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  1. Is there a reason why so many are injured? When do you anticipate getting back to full strength, some of the players mentioned have hardly kicked a ball for you. Its difficult coming back at this time of year, heavy pitches, cancelled games etc. Always felt that one of the issues when players move down a level is with regards to fitness ie they lose it quite quick. Seen it before, some players it doesn't work out, others take a season to settle in, but I think they need to get as many games under their belts as possible. When you signed the players were you aware there may be issues with work commitments?
  2. How are Pollok feeling after those 3 games? Did you deserve more than one point over the three games?
  3. Yes, enjoy your night. I look forward to your continued hypocrisy and side splitting musings on other threads.
  4. You appear to be deflecting again. I merely pointed out the confidence you had in your own teams abilities to get a win, albeit in a rather derogatory manner. Thereafter when your team got pumped you say it was expected although we didn't play well! At no point did I say I was offended. Also am I stalking the two social media platforms that you are stalking as well! A bit hypocritical there Mark!
  5. I am a snowflake because you are trying to deflect a lie about what you posted? I can't remember you ever posting anything humorous, although I do often find myself laughing at you. I mean your reply to Graffiti on The Wall is absolute comedy gold!
  6. The topic was solely an advert for the game against Beith, which the only comment on was by you, along the lines of when Beith beat Pennyburn Rangers Strain will blame the referee. IF the moderator did remove it, he did you a favour, it only showed you up for the absolute imbecile you undoubtedly are.
  7. That must explain why you stuck a snide comment on the Buffs facebook page page a couple of nights ago before removing it a few hours later. Fortunately last night the manager had no reason to blame refereeing decisions! From what I saw last night Beith were dominated by the Buffs who never allowed them to play and made them look a poor team, rather than all eleven players having an off night!
  8. Couple of well placed sources telling me that he might not be the last to go at Beith. Apparently all not sweetness and light up there at the moment. Certainly when I watched a pretty insipid performance from them a couple of weeks ago looked a team lacking desire and motivation. Maybe time for a change.
  9. Took this one in today, best team won by a mile. Beith looked pretty lethargic and a team lacking motivation, which needs freshened up. Fair play to Cumnock, quite obviously wanted the win more.
  10. Few weeks ago in the league game, Beith brought a pretty poor support, which didn't include a lot of the ones involved in trouble yesterday. Beith brought a bigger support yesterday and likewise the Kilwinning ones involved are very rarely at games. Couple of years ago at the semi-final even with segregation and police there was still trouble. Personally I saw a couple of Kilwinning committee there at the end, but what do you expect them to do when both sets are intent on fighting and bottles are flying. The trouble wasn't caused by banners (which from what I saw the Beith support were laughing at) or either team losing, the trouble was always going to happen because when both teams are involved in big games they attract a bad element who are intent on causing trouble. People know who they are, and it's down to both clubs to ban them from games. As for the game Kilwinning were deserved winners, after they went down a goal Beith seemed to run out of ideas and persisted in lumping the ball forward, even during the half hour they had against ten men, they didn't pose a threat. Don't think the Buffs centre half Syme missed a header the whole game, and can't recall Strain having many saves to make. Thought the referee and his assistant got both penalties and the sending off spot on.
  11. With regards to predictions, I think this will be a tough league to win, and whoever that is will deserve to be champions! Most likely one of the top three from last season.
  12. If you read my posts at no time did I say Beith didn't deserve to win the league. Only point I was making was with regards to goal difference, Beith played teams at the right time of the season. Moreover if you get the most points, who cares about goal difference.
  13. Thanks for confirming that people were questioning the manager I remember reading a grovelling apology on the Beith forum from a fan who slagged off the captain, I presume he is one of the halfwits?
  14. Still stand by that statement. Beith didn't look good at that point and a lot of the Beith fans agreed, some were even questioning if the managers time was up, particularly after the Lochee game, fans were questioning a lack of heart and motivation. As I said you had the easier run-in, but you got the points on the board which proved to be enough. Had a look and in the last 4 league games Beith scored 21 goals and conceded 2, which maybe says more about the opposition teams being put out.
  15. The team that wins the most points deserves to win the league, and last season that was Beith. Buffs had the chance and didn't take it, although certainly in the first half of the season they were one of the better teams in the league. Out of all the contenders Beith probably had the easiest run in, and had a couple of high scoring results, namely against Rob Roy and Arthurlie, which helped the goal difference. Beith fans can't deny though that they had concerns about the centre of their defence, one of the die hard fans even made a public apology on their own forum about their captain after disparaging remarks. You never know if Beith stick in one day they might achieve the same success as the Buffs.
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