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  1. Criticism of Mcginty on Saturday is really harsh, the previous week at the third goal I think it was he was poor but not on Saturday.
  2. Well a lot of negativity on here and I can’t see why We should have got something from yesterday but just didn’t get the breaks in front of goal, Inverness goal was where they got a wee break. I would say that if you are getting 20 corners in a game you must make the goalie work and we didn’t so we must put some work in there at training. In the first half we totally outplayed them and yes missed two very easy chances, 2-0 would not have embarrassed us in that half. For me only two players weren’t at it and not for the lack of effort as they both work there socks off and you know who they are. I think we have a very good squad with good competition and am confident we will finish top four, and will get better as the season goes on. For me Ashford and McKenzie are ideal players to bring on when teams are tiring with there pace and work rate, and I hope Bullen sees that with some changes next week.
  3. That’s what we have needed young legs from the midfield, I was disappointed when we didn’t go for Dylan Tait but that makes up for it.
  4. Well said lee Bullen 100% truth in his assessment of the Raith game lots to admire in his honesty.
  5. Nothing else but shocking defending and too loose to us having a corner and sucker punched dear oh dear oh dear, Reading , Musonda, and Mcginty at each goal oh my goodness.
  6. Based on the highlights that was free gifts defending my goodness, but Raith looked a lot sharper then us and deserved that win, could have gotten a draw but you can’t defend like that and expect to win, Bullen looks silly with his rotation set up now after that.
  7. The only sport showing common sense Ice Hockey going ahead with due respects being made before the first games, sounds like they may get record attendances as there is absolutely nothing on elsewhere madness
  8. I have the greatest respect for the Queen but that decision is draconian, if anything was to get cancelled it should have been made when her funeral arrangements were announced not before and all the clubs in Britain would have had a moment of respect before the games. Will more games be called of when the arrangements are made?
  9. Reallygood game and Morton played there part a really strong physical side who work on getting into the box with the long ball and play off it, if they get a striker they will be there about. We showed we can match that physicality today with a good team display but these guys are really going for it which is very encouraging. On to uncle Ian’s team next week would love to put him in his place but again I think it will be tight. And Viking ton I haven’t changed my mind the corner stand set up is S———e, but have to eat humble pie the toilet set up there has vastly improved, didnae eat from the burger van but it seemed busy enough .
  10. Literally not true I’ll gladly meet you tomorrow to come experience what you are delivering 2 30 outside the away turnstiles and give us a clue who you are.
  11. Deliberating all week but due to my grandson pestering me saying we must support the team I’m going, but I would say this to Morton fc get a grip you are providing a service to the public and your stand stuck in the corner does not provide that, disgraceful set up cramped horrible set up with a burger van and toilets to match.
  12. Morton website saying we are in the s—— main stand having second thoughts and the best part of£30 to watch for me and my grandson?
  13. So can you buy a ticket on the day or pay cash like before at Cappielow
  14. Good thing is he will know he is playing for a two year contract and some security for his family which will keep him hungry, Oconner for me had his best game in an Ayr jersey on Friday which really surprised me, I believe he is doing it in training games but not in actual games up until Friday which has been really frustrating for Bullen, if he keeps Friday form he will be in the team every week a strikers dream getting crosses in to the box to feed on.
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