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  1. We got all we deserved from the game, nothing. We could barely string 2 passes together. Cove out muscled us all over the pitch and won every 50/50. Our only clear chance was Eli header. That apart, the Cove keeper was never bothered. However, we weren't helped by weak refereeing. Highlighted late on when the ref reacted to Cove players dropping like fannies when Mo players brushed against them. We'll dust down and move on.
  2. If anyone tells you Furry boots are comfy do not answer Montrose.
  3. Tickets still available which is a pity because a game of this magnitude deserves a bigger crowd. If tickets had been available to Mo fans I'm sure we would have taken a fair crowd up. How they can distinguish fans apart will be intriguing. Soon find out
  4. Pretty scrappy game but draw the fair result. We just couldn't get anything going today. Alloa looked pretty decent when they played the ball on the deck but persisted on punting the ball up to the big donkey Sammon. Euan Henderson looked pretty sharp, far improved from when we had him. Impressed with the contribution of Simpson and Gardyne so look forward to seeing them knit into the team in the coming weeks. Bit of a blow to our title aspirations but keeps the unbeaten run going. Massive game next week up at Cove.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the new signings. Hope they can hit the ground running. We've been crying out for a striker since being in L1 so hopefully Simpson & Gardyne are the final pieces to the jigsaw. We've got a score to settle with Alloa as they are 1 of only 2 teams beat us this season. Revenge will be sweet. 3-1 to the Mighty Mo.
  6. Rusty was unlucky but after the skirmish, one of the Peterhead players went right through the keeper and took him out. We got away with one but it was a foul.
  7. As most have said, not at our best and Peterhead can think themselves pretty unfortunate to go in at half time a goal down. A few glimpses of good play in the second half that opened up Peterhead, one of which led to the second goal. Peterhead never looked like scoring apart from Rustys header off the post. Talking of Rusty, Thank feck he's not with us anymore. A waste of a shirt. The ref was pish for both teams.
  8. Big game for both on Wednesday night. Mo been on a great run but the squad is pretty crippled just now due to injury and illness. Peterheid had some very good results recently so expect a close game. Will go for a 2-1 home win .
  9. 3 points without a Rossco cameo. Thought CJ was having one of his best games tonight. Chased everything down and made a right nuisance of himself.
  10. You guys had better wrap up warm. Away fans on open terrace due to the antics of some bams on a previous visit.
  11. Be better for all concerned if the game is called off today. Save unnecessary travel on dangerous conditions and even if it does go ahead, the wind will make it farcical.
  12. Ironically I was more optimistic about our away game last week than this one. We seem play better away from home (still unbeaten) Any word on Webby? Could be the match winner. Forever hopeful. 2-1 to the Mo.
  13. Scrappy game. Big Annie had a couple of decent save. Mo had a few good chances but couldn't hit the target. Draw fair result so we go again next week.
  14. Bit of a knee jerk by many of you guys. Your not that bad as Paul Dixon said. You beat Dumbarton 5-0 two years ago.
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