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  1. A couple from a wee walk up Beinn Dubh on Saturday morning, cracking couple of hours up in the hills. Still slightly annoyed I never left it a day later for much better visibility although I never exactly had it bad.
  2. Never thought I would see a horse go as low as 2/5 but there you go, just stuck him on half an hour ago luckily. Also got Dynamite Dollars at 8/1 E/W who is now 7/1
  3. £10 on Asterion Forlonge returning £35. £20 on Notebook returning £80. £5 E/W double on the above two returning £82. £5 on Asterion Forlonge and Fiddlerontheroof straight forecast returning £88. Hoping the conditions don't affect the races too much today with the course now heavy in places.
  4. yer kidding aren't you.. please tell me you're kidding.
  5. Harsh on Todd, think there's a player in there. Shown it in flashes but he's still not match fit imo.
  6. Fair play to the wee laddie at the back of the South Stand singing about Hearts going down whilst waving about a bag of ching. His maw must be proud.
  7. Not meant to rain at all today or tomorrow, pitch might me in an absolute nick but I'd imagine it will be on. Looking forward to heading down again, good day out earlier in the season and some decent football that day as well. Right in aboot the Custom House from early on.
  8. Not sure what your usual away crowds are like but fair play to the 220 odd that came down last night. Much more that I was expecting.
  9. You had one, just outside the box, right at the end. Expected a lot better from you in both those games. Thought you started relatively well but fizzled away around the 20/30th minute and never really offered much after that apart from the odd ball to the right side.
  10. How dare a man go and do what he wants with his spare time after work..
  11. Could have picked a better day to post this right enough, but what's actually happening with your ownership? Is the plan still to gift the ownership to your fans group or has that all gone to pot since the passing of Colin?
  12. Assuming there's still no danger of this being called off?
  13. Nah mate, he's just been released by another side in Scotland so it's shite, lazy, Houston-esque signing.
  14. Tony Gallacher starting for Liverpool tonight in the cup game. Anyone know of any clauses that would get us some money?
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