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  1. Dorrans won't be seen again this season. Injuries have ended his career sadly.
  2. I'm actually very happy with my pecs. High rep incline bench and incline cable flys work well!
  3. I was good as of 19:44 tonight. Just been promoted actually so personally going well! How's the life in the home counties treating you? I was more cautious about it than many other guys were. Means nothing in December all about points on the board. We need to win the next couple at least and see where we are.
  4. Still here after a defeat, not like you . I think you'll find I posted after that defeat. And that was a spectacular self-own with the prior bravado.
  5. @The_Kincardine No more predictions please! You've done what I did before the previous Aberdeen game Superstition isn't for Presbyterians but I'm starting to believe that jinxing is real...
  6. You're rattled by your teams' bottle job tonight. Would be pleasing if we didn't shite it too.
  7. You should just takeover the Jambos' previous thread. I'm sure a mod would oblige. Fully deserved and your run of fixtures in December are favourable.
  8. Not even posted for 6 weeks and you're this obsessed with me? I'm genuinely flattered.
  9. Shoot me now. That was stinking Aberdeen deserved winners and Derek certainly has Gerrard's number so far. McKenna MOTM by miles. Morelos was absolutely horrendous tonight just after my post on him. Typical! Didn't exactly see what he did but looked like he physically reacted to the foul on him by Shinnie. No complaints really as he was looking like he'd get sent off anyway.
  10. I didn't make up any quote: Docherty said: “Morelos is doing it for Rangers at the moment as he looks confident, is scoring goals and is enjoying doing that. “We have strikers as good as that, that just need to get on that run. “To have that belief that they are going to score one or two goals every game. “We are not that far away from it and will keep working hard at it." https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/docherty-our-strikers-can-go-toe-to-toe-with-the-gers/
  11. I liked when he said the Dons' strikers are as good as Morelos. Morelos has scored as many goals this season as Cosgrove, May and Wilson have between them since 2015.
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