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  1. 9th and 10th munros dusted yesterday. Ben Vorlich and Stuc A'Chroin. Absolutely cracking day in terms of weather and other than a 60-90 minute period when I was walking on the bealach towards Stuc A'Chroin there wasn't a cloud in the sky, forgot to lift sun cream before I left in the morning so I took an absolute scudding from the sun and am well and truly feeling it today. Ben Vorlich absolutely heaving which was to be expected to be fair but thankfully not as many people went over to Stuc A'Chroin. Stuck behind a big group of what could have easily been 40 for a part of the Ben Vorlich ascent but passed them fairly easily. Overheard comparisons of local Lidl shops and decided that was enough and bombed forward quite a bit so I could avoid that for the rest of the walk. Glad to finally see some improvements fitness wise on this walk after struggling a lot on my first couple post-lockdown walks. No football until at least October for us so planning on continuing battering the munros out until then or the weather changes for the worst. The nick of where I parked on the banks of Loch Earn was horrendous, cars abandoned everywhere with bins filled to the brim with more rubbish lying around those bins. Tents propped up on every small space where you could fit one as well, if you're thinking about heading up to that area I would avoid it or try and time it well. 9am when I arrived was bad, 3pm when I was back down was somehow worse. Here's hoping that the numbers of people in these areas die down soon before there are any lasting effects on both the law and terrain front.
  2. Happy enough with how our squad is progressing this season. Slowly eradicating our problems from last season, still a few players away from where I would ideally like to be mind you. Still can't believe you lot signed Swanson.
  3. The one review I've had from an East Fife fan so far saying he's brilliant at beating his man, our front two should feed off his crosses etc..
  4. Must've caught him on a remarkably shite day then, think we rolled you over at our ground tbf. Remember him playing in the middle. If he's anywhere near as good as that review I'll be happy. Cheers.
  5. Callumn Morrison. Speak to me. What's he like? Never impressed me when he played for you against us. Rapid but that's about it from what I've seen.
  6. CALLUMN Morrison announced. It's what we need but I've never been convinced by him, hopefully he can kick on now with a permanent club.
  7. He was utterly dung against us for East Fife. Can't really remember him looking good anywhere to be honest other than a few games for Hearts a few seasons back.
  8. Planning on getting into some sort of fitness routine as a beer belly at 20 year old isn't a great look. Nothing mental, just something to tighten up the core and boost upper body strength.. Anyone able to point me in the direction of some good circuits/workouts that can be done at home?
  9. Got this face firmly engraved into the back of ma skull until the day die noo
  10. Wit a turn this has taken.. the battle of the ITKs Who's everyone got their money on?
  11. Delete this right fucking now. It's Friday, at least wait until Monday to tell us this.
  12. Government looking at the potential for stadiums to be opened to limited amounts of fans as of September 14th. Suppose being utterly fucking dung for the past 3 year has it's advantages, we might no miss any games.
  13. Need a signing the day so half the folk here can go back to writing off players without seeing them kick a baw for us.
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