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  1. Montrose v Rovers

    Raith were very good at that, even during the game. They must have spent their full time week seeing who could kick the ball furthest out of the ground.
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    Really, really hope the Smokies dont lose until the 29th. The Mighty Mo are coming to terms with the vigours of League 1. We're the ones that are going to burst your bubble. As much as it irks me to say, Smokies are by far the best team in the league. Despite us winning on the 29th, you'll still win the league at a canter.
  3. Montrose v Rovers

    What the camera doesn't show there is the fact that No 10 Ross Cambell had run from his own goal line from about 15 seconds earlier to get on the end of that cross. To be honest, Raith had a good claim for a penalty because RC had a fair old wrestle with Rovers No 5 just before he scored.
  4. Montrose v Rovers

    Well done for catching the MOment.
  5. Montrose v Rovers

    Rennies free kick - sublime
  6. Montrose v Rovers

    From quite a few Montrose fans too, you can assume. From one in particular !!!
  7. Montrose v Rovers

    For a full time team, Raith were pretty poor. It looks like they spent their week learning how to clear the stand with a mighty punt and send the ball four streets away.
  8. Montrose v Rovers

    One of my best memories of watching Montrose in over 40 years was against Raith. A league cup tie in the late 70s. We went down to Starks Park on a Wednesday night and got absolutely hammered 3-0. We were so bad we were lucky to get nil. In the second leg Rovers scored first to go 4-0 up on aggregate. God only knows what happened but Montrose rallied and went on to win 5-1 on the night and go through 5-4 on aggregate. A truly great night for us.
  9. Montrose v Rovers

    For selfish reasons, I'd love to see Arbroath go unbeaten until the 29th (3 draws would be acceptable) when we can burst their bubble. After taking care of Rovers tomorrow of course.
  10. Montrose v Rovers

    Wetherspoons ( The Picturehouse ) is the first pub you'll come across if arriving by train. The Market Arms is just across the High Street from the Picturehouse. Heading towards Links Park you'll find the Star Hotel and the Albert bar. The Golf Inn is a good boozer and close to LP but it's the other side of LP from the High Street. Then you've got the British Legion which is about a 10 seconds walk from the turnstiles. Anyone gets in on match day.
  11. Arbroath vs Montrose

    It's just as well there was a "woeful" support through from Montrose because if there hadn't been, the atmosphere would have been similar to Frioch Crem. Oor Hamish outsang the Hoarbroath himself. Mind you, he does that to most supports.
  12. Arbroath vs Montrose

    Game of two halves and finishing. Arbroath by far the best team in the first half and we were probably fortunate to go in only 1 down. A couple of great saves from Millar. Second half a totally different story. Mo pressed and were first to every loose ball much like Arbroath were in the first but we never really threatened. We are a striker away from being a decent mid table team. Now to the main gripe. The penalty decisions. Martin Rennie was clean through on his stronger foot with only the keeper to beat. Why would he have to go down. I was right in line with the incident and a clearer penalty you will never see. Not only that, if given, it would have to be a red card. The referee totally bottled it. We could have been level, pressing and against 10 men. Then about five minutes later, an Arbroath defender charged down a Mo shot. He then sat with the ball cradled in his arms for a good couple of seconds. They say these things even themselves out over a season so Arbroath have had some feckin awful decisions against them or they are going to get a couple. Arbroath are by far the best team I've seen this season and even this early on, can only throw the title away. And with decisions like that going their way, they are getting the luck to go with it.
  13. Montrose vs Dumbarton

    Think we just about shaded it. Dumbarton never looked like scoring, could have played all night and not bothered us. We had a couple of chances and took one of them - a very good one at that. Dillon and Matty Allen mopped everything thrown at them. Relief to be off the bottom of the table
  14. Montrose vs Dumbarton

    More like the OAPBSS now.
  15. Montrose vs Dumbarton

    Hopefully Saturday win will boost the confidence but can't read too much into it because Brechin were feckin awful. Important game for both teams as a win could leave them half way up the table. We really need to get our home form sorted as our only win at home so far has been well, Brechin. I'd settle for a scrappy 1 goal victory.