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  1. Hammarby have the highest average attendance in Scandinavia very big club it was the manner of the result we were 1 up at home in the 89 th minute and lost 3 goals 1 was chopped off
  2. Alright tam? Missed u have u had a good summer ? 😁
  3. I am defo going to throw a party when st Johnstone get relegated next year absolute fucking weirdos
  4. I am going to disappear off this thread for both our sakes! Ur aren't winding me up just so fucked off with scottish game.my offer still stands though cuntyhoop ! Anytime u fucking shitebag
  5. Well played sir ! Mark this event ur team are pitiful seaside league fodder our team are rising most of our support are under 18 we will get stronger year on year when u go down it will be 30 yrs before you get back so keeps concentrating on pumping ur relatives/livestock
  6. Anytime c**t pm me we will meet up u shitebag snake
  7. Nothing against the accies i fucking despise the fakes especially that fucking weirdo tree house tam ur time will come cunto
  8. Absolute tin pot shit from the fake saints that nobody even cares about absolute non - entities
  9. Wish people would just concentrate on the football this crowdwanking pish really gets on my tits rangers and Celtic have loads more supporters than both our clubs does that make them better fans than us ? No it fucking doesnae .
  10. I love all my my fellow buddies fans but have never understood why so many look down on accies and livi supporters cause they don't have big supports I think these guys are the best supporters in scottish football
  11. No cost me a fortune. Biggest capitulation in championship history .
  12. He has went right down in my estimations now. Been down there a month and now he is a football Oracle. Hate it when when people put the Scottish game down .
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