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  1. I think McCann’s enthusiasm for football possibly bubbled over today……. I’ll leave it at that.
  2. That is true, and I actually like Nicky Clark. He has scored some very important goals for the club since he came, and when he leaves, I will always believe he has been a good servant to United. Watt on the other hand has been great since he came in. It is not all about goals. He has had a number of class assists this season which have turned 1 point into 3 on more than one occasion, and anyone who is judging him just by goals scored is not looking at the bigger picture. This is not making pish excuses for a lower than expected goal scoring tally. Like all teams we have had our fair share of dross January signings. Watt is absolutely not one of them, and overall performance and results are noticeably poorer when he is not on the pitch.
  3. Just been fleeced 20 fucking quid to watch 22 guys skating about like Bambie on ice on a fucking plastic pitch. Robbing b*****ds!!!!!
  4. Looks like both sides of the street had a good day today. Enjoy your night. I have….
  5. I wasn’t there today so not sure if this issue was addressed today. Have noted the conspicuous complete absence of the Tam Courts’ Tangerine Army chant so far this season. If this is not ringing out of Tannadice at 3pm next Saturday, we should all have a right fucking good look at ourselves…..
  6. Now it’s your turn to repay the favour by pumping the Dees. Get it done…..
  7. Hibs to be awarded a penalty in the first minute due to the opposition having the cheek to turn up. After that Hibs coast to a routine 2-1, with a late United equaliser chalked off for Offside, despite Levitt beating the keeper with a long range effort from 3 yards inside his own half....
  8. Just what I was thinking too. We’ve had more added to that board in the last few months than we have had in the last 5 years or so…. Can only be a good thing for United.
  9. Great to see Niskanen get back on the pitch for Finland tonight, despite the result. ETA - Delighted with the Scotland result as well.
  10. Just for the avoidance of doubt and before I get my legal team involved, I just want to confirm that it is our good pal Fifespud to whom you are referring above as opposed to my good self???
  11. Still quite stunned that we managed to keep out such devastating firepower tbh…..
  12. Bump. Like a fine wine, this is definitely one of those posts that just gets better and better with age…..
  13. I think given the standards now being set, we should be looking at 4 points from the next 3 games as a decent prospect, but also, agree, if we take less than that, we should still be very happy with the start we have made to the season. I am for the first time since coming back up, daring to look up the league as opposed to down. Cue 3 pumpings to bring me right back down to Earth, such is the life of an Arab.
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