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  1. Despite the bitter disappointment, it was a pleasure to have been at both games. The differences in emotions following football epitomised from both sets of fans. Even at half time yesterday I never thought the game was over. However, when our third went in I was beginning to look forward to a final next week. Credit where due, Airdrie have been the form team since the turn of the year and fully deserve the chance to go up. Wouldn't mind a wee trip to Hampden next season too. From our point of view, another great season comes to an end. We've been spoiled yet again and if we can keep the team together we can hopefully have another crack at it again next season. Best of luck to Airdrie in the final.
  2. Thanks for the advice lads. However, my train from Portlethen to Montrose was also cancelled so I've had enough of trains for the day. Got the last seat on supporters bus. Hope that's the last of my set backs for the day !!!
  3. A bit of friendly local knowledge please. Getting the train down today but looks like the line between Queen St. And Airdrie is closed all day. What is the best alternative station to go to on a different line followed by a short taxi ride to the stadium? Thanks in advance.
  4. I can see this going all the way. Extra time wouldn't surprise me. Hopefully big Aiden is fit to play centre of defence beside Dillo to let Cammy and Steeves back to their best positions. A healthy support travelling down tomorrow so should be a good atmosphere. I'm going to stick my neck out and say we'll take it with a nervy, battling draw. Mon the Mo.
  5. Another very good game and a result we would have taken before the game. Leaves it bubbling for Saturday. Mo flew out of the traps and really looked up for it early on but as Airdrie got back into it, was glad for the half time whistle. Second half much like the first. Mo better early on with Airdrie pressing late on. From our end looks like Airdrie squandered a few chances and we just tried to walk the ball into the net. The tie is still very much in the balance. This one will go right to the wire.
  6. Expecting a close game. Be nice to take a lead down on Saturday. Can see this going all the way over 2 legs.
  7. Assume we'll play some of the youth squad but they will be we'll prepared.
  8. I thought that Queens bossed the game until they scored then the game changed. The wind had a huge bearing on the game and we seemed to deal with it best Thought Dillon was immense and thoroughly deserved his MOM award.
  9. I stand corrected. I was looking at the Championship prize pot.
  10. Despite the lack of interest in this one, what is up for grabs? A draw secures us 3rd place and the excitement that a trip to Airdrie brings. More importantly, an extra £75,000 in sponsorship prize money. I'd expect SP to rest some players with an eye on the play offs but I think we'll get the point that we need. This has got a 1-1 draw written all over it.
  11. Could be a couple of professional "taking one for the team" challenges going in to clear potential suspensions.
  12. We've had a load of injuries and suspensions recently and not really playing that well. We've kept our third place position not because we've been in great form but more because everyone else around us have been gash. Hopefully we use our remaining games to get those injured back to full fitness and rest those who've slogged out the season. We haven't quite secured third place yet. Big game against QP will determine that. Not sure who would be best in the play offs, a confident, flying Airdrie or a struggling Pars. Could be a strange line up for us on Saturday.
  13. He was actually pulling all the strings for Airdrie today. He was running the show for long periods. He didny half make a total feck up with his pen though. Did he try a Panenka or was it just blazed over. Couldn't tell from our end.
  14. Good end to end game and a fair result. Some great saves from the Seagull. Be a tight couple of games in what looks like will be our play off opponents if this is anything to go by. Hopefully be able to rest a few players in our last couple of games to get them ready for the play offs.
  15. Didn't Airdrie get a penalty from the Dillon incident whoever took the penalty almost knocked the weather vane off the top of the steeple.
  16. Dates have been announced. Assuming we finish third, we are at home on the 4th of May then away to Airdrie/Cove on the Saturday. Same again for the winner of our play off. Home the following midweek and away on the Saturday. 2 away days on a Saturday for us if we go all the way.
  17. 8 now. Ballantyne twice, Dillon, Watson, Quinn, Lyons and 2 today.
  18. As if the wind wasn't enough to make this match farcical along came the referee. There was barely a bad tackle in the match but the ref found enough to show 9 yellow cards and 2 reds. Somewhere between the cards there was supposed to be a football match. Both teams seemed to play better kicking into the wind. As farcical as the game was, the goal topped it off. Still not sure what actually happened. Ironically it came just as Peterheid were taking control of the match. For us, Blair Lyons put in good shift but Dillon was immense in the heart of the defence. No nonsense defending. As for the big lanky striker, despite being crap he's better than anything we have up front. As for Eli, apart from knocking the keeper into next week he is rank rotten.
  19. Well, despite the best efforts of the referee I'm happy with my clairvoyant skills.
  20. I'm more optimistic about away games just now. We can't buy a win at home but away days seem to be more fruitful. Pretty confident we'll scrape a 1-0 win in a wind spoiled, dour match at a Baltic Balmoor.
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