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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Well, I'll keep quoting it every time we play as long as he keeps GETTING it wrong.
  2. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    Can we please get a re-run of the "We are a massive scalp for them" interview that McGlynn gave the last time we met Raith. All the motivation we needed. It certainly worked well for us last time. C'Mon the Mo
  3. Don't know if this was ever answered but far too many pages to scroll through. However, before redevelopment, the old main stand was on the opposite side of the park so the terracing you see in the picture was never meant to wrap around the pitch. There was a terracing of similar height to the one behind the goal where the new stand is now. It stretched from about the ends of the 18 yard box at both ends. One quirk about Links Park though. Nipping in to the Legion at half time for "refreshments" (quite often never re-appearing for the second half) Some other pictures showing the old stand and terracing
  4. Raith Rovers fans are the Clyde fans of League 1. Appear to think they are a massive club.
  5. Montrose v Forfar

    Aye, Farfars pathetic claim for a penalty which everyone seemed to think was a stone waller.
  6. At the start of the season, our main goal was to maintain League 1 status. A couple more wins should see this accomplished and to be mentioned in play off contention is way more than we could have expected. To be truthful, the team isn't ready for a push to the Championship. If we were to go up, I fear we could do a Brechin. Every Mo fan I know is delighted with the season so far ( Even Buttie ) and only a crash of catastrophic magnitude would wreck our season. We have a free hit next weekend. Win, lose or draw we're still going to be in 5th place and moving into the last round of games, that'll do for me. That said, I hope we stuff the Rovers.
  7. Montrose v Forfar

    Victory came at a price unfortunately. CJ has broken a bone in his foot and will be out for a couple of months. Hopefully fit before the end of the season. wishing him a speedy recovery
  8. Montrose v Forfar

    So you feel the elbow to the face towards the end was justified ? I can understand the referee missing the incident because Mo were breaking up the park with the ref following play but how the linesman missed the incident beggars belief. As for the throw in incident where Campbell put the ball out for a Forfar player to receive treatment then keep the ball, that was pathetic and an embarassment for the whole team as 3 or 4 players had the chance to return the ball. Forfar - you got all you deserved today
  9. Montrose v Forfar

    We owe Forfar a doing. 1 point out of 6 this season when we should have had at least 4. Depends what forward line SP decides on this week.
  10. Montrose v Brechin

    Enjoy the MOments again. Pity the Brechin team couldn't put in as much effort as the p***k that ran from behind the goals to the halfway line and back again. The security at Montrose was as effective as the Brechin defence.
  11. Montrose v Brechin

    Big game for both teams. A home win would put us 10 points clear of Brechin and a huge gap between us and them. Away win would get them within touching distance. I'm sure that Brechin will be boosted by last weeks result but hopefully that was a one off. My prediction - 3-1 for the Mo One thing for certain - it will be feckin Baltic.
  12. Sorry Sons -vs- Angus Azzuri

    Big couple of weeks coming up for the Mo. Dumbarton followed by Brechin then Stenny. Win a couple of these games should see us consolidate our League 1 status for next season. Avoiding defeat in all 3 would be acceptable.
  13. Montrose V East Fife

    The one that dumbfounded me was the hand ball on the edge of the box. How the ref and linesman both missed that was unfathomable. You could even hear the slap of hand to ball. A definite booking and a free kick in a dangerous position.
  14. Montrose V East Fife

    2 defensive howlers from the same player who then turns around and blames everyone else. Someone needs to tell Dillon he is no Beckenbaur. His 50 / 60 yard passes very rarely reach their intended target, 9 times out of 10 bulleting out for a throw in. Played better in the second half despite Campbell going for a hat trick of cock ups. We were very unlucky not to score. As for the officials. How he never seen that hand ball on the edge of the box let alone hear the slap of hand to ball echoing around the ground, god only knows.
  15. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Everyone loves SP - even the mutant Smokies.