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  1. Are you honestly suggesting that signing Scott Allan is comparable with signing Jaze Kabia?
  2. Always surprises me that there are some people still thinking that we have any form of draw for players two divisions higher than us.
  3. Can't think of East Fife without this video springing to mind
  4. That'll cause brain rot if you're no careful
  5. Many if not most acknowledged that we would be doing well to come away with a positive result.
  6. I'd be intrigued to see if we are able to get Lewis Neilson back until the end of the season. Played the full 90 in Dundee United's last outing but has barely at all before then. A longshot regardless, even more so with the seemingly imminent departure of Kerr Smith but he is a player I think has the ability to cover the right sided centre half role well.
  7. Could be considered likely at the end of the season depending the exact stipulations in his contract. I actually feel that he is alright at regaining possession but he is absolutely appalling in it which just didn't suit us at all under Sheerin. Perhaps under Rennie in what will seemingly be a more direct style of play he will suit it better although I would assume that his place is Gary Miller's to lose at the moment who put in a half decent shift at the weekend.
  8. Just because he is better than what we have got on paper doesn't mean it should be an automatic signing, it's a phrase that plenty throw about when the team is struggling near a transfer window but too many fail to consider the ability to play within the system that is being implemented/played at that time. Square pegs in round holes has been our issue for years. He hasn't been quick for a good few years now and with one of our main issues being balls over the top he isn't going to do much to help that. Add in his previous knee issues and his well documented hatred of plastic pitches I can't see this one going anywhere.
  9. Assuming that the three at the back is what Rennie intends to stick with for the remainder of the season then I don't want Mark Reynolds anywhere near it.
  10. Bloke on COYB claiming that Mark Reynolds may be coming to us. Along with us offering Goodwillie a 2.5 year deal, the failure of the deal being the amount of money due up front. Also saying that Holt met him in his house to discuss the move. 3 things I hope aren't true.
  11. Obviously a cracking result for us on Saturday but as people have mentioned previously most goals were scored down to errors in Dumbarton's defence. I think we'll struggle to come out of this with a positive result but fingers crossed.
  12. I'd bet on Dowds not being with us come the end of the window.
  13. Friday through to Monday seems like the weather is going to be cracking regardless of where you are. Next to no wind either which is always a plus.
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