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  1. Yeah, when exactly are we getting drawn away to Caley Thistle?
  2. Goodwillie signing on until 2023 and progression to the last 16 of the Scottish Cup secured, what a beautiful day indeed!
  3. Mind and tone down the swearing eh? His agent might be reading this, and rumour has it that he’s a tad precious..... Wouldn’t want to scupper the long awaited return now! [emoji1]
  4. Nailed it Ingo [emoji1305] But if the sad lonely wee twat wants to spend all his free time in here making a numpty of himself and continuously repeating the same nonsense then just leave him to it I say. It’s obviously the only fulfilment he gets out of life so it would be cruel to deny him and he should be pitied if anything. #keepittogethermallo
  5. Completely different [emoji1] Off you f*ck now you stupid little clown! [emoji1309]
  6. Excellent news! It’s absolutely incredible yet utterly tragic that this wee obsessed fanny Muzza is still floating around our threads [emoji23] Talk about having no life. Has anyone present even so much as glanced at the league 2 forum since we vacated it?
  7. Whatever you say buttercup. Here's a wee photo of your captain condoning rape too; feel free to print it off and wipe away your tears with it. I'll see you at the picket line next time we are scheduled to beat you x
  8. If you could point me to where I said that I’d be indebted. My point is that if a judge can get it wrong in a criminal case with the presence of witnesses and evidence, you honestly expect me to wholeheartedly trust their judgement on every occasion in a civil case without the presence of any evidence? Back in your box please.
  9. To suggest I’m questioning his involvement simply because he happens to wear a particular shirt and kick a ball into a net for a living is absolutely disgusting. No really, what a shameful and idiotic thing to say. Rape is an abhorrent crime, and it is a travesty the conviction rate is so low. This must be addressed, and in all honesty I’m not entirely sure how best to even begin to go about that. What I’m damn sure of though is that the solution is not to tar every single individual who has a finger pointed at them with the same brush, assume guilt, stick labels on individuals without a fair trial and cast them from society. Do you honestly envisage a crime of this nature being taken to a civil court and not ruling in favour of the accuser? That is not to suggest that it is any way fabricated. Unless criminally indicted beyond any doubt or an admission comes from the party involved then it is impossible to say. Goodwillie has denied the accusations and actively appealed the civil verdict since it was administered, and it takes a very special kind of cretin to do that in good conscience. But please, continue to knock yourself out by spewing vitriol and self righteously abusing anyone who doesn’t agree with your simple views.
  10. Again, we seem to be overlooking the fact that esteemed judges have got it wrong in numerous criminal cases before, with “rapists” wrongfully having their lives completely ruined as a result. It could have been pre-meditated, it could have been opportunistic, it could have been nobody was in a position to consent, it could have been completely made up. We will probably never know. But I’m not willing to demonise somebody ‘on the balance of probablilties’ like most of the flock of melts on here.
  11. I’m not guessing whether he is innocent or guilty, I’m simply saying that it is very difficult if at all possible to determine which. It has nothing to do with him as an individual or the fact he plays for Clyde. It’s just curious how everyone seems to be commenting with 100% certainty of his guilt.
  12. I'm genuinely curious; is it ignorance or malice which is causing Falkirk fans to overlook the fact that it is entirely plausible and equally likely that David Goodwillie is not a rapist?
  13. Have to say I was not anticipating a 3-1 win before kick off, but it sounds like it was well deserved and could not have come soon enough. Actually looking forward to the highlights being posted for once! What a state some of their players and fans seem to be getting themselves in over a loss too, simply delightful stuff 😄
  14. Just someone in the know (or pretending they are) waving their dick around at the rest of us unenlightened again, nothing to see here. Anyone able to advise the best way to get in touch with someone at the club that is willing to talk about matters? It’s an absolute joke really.
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