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  1. The defence has been horribly exposed without Dillon. Are we really relying on a 39 year old to hold the defence together.
  2. We were very fortunate to snatch the points today. With 5 minutes to go we were all quite content to leave with a draw. Agyeman was a real handful all day. He gave our defence a real rough time. All that said, 2 super goals at the end, both very well taken. As touched on, we are very lucky to have Ross Sinclair between the sticks. Surely a future Scotland keeper.
  3. Nervously optimistic about tomorrow's trip. We've had a few good results (bar the Airdrie debacle) recently. Not conceding too many and scoring a few. NcKinnon & Wright finding their feet in L1 and RMcA always a threat. A professional 2-0 away win.
  4. Not a classic but three welcome points. Deserved winners over the piece.
  5. Betting on the opposition because it fecks up your coupon reeks of desperation. We've all done it. Mon the Mighty Mo
  6. Hey, the points are ours. You've got to earn them.
  7. Feckin great 3 points for us today. Once again, Dillon and Waddle were immense. Dillo is like a fine wine, he gets better with age. Pars had a lot of play but never looked like scoring. We made a couple of changes and boy, did it pay off. Scant consolation to Pars fans, you took twice as many fans as Falkirk did. Feck the blue pound, we'll take the black one
  8. I sincerely hope not as I want him to hear my political views.
  9. An optimistic 3-2 home win. CJ with the winner.
  10. That last league game in 1987, an already relegated Montrose deprived Dunfermline from winning the title.
  11. Just seen the highlights. Feck all like a pen.
  12. Because we took 10 points out of 12 from you last season. Because we have been in the play offs every season since we have been in league 1. Something that you haven't. You are in the seaside league on merit.
  13. Falkirk by far the better team second half and looked the more likely to get the win until the last 10 minutes when we decided to have a go. Looked like a stone waller penalty when Kennedy went down. What was the verdict from Bairns end? A draw probably the fair result.
  14. Great strike for the goal but Mo defence let him run through without a challenge. Thought we've been the better team first half.
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