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  1. Can everyone stop talking about dropping Alan Campbell, please?
  2. Are we not basically St Etienne when that jolly fat chap was in charge, now? Churning out the future of football, only for them to f**k off after 3/4 of a good season?
  3. I was thinking about all of the comments on Tait as well. A lot of negative chat about his performances but we haven’t conceded a goal since he got back in the team.
  4. More Motherwell players than Rangers and Aberdeen combined in the Scotland squad. What a time to be alive.
  5. I witnessed Gary Teale take to a football pitch wearing a Scotland strip when he wasn’t playing down the park. One of the things that you can’t un-see.
  6. What with all the stuff about gobbing on opposition players and that, surely the fact that Rangers even played Grezda and Docherty in the Challenge Cup, against Ballymena United, is massively tinpot?
  7. I’m fucking sick of the SPFL Premiership being a three horse race year after year. Needs more competition if you ask me.
  8. I’m not a stupid man, I understand the hype around players like Turnbull because he’s clearly brilliant, but why is nobody offering us upwards of £50m for Campbell? I absolutely love him.
  9. I particularly enjoyed the complete lack of phone signal or 4G so that I had a lovely wee day, blissfully unaware of any nonsense like the score or anything like that.
  10. So, roughly 5% of the crowd at The Cure will be checking their phones for the score every couple of minutes then, aye?
  11. Weird how you can see a game completely differently to other folk. I thought Jullien looked excellent for Celtic yesterday and strolled the game whereas I thought Polworth was terrible for us despite the fact that I’ve liked the look of him right through the Betfred games, yet I’ve read the complete opposite viewpoints here.
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