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  1. By all accounts Aberdeen are doing quite well and we are terrible but making slight improvements such as actually completing passes. Either 3-0 Aberdeen or 1-0 Motherwell.
  2. I’d rather have Hammell than Healy, Healy’s won trophies with one of the wealthier teams in that league who’ve also won a lot in their past. Think they’re one half of a ‘big two’ with Glentoran which makes it unclear on how successful the transfer of his experience will be.
  3. Article from the Sun there with KuPS owner saying we’d have to pay out a hefty compensation fee for Simo. Don’t know how much manager’s compensation fees tend to be but surely if it’s affordable the correct manager is similar to a new signing. Not to be too hyperbolic but it feels like one of the most important appointments in recent years with a lot of make or breaks and costs involved such as potential manager compensation fees and the subsequent recruitment of coaches and hopefully good players. The main names on the shortlist we know about (Hammell and Valakari) have a massive element of risk but the fans could get behind them for their links to the club. There’s a real sense of excitement but also anxiety from fellow supporters I’ve spoken to.
  4. Paul Lambert gives me the fear more than Simo or Hammell, Hammell I disregarded initially but after his two games I rated how he identified issues and made change needed for the Saint Johnstone game in the second half. It’s just whether he’s up for senior management at this point of time but I can’t see why he’s not as good as say Alex Neil when he first started or have a mad season like Davidson, impossible to identify how good a manager will be in their first club job. Got major FOMO regarding Simo and by all accounts in Finland he’s a decent manager and highly regarded over there. I’m ready for us to take a punt. 3rd application (allegedly) lucky. We’re well overdue the slip, give it to Simo for the fresh ideas and let’s see what happens.
  5. You don’t get better comedy than us getting the ball out the net quick to have more time to go for a winner and then conceding a last minute goal from Stevie May.
  6. Despite losing l was impressed with Hammell’s quick changes in the second half as he realised the first half was terrible. If we were still under Alexander-ball we would likely have stuck with the 11 until 70 minutes and then been too far behind to chase the game. I wouldn’t hate the job going to Hammell but feel like we need something radical at this point but I reckon Hammell would see us comfortable anywhere from 10th-5th with a few new bodies in.
  7. Used to not want this guy but surely he’s learnt something off Rodgers and Postecoglu could be worth a punt. Hopefully knows a couple talents to bring in. Wonder if Hammell will be in the running after today but think he’ll know himself he’s probably better getting some more experience under his belt before taking on the job. Claudio Ranieri is free, Burrows should phone him up and tell him the odds of us winning the league and see if he fancies it .
  8. See tbf you’re not wanting a manager that can’t beat this mob that is us lol. Seems like Hammell has made good changes today from the sounds of the radio.
  9. A lot of time for Robbo he done well with us then ran out of steam/ideas at the end. I’d rather go for a new manager thought for fresh ideas and hopefully new personnel. Craggs or Duncs for me both probably unlikely, reckon we’ll do our usual and go for someone seldom mentioned. Not gonna lie though if we appointed Robbo part of me would be buzzing and part raging.
  10. Craggs for me, he’s not leaving the TV jobs though but he knows what’s wrong with us and played a good style of football with the colts.
  11. Am I the only one that gets annoyed when the stadium is full with people that don’t normally go? Could do with their support week in week out, not just for a ‘glamour’ match. You get used to the folk you know nearby then the ones that just show up seem to be rude, entitled and hostile regarding seating, standing and the rest of it. As for the game the less said the better, no faith in Alexander from me, would be happy to be proven wrong but even the style of football is gruelling.
  12. Mate I’m needing a new prescription for my specs
  13. Interesting lineup Nirennold at the back or Donnelly slotting in at the back or both? Would feel more comfortable with Lamie in the lineup. Hopefully our wins can be like a bus service and the 3 come at once but the talent in the Celtic team is worrying. Edit: Read the team wrong. Too early for me.
  14. I can recall Siegrest making one save that went out for a corner.
  15. You just know Alexander thinks he’s some kind of a tactical genius when he puts Mugabi up top.
  16. This has been the worst Motherwell side to watch in a long time. Even seasons where we’ve been struggling at least we had some entertainment about us.
  17. The Motherwell commentator there “shirt pulling from Watt, if he wants one he can get one from the Motherwell shop for 40 quid” bitta needle there .
  18. He done well there Tierney so unlucky to bounce back out could’ve been post and in.
  19. Motherwell to score first through KvV, United to equalise and then lead through a Watt brace, both times Watt performs a GIRFUY celebration. We look poor most of the second half and Alexander makes 2 subs on the 80th minute to no avail.
  20. Ah I didn’t realise he was coming back from injury. Like to keep an eye on him now and again as if he can shake off these injuries he can go far in the game and put in a shift for Scotland aswell.
  21. How does Hatate get his game over Turnbull by the way? Watched the extra time at the end and all the boy was doing was volleying it to the crowd every time.
  22. See on the socials Rangers ultras went after women and kids after the Motherwell and Hamilton ladies game, any truth in it? If it is the case deny their reschedule and cut their allocation because that is unbelievably low.
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