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  1. Think St Mirren will be calling on Jim's door if they go down.
  2. Good luck today. On holiday in Spain so can't make it. Big ask but positivity brings positive results
  3. If Jack goes to Sunderland, the Buddies fans will welcome Goodie back as manager as he is an absolute leg end there. If that happens then no Kirkie for us next season and other transfer moves will stall pending us getting a new manager in. Many of the available players will have sorted themselves out leaving us with the dregs nobody wants. Not great timing but then again..... By the way, whatever happened to the boy Grant. Has he been seen anywhere around the ground in recent times? I need a holiday. Far too much stress!!!!
  4. Just love it when the wee underdog beats the so called big team. Well done Livi
  5. Would be great to get him.........the ground needs a wee bit of painting and decorating..!!!! That's all he is good for imo...
  6. Massive congratulations to Livi. Best in League 1 by miles and kicked on this season. Fair play
  7. I think you are spot on Waspie. Promotion meant the youngsters were not going to get game time as the manager showed a great reluctance to give them starts even when the forwards were off form and weren't scoring. As LeodhasXD alluded to, Cunningham has been scoring for fun at Clydebank as he did in the Reserves but you don't know what he can do in the first team unless you give him a run of games. With promotion that has now become a missed opportunity. Like you I have severe doubts and misgivings over the point of our Youth academy if players don't see a pathway to the first team.
  8. Do you have enough money left on the bank overdraft to play next season? Plenty pubs in town around 10 minutes walk from the ground mate.
  9. Didn't see it but delighted with result. Anther crucial goal by Stewart. Big transfer window ahead
  10. Robbo's man but was drawn to the man on the ball but the ball alluded him and Carswell had time to tee up his shot. Great hit all the same.
  11. Thought we were still controlling it before Kirkie went off but then Smith didnt look as if he knew what the goals were for with 3 weak efforts. Dumbarton closed us down well but don' agree they have to come out a bit at home. They will set up the same way but their centre half is out so that should help us. Anyway it is still game on. Unfortunately I booked a holiday leaving Sunday as I thought final game was Saturday
  12. Kyle Hutton playing for Sons!!!! I had no idea. No wonder you are struggling with this big carthorse. Airdrie last season was a level too high for him. Mon the Wasps!!
  13. It's 4M we're talking about here - Mad Mental Mike Mulraney. He'll argue that the prices have remained the same for the last 3 years so getting hiked defo.
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