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  1. Is there any footage of McFadden’s goal against Rangers in the 4-3 semi? In my mind it might be the best goal ever but I’ve never seen it since that day. Never watched highlights because I was too scunnered but there doesn’t seem to be anything available anywhere now that I’ve (just about) got over it.
  2. Was hoping we could pinch a goal and see it out by the fact that every tackle was a free kick there.
  3. This really isn’t true though, is it?
  4. They also won 2-1. Like they beat Hearts 4-3 the other week and wouldn’t shut the f**k up about how the whole system is against them because they didn’t get 1 decision.
  5. VAR is just making Old Firm fans moan even more than they did before, which is quite an achievement.
  6. How did that check take as long as that? Penalty all day long. Bit of aggro as well, lovely stuff.
  7. Genuinely didn’t notice McKinstry was playing. Spittal hasn’t done much either.
  8. Decent stuff this, Hearts the better team and should be ahead. Does that mean we get to win 3-0 this time then?
  9. There’s absolutely no way we’ve sold out our allocation for tomorrow. Not sure what’s going on.
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