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  1. Obviously the on the pitch performance has been more than a bit shite in recent weeks however I've been relatively impressed with the steps that the club are taking off the pitch recently. There has been a definite focus on improving the infrastructure. If the recent communication from Swinney is to become a somewhat regular occurrence then there will be no complaints from me assuming the content remains half decent. Interested to see what this show which was mentioned turns out to be also. Hopefully the development team continue to progress as well, I seen that, someone who is presumably Fergus' laddie, had been appointed into one of the roles for the U16s squad recently. Feels as if we are moving in the right direction in at least some sections of the club, hopefully those lagging behind can be brought to a similar standard soon one way or another.
  2. Really did think that this was an impressive signing at the time when it was announced. So much so that I placed you lot on to win the league shortly after. Well aware that he was passed his best but this is an impressive fall.
  3. On the one hand, I'm glad the club have acted relatively quickly and seen their mistake allowing us to get at least some of his wages off the books with hopefully, although very unlikely given the date, someone else coming in at the back of him. On the other hand, this really does signify how much of a basket-case club we've been recently. Under contract for a total of 83 days and under the clubs eye for longer than that including the trial period. How his performance against a some Lowland League diddy warranted a two year deal is beyond me. Most had reasonable cause to call him shite from the off. I hope whoever is responsible for this signing whether it be Sheerin or Holt is getting an absolute earfull off someone.
  4. 442, pacey wingers and two strikers. The wins are inevitable.
  5. Aye, just seen it there. Probably our best kit now, £5 donation with every purchase is a nice touch.
  6. It's either Ernaldo or Keena judging from that photo I think, leaning more towards Keena. No way we get him to model a new kit then punt him out on loan.
  7. £18 for the privilege to enter this dump. Daylight robbery. Fingers crossed we're back to winning ways this weekend.
  8. Aye, circled in red below is the one I'm on about; Sits at around 1010m but doesn't seem to count as a separate munro from what I could see at lunch, time dependant I'll probably nip out to it regardless. There is one with an identical name out just West of the Cairngorms though.
  9. Good couple weeks there without a 442 shout. Saddened to see them returning.
  10. Ended up having to opt for the tourist path up Ben Nevis due to the wind picking up to around 40mph which I wasn't willing risk with the few inexperienced boys in our group. Up and down in about 6 hours total with a stop for a few beers at the top, an absolute trudge the whole way with no views to show for it. Considering a trip back up this weekend coming as the weather on the Sunday looks like it could be cracking. That will get both the Arete and Carn Dearg ticket off although unsure if the latter actually counts as a munro due to how close it is to the Ben?
  11. Anyone able to recommend a good training plan for a half marathon? Not that I'm targeting one, I just have more motivation for running when I've got something to follow as opposed to just going for a simple jog. Lost interest slightly since coming to the end of the 5k programme that I was initially following.
  12. Doing this on Sunday so not dead. I'm sure I'd have found out about the lack of path on the right side one way or another regardless.
  13. Good stuff. Was sure I had heard something about paths off to either side avoiding any possible ‘technical areas’. One of them heard about the woman passing away fairly recently then seen a photo of a guy wearing a helmet and developed a severe case of the fear which passed down to others. Will use your words to try and rope them back in haha.
  14. Heading up to Fort William with the intention of getting myself up Ben Nevis via CMD. A few of the boys have seen a few pictures on Instagram and started getting wet feet already as they’re not massively experienced walkers. We’re considering splitting into two groups to try and reconvene at the top and head back down together, would a 2.5hr lead time for those doing CMD be enough to do so?
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