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  1. Ah sorry mate, wrong end of the stick here. I thought we had perhaps played our outstanding Glasgow Cup fixture against them!
  2. FTFY. Please read section 'Proving a case': https://www.mygov.scot/civil-court-case/ "There's a real nasty culture around rape and sexual assault in this country and if you'd rather side with a rapist than with a victim then you contribute to it." - Agreed, although if they are not criminally indicted then assuming guilt is equally as abhorrent.
  3. Any information or match report regarding this game? As far as the internet is concerned it never even happened!
  4. Quick question lads; when was your latest fixture against Rangers Colts in the Glasgow Cup scheduled for, and did you patch it simply to focus upon the league? A complete no brainer if so, as it's a needless distraction at best and one you'd be best avoiding given your form at present. I just noticed the walkover result and was curious as to the circumstances.
  5. That’s probably it, the paedo gestapo are pretty quick at silencing any and all opposition after all.
  6. Absolutely glorious Clyde! Disappointed I missed the game but hearing that we won and that rotten little beast Thomscum was raging is delightful. I am surprised that the Tom Lang brigade haven’t been out in full force yet.....
  7. They probably just wanted to feel included as the Stirling support is full of weapons. Or perhaps it was to defend ourselves against Stirling’s pimp, such was the riding that we gave them?
  8. Just before it, probably something like “if we keep the score line like this it would be a great result, but I would still take a draw!”, coupled with an element of doubt “we never get a decent result here, so surely we won’t stay ahead!” and the obvious realisation that “in either case that sad wee fanny anal86 will be foaming at the mouth and baiting like nobody’s business” Just after it, satisfaction that I was correct in my assessment, and the reassurance that all we need to do is keep our winning run going to make the title/play offs and that we are still 24 points ahead of utter mediocrity [emoji1] Have an epic weekend though! You’ll undoubtedly be buzzing after such a fantastic result [emoji1319]
  9. The most spectacular display of absolute fucking rockets since Guy Fawkes night 2018. Bravo! Hopefully we can smash these complete morons at Hampden and then wave them goodbye in our rear view mirror once and for all.
  10. I’m glad we provide you with some sort of comic relief in your otherwise desperately pointless existence
  11. I cannot for the life of me recall a diddy outfit so obsessed by a single goal, it’s simply adorable! “Progressive” [emoji23] Aww mate, it’s nae wonder I can’t stay away from your hilarious chat. And thanks for the offer but I’d rather set myself on fire [emoji1303]
  12. I suppose a one goal lead is a gubbing by a Queenies standard so I’ll allow that one to slide. Almost 3 years ago now too, gosh how time flies! To be fair that is the only relevant thing you’ve done in recent times and a significant scalp to claim so is bound to live on in the memory. Back at your natural level now though [emoji16][emoji1309]
  13. No need to change your motto, you’ll always be amateur to us [emoji9] But if you decide to then might I suggest ‘Nos sumus stercore’ as a suitable replacement?
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