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  1. Livi won’t win again this season. 5-0 to us. I definitely won’t regret this post.
  2. Tonight’s SPFL Greatest Game is a Hamilton Academical v St Mirren encounter from 2011 where Tony Andreu inspired Accies to a convincing 3-0 victory. Nope, it’s another fucking Old Firm game.
  3. Foley, Nolan and Smith sound like a dodgy firm of solicitors that have offices on Duke Street. Maybe that’s what they’re up to.
  4. This seems to have been bang on so far.
  5. Mushroom is the best pakora. Don’t get papadums from a takeaway, the ones you get from the supermarket are just as good and you get 10 of them. Papadums are the equivalent of getting an all-you-can-eat buffet for a tenner and then getting skinned 8 quid for a coke. We’ll lose 3-1 today, somehow we’ll conspire to allow Colin Nish and Stephen Mallan to score against us. I’ll spend the whole day convincing myself that I’m not paying for a stream, but then definitely will.
  6. It’s not even a huge stretch to think we are the worst team in the league. This is the first time I think that Alexander has to take a fair portion of the blame, wrong side and formation played. Only thing that might save this from being 5 or 6 is that St Johnstone have clearly chucked it a wee bit with the Final in mind.
  7. What’s this goal against Rangers at Ibrox that he’s talking about?
  8. I’ve really not been paying attention to this. Have we been any good?
  9. My favourite Jock Brown moment this season was when we played Celtic on Remembrance weekend and he described the minutes silence as ‘impeccably observed’. The stadium was empty there, Jock. Might have helped. I like him, makes me think we’re the featured game on Scotsport. He talks some pish, right enough.
  10. Aberdeen playing Cosgrove as well, according to Alba.
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