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  1. Surprising lack of activity on this thread.... Did we win?
  2. Am seeing on BBC that there is talk of live streaming (for ST holders) of closed doors games being floated as an idea to allow games to be played and the season concluded. Assume Arabzonne could do this under the circumstances. Think this was for the English Football League but assume this may apply up here too. Guess a real issue is on loss of match day revenue such as hospitality and other ticket sales.
  3. Did you not read the rest of my post or did you just choose the bit that suits your argument? Straight out of Dele's playbook I'm afraid. Agreed it hasn't been good enough recently, but some people need to just settle down a bit. Let's try to get promoted first, then we can look to deal with next season's problems.... next season.
  4. This..... Yes, things have been turgid since Christmas, (Thistle away aside), but to tar the whole season with this brush is a bit much; I’ve had some brilliant days at Tannadice this season. 6-2 (again) 6-0 against Morton, 4-0 against Ayr, 4-1 against Caley etc have all been joyous affairs, as well as the knowledge that we have been top since day 1 of the season, and now are pretty much uncatchable, given the other teams’ inability to put a run together. Yes we have been pish recently, and I am very much in the camp of why Pawlett?... again?, and also am utterly bemused as to Stanton’s departure as feel he was a really useful member of the squad, however assume that Robbie has a better insight into this than me. The last thing to remember is that sometimes it is not all just a question of our pishness; every team that comes to Tannadice is up for a scrap, and all have something to fight for (the bottom 3 for survival and the 6 above for 3 playoff spots), so they have a big part to play in the final outcome of games too. I am as keen as the next Arab do just get this done and fucking dusted, and am as perplexed as anyone as to why we have stopped winning games, however, am very happy with the fact that we are in a far better position then we have been in the last 3 seasons, and I’ll take that all day long.
  5. TBF... After the last 4 years, i’d bite your hand off for that right now!!!
  6. Thanks Waspies... As United are clearly fucking incapable of finishing the job in timely fashion ourselves, its affy nice of you to lend us a wee helping hand. Great result today, and given other results, you must be well chuffed.
  7. If we need to pump Dundee in order to win the title, something has gone very wrong.... Given the choice, I would take winning the league as a result of Caley dropping points over this option any day of the week.
  8. A good one I remember was during the second 2-2 derby the year we went down. The Dees were 2-0 up at half time, and this roaster at the back of the George Fox ran all the way down to the front and launched his scarf at the pitch. It got caught in the wind and didn’t even get close to the touch line. He looked around and when he saw that no one was impressed with his passion he stormed out....... ....... only to return before the second half kicked off and to the laughter of all around meekly asked a steward if he could have his scarf back. He had the decency to look pretty embarrassed to be fair.😁 I guess I have to use this thread to acknowledge my own alcohol and Jagfox induced meltdown following our 5-0 pumping from Ayr. Pretty cringeworthy.😬
  9. I’d be fucking raging if it happened to one of ours.... and am actually disproportionally outraged at this decision, considering it has f**k all to do with United; possibly it is as a result of the display of the sheer fucking ineptitude of the SFA disciplinary process here. Also, whilst it was in a far more important match, I still haven’t gotten over the injustice dished out to the Ginger Ninja in that first playoff final against Hamilton.... And his got overturned! ETA - Every time Keatings goes down tonight, I will be screaming that it is a dive!!!😉
  10. I’ve signed it...... I think it was a shocking initial decision, made infinitely worse by the fact that they didn’t overturn it. It’ll do f**k all good tbf, but would be good if fans across the spectrum of Scottish football showed a bit of solidarity in signing this and asking - what the f**k????
  11. Simon Murray got his 2nd yellow for diving overturned, (within 24 hours) in the first leg of the playoff final against Hamilton that first season down here, allowing him to play in the 2nd leg. (Not that it did us much good tbf). Was never a dive then, and Keating’s case was just as clear that he was fouled. Not that it would do any fucking good, but some form of online petition that all fans of Scottish football can get behind might be an option. I’d be delighted to sign it. That sort of decision can’t be allowed to go unchallenged - How anyone who has seen the footage thinks that is a dive is fucking beyond me......
  12. Hopefully Toshers is still just as into his Chinese takeaways as a Caley player as he was with us....
  13. That's a fucking disgraceful decision. Thel second yellow was bad enough, but to not overturn he original error is appalling. Never a dive in a million years....
  14. Some peoples’ arms are longer than others........
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