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  1. No idea how likely he is to join. Just know he was in there Tuesday and Thursday last week training, he was in conversation with Andy Bannerman who is normally in charge of contracts when it comes to new players with them although that doesn't necessarily mean anything.
  2. Scott Allan training with Kelty currently so if that rumour still needed out to bed there we go.
  3. Likely is him considering it's the agency he is registered to posting the video.
  4. Did notice that when I was having a look, given Chippenham play in the National League and that's considered non-league I presume the contracts mean very little and can basically be ripped up at any point. Will try find out more and edit if I find anything. EDIT; Done some digging, seems most teams other than those at the top who have been relegated from the professional leagues are Semi-Pro. So no cost bringing him here.
  5. 18 appearances. 0 goals 0 assists. I've had better starts. Same agency as Burrell so likely a recommendation from them.
  6. He is or was in the market for a new car recently. He requested the car to be navy blue. I know someone who works for Peter Vardy leasing, that's how I know.
  7. How are you lot feeling about this season? Don't seem to have brought in an awful lot of players but both Ballantyne and Rae are good signings in my opinion, surprised the latter hasn't ended up back in the Championship if I'm being honest. The appointment of McCabe and Fordyce an interesting one as well, see it ending well?
  8. If you ate from that snack van at Bonnyrigg last night best of luck as I've been on ma hands and knees over the works toilet spewing ma load.
  9. Due to being challenged by a player who gained an advantage from being in an offside position.
  10. Could see Morrison was a mile off from where I was sat in the KM stand, but can be seen pretty clearly here as well.
  11. Have said it previously but really really like Mackie as the left sided centre half, maybe unfair based on one 90 minutes but I think McCann is the better fullback between the two and Mackie suits being allowed to step into midfield. That tackle anaw btw. Currently I think the team we seen last night is our best, I'd like to see it continue but given Donaldson is still to come back from injury and Henderson suspension I don't think it will. Hetherington was absolutely brilliant last night, by far and away his best game in a Falkirk top. The role he was playing last night suits him far more than the role he was playing last season. Pleasing.
  12. Been surprised so far with how capable Mackie has been at centre half, was thinking that it was just a case of plugging gaps when he was there against Killie after the mention of defensive injuries in the pre-match interview however I wouldn't have any massive qualms with him playing there more regularly. Yet to see Coll Donaldson so not saying having him sit on the bench all the time, could very well be the case that Mackie is better at full back also however him being central certainly offers us a different dimension in allowing him to step out from the back and have one of our midfielders drop in to fill the gap left, something Heatherington had been doing a few times especially against Stranraer.
  13. Not going to write anyone off after half an hour in the first friendly of the season, that being said, that number 9..
  14. Going to get a little Brad McKay sighting tonight by the sounds of the McGlynn interview!
  15. Stumbled across this website yesterday - WalkMunros: All Possible Trips Splits all the munros into regions and provides rough travel times to the area from a few pre-set locations. Once clicking into the areas you're provided with all walks including Walkhighlands routes and Stevie Fallon's routes if applicable. Can link it to your walkhighlands account also if you're in the habit of ticking off munros on the website as you complete them. May be of interest to some of you.
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