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  1. Well played Thistle. Put us to the sword tonight. Best performance against us this season.
  2. This is what worries me. If we don't make the top 5 we are in a relegation dog fight to avoid a play off at the wrong end of the table.
  3. Hopefully we'll get our rewards in the last 8.
  4. Hopefully we prioritise the next two league games over the cup. One win in the next two games required to almost ensure a top 5 place. I'll take a scrappy 1-0 win but it looks like Thistle are hitting their best form at just the right time. Wouldn't be surprised to see a draw given that we've drawn 5 of our last 7 games.
  5. You might as well stick your ball in the hat for the next round. We travel to Partick to take on Thistle in a vital league match on Thursday night, no doubt get home in the early hours of Friday then up for the days grind then travel to Killie for a 11:45 kick off on Saturday morning. Feckin joke. Good luck in the next round.
  6. In my case, not a feckin chance. Would you go to Motherwell or Hamilton? I work with a couple of Brechin die-hards and feel for them having been in the same predicament a few years back but I do fear for them.
  7. No, Allan Fleming on the bench. Really surprised that Petrie has stuck with Lennox for this long.
  8. Absolutely gutted. A real game of two halves and probably a fair result over the piece but what a way to lose out on the win. As good as we were in the first half, we were pi55 poor in the second. As for the second goal, that's just criminal and that has possibly cost us a top 5 / play-off place. He cost us two goals against Clyde a couple of weeks back. Hopefully we'll see each other in a few weeks time battling out for a play off.
  9. Scrappy goal to concede and letting them back into it. Got to get the finger out.
  10. As said on other posts, a huge game for both teams. A win for either would almost cement a top 5 finish. Too many recent draws have left us in the scrap for top a 5 place and certain play off spot. Hopefully we can get the win tomorrow but it will be a very close one.
  11. Only three games to go until the split. Three hard games against teams sitting 2nd, 4th and 5th. All teams capable of taking points off of one another so it's going to be nip & tuck to see who gets into the top 5.
  12. Will there be any highlights from last night? Or should I say were there any highlights last night?
  13. Very comfortable win for the Mo tonight. Thought East Fife were very poor. Was expecting a tougher game. Strangely the corner count was 0-8 in EF favour. Happy that corners count for nowt though.
  14. All the possession in the second half but created very little. I've said it a few times but we are never going to be serious contenders in this league until we get a proven goalscorer. A point a piece was probably the fair result today. Big Kerr Waddell desrved his MOM. Goodwillie never had a look in and he usually has a field day against us.
  15. Going by the vibes in this thread, it's not worth us turning up. Just give us the three points !! Unfortunately it wont be that easy. As well as we have played in the past, we just don't seem to get the breaks against you lot. I would grab a point now if offered it.
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