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  1. Mate I’m needing a new prescription for my specs
  2. Interesting lineup Nirennold at the back or Donnelly slotting in at the back or both? Would feel more comfortable with Lamie in the lineup. Hopefully our wins can be like a bus service and the 3 come at once but the talent in the Celtic team is worrying. Edit: Read the team wrong. Too early for me.
  3. I can recall Siegrest making one save that went out for a corner.
  4. You just know Alexander thinks he’s some kind of a tactical genius when he puts Mugabi up top.
  5. This has been the worst Motherwell side to watch in a long time. Even seasons where we’ve been struggling at least we had some entertainment about us.
  6. The Motherwell commentator there “shirt pulling from Watt, if he wants one he can get one from the Motherwell shop for 40 quid” bitta needle there .
  7. He done well there Tierney so unlucky to bounce back out could’ve been post and in.
  8. Motherwell to score first through KvV, United to equalise and then lead through a Watt brace, both times Watt performs a GIRFUY celebration. We look poor most of the second half and Alexander makes 2 subs on the 80th minute to no avail.
  9. Ah I didn’t realise he was coming back from injury. Like to keep an eye on him now and again as if he can shake off these injuries he can go far in the game and put in a shift for Scotland aswell.
  10. How does Hatate get his game over Turnbull by the way? Watched the extra time at the end and all the boy was doing was volleying it to the crowd every time.
  11. See on the socials Rangers ultras went after women and kids after the Motherwell and Hamilton ladies game, any truth in it? If it is the case deny their reschedule and cut their allocation because that is unbelievably low.
  12. Just seen the penalties in the County and Aberdeen game, first was an absolute stonewaller not given and second is debatable. Fair play though to Ross County though I think they’ve been excellent all season.
  13. Motherwell today having a sniff at the bottom 6.
  14. The best way to sum that game up today was the result of what happens when a stoppable force meets a moveable object. Two not so good teams and even though we won I wouldn’t say we were the better team. We had a bit of luck and I’d criticise the St Mirren keeper, I think he could have done better for them. One thing I admire about Robbo is post-match assessments compared to Alexander. Robbo is much more honest and concedes when his team has been poor and Alexander seems to wriggle out an alternative match performance and defends the merits of the team selection or tactics. I’ve also never seen a more competitive league for teams our size. One week you’re on for a disastrous season then by a bit of luck you’ve met a target of top 6. As for us, we’ve got a very good chance to build on this result and secure our place in the top 6, will it happen though? Who knows, the way Alexander has been picking the teams it wouldn’t surprise me if he brings in changes next week and it’s to our detriment.
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