’t showing at Ayr. Kerr was quite right to punt him, and I think you’ll find Mcinnes has had a word with him after the Ayr loan that’s if he doesent see the points made above he’ll be away in the summer. It’s very clear he worked his ticket at Ayr which was shameful in a player.
  8. A good few points made there, and I think it’s way too early for the doom and gloom posts, there’s only one area I would have went with and that’s the striker role, don’t know if was down to money but surely we could have out bid Arbroath and Hamilton for me was a far better risk than Wright he was proven in the championship and looked decent in the premiership. I think we look more like a decent defence now and hope the goals will come.
  9. Very impressed with Queens tonight they’ve recruited well in January, when they get there players back they will challenge for the play offs, and they know how to play there dodgy pitch big advantage. Have to laugh at Pressley we’ve trained all week on Astro ( but no on Queens Astro) never changed the record from last week Ours was yours wisnae they really struggled to get going tonight.
  10. Nelson and McCulloch not pressuring the ref on the way off tonight , got away with it last week, Queens doing great and have players that can trouble them not like Ayr last week.
  11. Really poor game both teams very average, just got into a physical battle, we made a few half chances, big wright needs somebody up with him or what’s the point of launching balls up to him. mccowan and Smith very good in first half disappeared second half especially Mccowan, if he’s gonna get a move he’ll need to do better in these games Bottom line a referee no surprise Mclean who doesent know the rules of the game, not for the first time he’s f——- us neither team deserved to win that a crap draw should have been the result.
  12. Watching Hamilton game and have to say that wee shite Anderson was a total non trier for us, his movement and sharpness is way above anything he produced for us Kerr must be fizzing watching that.
  13. Very good holding midfielder with great engine and range of passing, highly thought of, good move and helps the boy Ndabba settle, very pleased with this one. Think he will be good for Walsh and Mccowan out wide, and will let Chalmers and Murdoch get a break.
  14. Firstly good result much needed, at 2-1 it could have gone either way Trouten there best player why were we never able to get the best of a very intelligent player is a mystery. Too early to say about Wright, thought boy Cameron done well for them, Ndabba had a very good Second half and looks solid. Keeper dreaming for there goal but hail Trouten for the skill, he went on to do quite well in the game but better then Doohan no chance shame to see the boy festering at Parkhead as I think he’s better then Hazzard. Big test next three which will really let us see what we’ve got, I’d take three draws right now.
  15. Well it’s been a case of one of two strikers Killie have had in and they have signed Oakley , having that premiership experience probably swung it and doesent mean the big fella is a downgrade to us only time will tell. For me as long as he gets and odd goal and his hold up play is very good I’ll be happy, having that in the team will be a massive asset and should really turn things around, Haven’t seen him yet but I’ve a good feeling on this, hope my gut is right.
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