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  1. Not going to write anyone off after half an hour in the first friendly of the season, that being said, that number 9..
  2. Going to get a little Brad McKay sighting tonight by the sounds of the McGlynn interview!
  3. Stumbled across this website yesterday - WalkMunros: All Possible Trips Splits all the munros into regions and provides rough travel times to the area from a few pre-set locations. Once clicking into the areas you're provided with all walks including Walkhighlands routes and Stevie Fallon's routes if applicable. Can link it to your walkhighlands account also if you're in the habit of ticking off munros on the website as you complete them. May be of interest to some of you.
  4. I'll second what Invergowrie said. Done it a bit later into my munro climbing but still within the first 30 or so, was my first real sustained scrambling route but got on absolutely no bother at all. I had stayed right on the edge of the ridge all the way up but you won't miss the tracks on the left if you decide it's too much. Done Ben Nevis via the pony track just the week before I done CMD and it's was absolutely shite so would definitely recommend CMD instead. Also I'll mention while it's obviously not a race I found the walkhighlands estimate to be an absolute mile off, was up and down in just under 6 hours as opposed to the 10-11 it states on their website.
  5. Apply acetone to the inside of the kit where the sponsor sits with a cotton bud. Thank me later.
  6. One of the twitter goons seemed to suggest that we had a guy on trial at the moment who was likely to feature on Friday. Benni Smales-Braithwaite. Do I believe this twitter goon? No
  7. I have a theory that multiple new signings will be announced by a catwalk style show at the same time as the kit tomorrow hence the wait since the last announcement. Really holding out hope for it to be true.
  8. Friendly or not I don't see Malcolm starting. If anything we'll get Nesbitt in the 10 with Oliver up top on his own.
  9. If anyone was still or ever believing that we had signed Simon Murray on a pre-contract he just renewed with Queens Park 34 minutes ago.
  10. This is up there with some of the worst things I've seen on here. Well done.
  11. Yes, Mackie being the giant a whole 2cm taller.
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