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  1. Van Veen could spread butter on toast with his first touch.
  2. With the first two you could probably get away with changing the shorts tbf.
  3. I quite like the new away kit, it’s a bit different maybe could’ve been doing with a bit more claret but I’m happy with that, never bother with away kits because we don’t tend to clash much but that’s an acceptable effort.
  4. I’m sure I’ve seen him scrapping with a Knowetop maw telling him off for getting a Tim Hortons.
  5. Some signing, Scotland’s future no. 1. Top six looms for next season hwfg.
  6. Different cases for each loan but this one is likely rangers paying the bulk if not all of it.
  7. We sign Kelly that’s the signing of the summer for me, could be the difference between worst case scenario and having a decent season. The board and Alexander are starting to fill me with some hope/optimism for the season ahead.
  8. O'Donnell was out jumped for the first tbf. So was Hanley and Cooper in the first game and O’Donnell got mad abuse for not blocking the cross. It’s the height of hypocrisy and I’m not even saying O’Donnell should start or play I’m just saying the abuse he gets is so hypocritical.
  9. Funny how Hanley doesn’t mark a man, they score a screamer and Tierney loses a man at a corner and O’Donnell is still the scapegoat lol.
  10. I mean Paterson is a great player but I can’t see Clarke dropping SOD after his performance on Friday. One of the best I’ve seen from him.
  11. I think Turnbull would excel with a start in the same way Gilmour played brilliant on Friday. Great wee chance for Turnbull, he’s been outstanding at Celtic this season and scored some screamers when he was at us. Wouldn’t rule him out of scoring our first goal so far.
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