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  1. Did you buy it or did you make it and customize? Does it have filter for protection? TIA
  2. Any suggestion for refreshing healthy drink? would appreciate it!
  3. I am rooting for this team, good luck!
  4. SmudgePop

    Episode 134

    It would love to be entertained, hope they have podcast. YAY
  5. Hey, welcome to the club, I hope you enjoy whatever you see and read here.
  6. We're thinking about Maldives this summer or Boracay in the Philippines. But can you also suggest something better than maldives?
  7. Mom's roast lamb with mint sauce and yorkshire pudding are the best, and they make me go back home once in a while
  8. I think it would be better if she would just accept the gesture of goodwill offered to her, and enjoy it!... Life's too short to waste it on complaining!
  9. Overuse problem does not only result in disastrous date but could also ruin relationship.
  10. can relate much to that, being grabbed by the ear and then they would twist a bit... oh man, that really hurts! Nowadays, kids called that child abuse. And you got to be careful in implementing punishments. We were like them once, only that we were treated differently then. Now, children are protected by more rights and have more freedom. Their opinions are heard, and yes they are more mature (I admit to that). But still, kids are kids and still need guidance. My kids are at the age where they are starting to refuse to follow my lead, and I know I have to make them listen so I decided to take things seriously and ask the advice of some experts on how I can have a balance of letting my kids do their stuff within the confines of my discipline. I found a very helpful site ReGain which has programs nd counseling for families to still have their individuality without losing the essence of being a family.
  11. Do you agree that teenage rebellion plays n important part in adolescent growth? Kindly share your opinion.
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