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  1. The Mighty Mo will be in the same kit as last season. Just to pit them against the rest, here's a reminder. The black third kit is a cracker.
  2. I wouldn't get overly excited about the fanzone. It's a portacabin. There's a diner type boozer near by (the Wellington) but it's not much of a boozer. There's very little else in the vacinity of the ground. Best to stay in the City centre before heading out to the ground.
  3. He had a really good year with us. A vital part of our impressive season. You also have a great prospect in Blair Lyons.
  4. Is your comma button stuck ? P.S Welcome to the seaside leagues
  5. Just a footnote to say That Graham Webster won Player of the year, Players player of the year and directors player of the year. Blair Lyons won young POTY and Andy Steeves won members POTY. Better not blow his trumpet too much though. He might be singled out next season (if next season ever comes)
  6. Good to see Andy Steeves getting a mention. We are lucky to have two great full backs at Montrose but for me, Steeves is the pick of the pair. Blair Lyons also getting all the plaudits and well deserved but our best performer (in my humble opinion) has been Graham Webster. 9 goals and 10 assists has been a great return for us and he has been consistantly good all season. He might just sneak our POTY ahead of Blair. He certainly got my vote.
  7. A possible way to up the earnings from a live transmission would be to sell the match to away fans on a one off basis. I can't see it happening though. In our case, the Mo wouldn't have the fan base to make it viable.
  8. Will need a couple of loan signings on top of what we already have. Cammy F and Big Sena done ok for us last season so a couple like them would be ideal.
  9. Uncanny resemblance to last season. Us pipping EF into 4th place and QOS in play off place in championship. Just hope for a better outcome if it happens again.
  10. Do you think many of these players are willing to spend up to 12 hours a day travelling to and from games in the far north / Fort William etc - possibly midweek matches too. They would have to be pretty dedicated to do that for a season or two.
  11. Hopefully we can take care of our own game so we'll be keeping a close eye on this one. The winners will be in a really strong position, the losers and we'll be breathing right down your necks. A draw and hopefully we can take advantage and jump into third place on Tuesday night. Assuming we take care of our own business, of course.
  12. Have said this to others. We are a striker away from being real contenders in this league. Tough game for the Mo tomorrow night but vital if we are to push for a top 4 spot. Our previous 2 games against Clyde have been pretty comfortable but they are bound to be on a high after a great result on Saturday. Will settle for a stuffy 1-0 away win.
  13. The collective look of disbelief by the Airdrie defenders at the flapping goalie is priceless.
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