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  1. Feel like we always get Hibs first game of the season.
  2. Ally McCoist says ‘It really has’ or ‘It really is’ all the time. Now that I’ve noticed it, it’s doing my tits in.
  3. St Mirren are going to be hilariously shite next season.
  4. And Dundee back in the league. We’re practically starting on 9 points.
  5. Had a weird dream last night that we signed Paul Weller as a centre-back.
  6. How many of the January signings were really Alexander’s though? I had always assumed the most of them were lined up/done prior to Robinson chucking it.
  7. I can understand a certain level of pragmatism from Alexander here, but we’ve been wasting time since the second half kicked off, now have virtually no attacking players on the park and we’re playing against the bottom team in the league who are down to ten men. And we’re virtually safe, I mean, fucking hell. I’ve got us on my coupon, get it sorted. As it stands, we’re above St Mirren though so swings and roundabouts.
  8. Anyone get a screenshot of that biro scribbled on the ball for the tinpot thread?
  9. I got a chicken tikka faiselpuri last night and forgot to order the rice. Absolute disaster.
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