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  1. G Man hoping for a United win. Wonders will never fucking cease. 😆
  2. Sorry mate, that’s the way it works. Pumped again I fear* * I don’t fear.
  3. Agreed; I thought Alloa played some very decent football today tbh.
  4. Better than the mob they had at Arbroath dressed as footballers I would imagine.😎
  5. Aye, but with a significantly better chance of not being Still Doon next season than you lot. Just getting some practice in.
  6. Hi Dees, Just popped in to let you know that you are fucking pish. (As if you didna ken already) 😗 That’s all. (Actually that’s not all - Stay Doon!!!!!!!!)
  7. Me too. Enough chances to win 3 games, and just some very decent keeping and somewhat less than clinical finishing away from a far more comfortable win. Not complaining about Shankland not playing, but can’t help but feeling that given the number of balls into the box that we were allowed to put in, Shanks would have scored a barrowload today. Quick question to Alloa fans. The amount of space our wide players had today was fucking ridiculous. You were constantly inviting us to play out wide, where we tend to be quite dangerous. Is this your usual style? ETA - Hats off to Nicky Clark. Yet another goal today. His goal to game tally must not be too far behind Shankland surely. EATA - It is.
  8. Hi Dees, Good luck today; actually hoping you manage to scrape a point out of this. I’d hate for Mcpake to get the bullet before the 27th.
  9. Whilst not good that Pawlett is injured again, to be fair, I think we have been far better playing a system where we are not trying to shoehorn him in. Fully agree that we should start Shanks if fit, and hopefully get comfortable early, and take him off as soon as is necessary. Have missed the football over the past couple of weeks, and hopefully the break does not stop our momentum. Looking forward to what I hope will be a good and dominant display tomorrow, and 3 points closer to the title.
  10. A bit negative for me too tbh. That what comes out of the last few years I suppose. Get that we might be a bit off match pace, but with a fully fit squad, on a decent surface and at home, we should get the result we need, regardless of how (un)comfortable it may or may not be. Sticking by my 2-0 prediction, and it definitely is not going to come back and bite me in the arse.
  11. Thought I read somewhere that if he keeps Alloa out for 83 minutes that would break Hamish's league record. That being said, the win is that matters tbf.
  12. f**k it.... I’ll do it then. Looking forward to this one. Same team as QOS - Stanton + Shankland. (No offence to Stanton who played well last time out, just Shankland too good to leave out, and he hasn’t gone a league game at Tannadice this season with out scoring, so hoping he can keep this up). I’m going 2-0 United, (Shankland and Clark), Siegrist beating Hamish’s record and a crowd of 8000 for this one. ’mon the Terrors
  13. I’ve done that. Took 60 seconds. My daughter and I will be away, so have no chance of making the game. When I saw how quick we were selling out, I put a quick call to the ticket office this afternoon to let them know we wouldn’t be there, and asked if they could open out our seats and sell them on. They took the details and said they could do that no problem. Would rather the club got the extra cash and someone was in our seats cheering the team on than them being empty.
  14. After the last 2 Derbies, and given the Dees current abject form in the league, they might only need 1 stand, and we can get the other P2BAA .😎
  15. Fair enough; not possible to buy a ticket for either online though. Only option is The Shed.
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