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  1. How's this Mutch rumour started then? I thought he was shite and due dropping for months? Why would he be getting a move up the leagues?
  2. Not actually bought tickets for myself yet, seen it was standing though so assume they're doing it like Edinburgh tonight where it's just unsegregated. Been a bit put off by the train prices so unless I can somehow get a bus sorted I'll no be bothering. 75 quid before I've even got my foot in the stadium is mental.
  3. That's tickets on sale for the Cove game via their website if ye fancy it. £14 + a £54 train.
  4. Painted the lines as a wee wee boy once but never actually made it to a game.
  5. Spoke with a few boys from through Ayr who aw said Smiths bar, so that's where I'll likely head. Trains from Glasgow to Ayr aren't running at the moment so if you're going by train you'll need the train to Killie then change there to Ayr. Will take you about 2 hours.
  6. Fingers crossed the weather holds through to Saturday, always a good day away in Ayr. Anyone know of any decent beer gardens? Can't think of any off the top of my head.
  7. They were originally expecting to be playing their home games back at Meadowpark but the construction was delayed due to COVID so they're not expecting to be able to play there until Oct/Nov. Their games are still being played at Ainslie Park.
  8. Unfortunate, was looking forward to a trip to Meadowbank. Significantly easier to get to than Ainslie Park as well. Was going to ask how you're looking for this season but just seen your post a few above so I'll assume you're not too confident haha. You don't happen to know if the car park at Morrisons is time limited do you?
  9. When is it you're actually moving back to Meadowbank? Almost started making arrangements to get there after seeing the statement at the start of the season but noticed you're still out at Ainslie Park.
  10. aye it's a website/app http://app.fanbaseclub.com
  11. navy blue pound crippling ANOTHER club's website.
  12. Match programmes being punted today? Going to need something to pass the hour before kick off.
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