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  1. Where's everyone off to now that we're free from Friday? Plan was to go up Ben Lawers but I can fire that plan into the fucking sun seeing as it no doubt will be heaving.
  2. Far too many people in here writing off one striker formations as negative for my liking.
  3. I've stuck the 3x optic on it, absolutely horrendous close range so I always pick up an SMG but it can down in 9-15 bullets depending how accurate you are so more than worth levelling up. Couple of the attachments required are some of the last unlocks annoyingly though so you could be waiting a while depending how much you play.
  4. NBA HD Replay Full Games 【 Season 2020/21 】 If he fancies watching a full game
  5. Get it levelled up and stop moaning.
  6. What's the reason behind McKinnon stinking out the Falkirk dugout again? Did you agree to have Hampden emptied by a certain date?
  7. Anyone know where I can find a list of bookies and their offers for the festival?
  8. Looking into starting a portfolio sometime soon, nothing complicated. Just a passive earner on the side. Anyone got any recommendations on where to look for how to best set one up?
  9. Would be pretty pleased if we manage to sign Fotheringham, can play on both wings and in behind the strikers from memory.
  10. You see, if that were the case McMullen would also be in League 2. But he's not, because he's substantially better. A good signing for Dundee.
  11. Got partially out last night to cover any possible losses on my remaining stocks. 5.09 units @ $71.89. Should be a lot funner this way considering my heart nearly dropped out my arse when it hit 126 a share yesterday.
  12. Could honestly hit $500 today, halted at $488 in the pre-market.
  13. Can't comment on AMC as I've not been paying attention to it but the part of the reason the share prices dipped is probably down to the WSB discord server and subreddit being shut down for a few hours. That and the big hedge funds cashing out their shorts etc.. at a time where most retail traders cannot do anything as they don't have access to the market at those times. Plan probably was to create panic and a potential sell off at open time, which could still happen. Believe $260 was the lowest that GME reached. It's flew right back up this morning to the point where shares are currently dearer than they were at close yesterday. $370 per share at the time of this comment.
  14. I'm using an app, I think most people invested in Gamestop will be as well. I'm using eToro as it allows me to jump in on Monday morning without the need for verification and bought stocks right away but Trading 212 is another good app supposedly.
  15. Got in at 71. It's a good laugh really, until it all goes chebs north.
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