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  1. Pantomime Villains to time wasting [email protected]$ to Angus Azzurri in the space of three months. Looks like we're going in the right direction.
  2. Great result for the Mo. Great turn around after an appalling start to the season.
  3. Just hope Peterheid match was a kick up the arse and the cup game one to forget. Get back to the team that have been tremendous in our recent winning streak to carry us into the New Year.
  4. Good to get your priorities right. Assume you are on the train. Take a right out of the station then left and the first boozer you'll meet will be the Picturehouse, an old Cinema / Bingo hall, now a Bellhaven pub. Quick pint and grub in here then head across to the Market, right in the heart of the town. It will be busy but it allways is because it's the best pub in town. (Kes will disagree) After leaving the Market, head down the High Street ignoring a couple of pubs just off the street and head to the Black Horse, home of the Black Horse Tartan Army. A pub full of fitba' loving punters and Scotland regulars - and Mid. Pint in there then head to the Real best pub in town (Kes will agree) the Golf Inn. Sports bar, great banter and where most Mo fans gather before games' All this said, I wont be there on Saturday - family arrangements. Enjoy Montroae
  5. The most level game ever. No one deserved to win. no one deserved to lose. Where did that ref come from. He was terrible, gave us absolutely nothing and the treatment dished out on Montrose players was shocking, especially Blair Lyons. The third challenge / body slam meritted a red card alone. Everybody would like a McAllister in their team but he's a greetin, cheating and moaning face [email protected] At the end of the day, a point away from home and an unbeaten 7 match run. Can't complain too much.
  6. Our incredible run of six straight victories started against Peterheid, let's just hope they don't bring it to an end. Peterhead coming off the back of two impressive wins will be full of confidence so this is a hard one to call. Our record run of victories is seven so I'll stick my neck out and say we'll match it on Saturday - 2-0 to the Mighty Mo.
  7. I think you need us to take points off Peterheid and Stranraer. First 15 minutes Forfar looked pretty slick and were pressing our defence but never really threatened. Once Mo found their feet there was only going to be one winner. At 2-0 Farfar had a lot of possession but knocking the ball about the half way line got them nowhere. One shot on target says it all. As for Montrose, after the start we had this season just gets better and better. 2 points off the play offs , never under estimate the Mo.
  8. Well, Jim Weir has a full house. Hes left all 4 Angus clubs in the shit. Despicable man. Hopefully both teams continue their current runs. Mo playing well and getting the results they deserve and Farfar struggling. A 9 point gap even at this early stage in the season would be a welcome cushion given our start to the season. Cant see it being as straight forward as the form suggests. 2-1 to the Mo.
  9. Fantastic result for the Mo and vital considering that Stranraer and Peterheid both won. Considering that we couldn't buy a win at the start of the season, five in a row is a magnificent achievement.
  10. After a terrible start to the season, we seem to have found our feet at last - it took long enough. Both teams here seem to be cloning last seasons form. Mo having a really slow start and EF getting off to a flyer. If the trend continues this will be a two goal victory to the Mo. Let's hope so.
  11. Lets put our slant on it. After going 1-0 down after only three minutes, I feared the worst. However, the Montrose players never looked phased and stuck to their game plan. We looked slick and sharp going forward and Matty Allen and Dillo cleaned up everything that Airdrie had to offer. In fairness, it wasn't much This was our easiest game this season. For a full time / semi full time team, what ever they do during the week clearly didn't work. A great win for us and a very deserved three points
  12. More importantly, where's the best place to go for a pint pre-match tomorrow. Arriving by train about 1pm.
  13. I suspect all is not well down Airdrie way. Hopefully we can cash in and leave the locals to sort out their grievances between themselves. A bit of retribution is due after us getting mugged off at Links Park earlier in the season. Airdrie 0 Montrose 2
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