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  1. Speaking of the South Stand for Ayr, if anyone wants to punt me their ticket so a can get ma normal seat that would be grand.
  2. If you're looking for a striker Hates the fucking fifers Gary Oliver Somewhere in the box he's scoring Falkirk boys are roaring Gary Oliver
  3. Really hope Henderson can make this one on Saturday, not sure about yesterday but I know he didn't train on Monday. Has brought the height and length to our midfield that we have missed for a long long time and his competency on the ball is surprising me nearly weekly not that I thought he was totally incompetent before. Not sure if Max can offer the same in that role.
  4. Anywhere likely posting line-ups for the reserves game today?
  5. Re. Donaldson, >90th percentile in multiple crucial aspects. By far our best centre half.
  6. Today is the day we hear about the re-arranged date for the Pars game, can feel it deep down
  7. Exact same situation. 6 foot fuckin 4, spent near an hour on ma toes and still managed to miss our third and fourth.
  8. 14th March is/was being looked at as a potential date.
  9. I'd like to this he got that out of the road at Alloa
  10. Nah tbh it's defo worthwhile discussing the possibility of signing someone who was on 75k a week, not that that's the main issue.
  11. Nothing been posted for the game yet aye but Darvel kicked off at 6/1 against Montrose and 11/1 against Aberdeen
  12. Darvel probably be about 4 or 5/1. Speaking of 4/1 you can currently get us at that price to win the league on B365 who are paying 1/4 E/W two places.. So basically if we finish 2nd then you get your money back no harm done.
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