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  1. How dare a man go and do what he wants with his spare time after work..
  2. Could have picked a better day to post this right enough, but what's actually happening with your ownership? Is the plan still to gift the ownership to your fans group or has that all gone to pot since the passing of Colin?
  3. Assuming there's still no danger of this being called off?
  4. Nah mate, he's just been released by another side in Scotland so it's shite, lazy, Houston-esque signing.
  5. Tony Gallacher starting for Liverpool tonight in the cup game. Anyone know of any clauses that would get us some money?
  6. What time are the Falkirk massive starting the pub crawl before the game then? Pub owners must be preparing for their biggest pay day in years.
  7. Just when dial up internet was taking off there was a bloke at my work who got caught watching porn. Sunday shifts, in on his own, none the wiser about the fact that you could look at the history of searches so he cracked on. He was never pulled up about it but everyone else in the office knows.
  8. So what you're saying is that you would like another Campbell situation where we are told that this is our guy but then he turns out not to be our guy?
  9. Is it that ridiculous of an idea to go out all guns blazing and get Levein? Recently let go from the Jambos so will no doubt be looking for work. Will have the squad fit and drilled in no time. Plenty of experience also! Whats not to like?
  10. John Hughes talked himself into the "running" of yet another job I see.. Fire back in his belly and aw that
  11. Hendry pretty much ran the midfield in both of our games against you at Starks, at least in large spells anyway. Shouldn't need to worry too much about us, we won't be taking advantage of any big injuries that you pick up.
  12. Passed the age for dressing now, will be handing out pickles to trick or treaters.
  13. Have you got a decent enough replacement for him if it is a long injury?
  14. Lot to take in here the day.. Now just need to make a decision on who's talking out their arse and who's no. I'll admit that I was one of the ones willing to welcome Mark Campbell with open arms when we originally heard about his takeover but seriously doubting it now, something has to have happened along the lines to cause this much of a delay and with Mark's constant "nearly there/final stages/a couple weeks away" pish that he is constantly spouting I've completely ran out of patience with it now. We're in an absolute nick on and off the pitch this season. I was willing to give McKinnon a chance this season to prove that he can organise a team to go out and win a game but that chance has come and passed now, only missed one game this season so far (Clyde, last weekend) and I am struggling to think of three games where we have gone out, dominated and entertained. I just go to games, stand either bored or pissed off for 90 minutes then go home. Even our fans are starting to get on ma tits now. We've seen Ray go from trying to shoehorn in all of his midfielders into a side to trying to shoehorn all his strikers in. Said it from the get go that we have got some good individual players in that squad, but it's the least balanced squad I've seen for a while. I'm not even entirely confident that we will go up straight away, unless we manage to bring in some real balance and quality in January which never seems to be possible. To top this all of if there is any truth in us needing to go part time next season is fucking brutal. Blasted through our money reserves within two seasons of constant appointments, sackings, terminations, the lot and all we've got to show for it is a broken, constantly disagreeing fanbase and a relegation.
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