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  1. Dundee FC 19/20 Season

    Performed his duties beyond our wildest expectations!!!! Fucking legend, and steward's enquiry to be demanded if he is not inducted into the Hall of Fame fucking pronto!!!
  2. Icey Tea v DUFC

    Good and fair post. As for the handball. Sometimes you get these decisions and it works out for you......
  3. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Yip. Just need Saints and Accies to stay neck and neck for the remainder of the season in order that they will be pushing to the max to try to avoid that playoffs, which will hopefully take a toll on the squad that ends up there, which will help us should we manage to shitfest out way into the final. At least we can take solace from the likelihood that should we fail to go up, those c***s next door will be down to join us next season. Also relieved that the nightmare scenario of a potential derby playoff final now looks pretty fucking unlikely now...... Off to the Dees thread now to revel in some quality misery porn.....
  4. Icey Tea v DUFC

    Can we just call it off and take a point each lads...... Save us all the bother.......
  5. Dundee United 2018/2019

    A point suits both us and Caley tomorrow. Gets us second and secures playoffs for them. Given that they have an uncanny knack of drawing their games, coupled with the fact that we are not very good, I'd stick a wedge on the draw all day long. Now I hope that we can use some top drawer sports science to manage our squad perfectly over the remaining 3 games to ensure maximum impact from the squad, with the perfect balance of being decently rested whilst maintaining match fitness and clinical levels of sharpness. I still think we're fucked......
  6. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Just a wee taster... Coming to a thread near you in few weeks time Biggie....
  7. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Belief is a fucking dangerous thing, right up there with hope and desperation. Nope, I have resigned myself to agonising defeat in the playoffs. Anything else is a bonus......
  8. The Alloa Athletic Thread

    Just popped in to say well done Waspies.... fucking well impressed. Great result again today (against a team that horsed us at Tannadice 2 weeks ago - you've shown us how it sould be done) and, despite the fact that I never liked Goodwin as a player, regardless of what happens over the next few weeks, he deserves nothing less than the freedom of Alloa for life. On any other season with the points total you have already accumulated, you'd be safe already. I have no doubt you'll be in the Championship next year. Just a few points from safety....
  9. A few opinions from me: Great, not only to finally score against Ayr, but to beat them as well, effectively securing second place, and will allow us better squad preparation for the play offs. First half we were fucking appalling, and even simple passes seemed too much for us. (Looking at Harkes in particular here). Was surprised to see Sow start in such an important game, however given the final outcome and the impact that Pav and Clark had coming on against a tiring Ayr side, will give Robbie the benefit of the doubt. Had the result not been in our favour, people could quite rightly get ripped into Robbie fo an appalling tactical misjudgement. Goes to show how much everything depends not he final score. You can see he danger Sowcan pose and it has been a long time since we have had a bully like him up top. He showed some great touches and won quite a bit with his physicality, but is a yard short on pace and touch, which perhaps Robbie is trying to hone for the playoffs. If we can keep him injury free, and get him fully fit and functional, he could be huge for us in the playoffs. I though Mcmullan was immense again yesterday, and he drew bookings from 3 out of 4 of Ayrs backline with his pace and trickery. That being said, decision making and delay of the pass is still frustrating, and had he not scored when he did, he could quite justifiably be criticised for taking on the shot rather than squaring the ball. Again he didn’t stop running and harrying the whole game, and really feel he has flourished under Robbie, probable more than any other. Agian, I was really impressed with Ayr’s energy and endeavour, particularly in the first half, but you could tell the toll that the their recent fixture pileup has taken on their squad. I am frustrated that having taken the lead against a team that were out on their feet, rather than go for the kill, we went back to shitfest mode to see out the game, and found ourselves defending a corner in injury time, when anything can happen (and usually does). It’s funny (as always) reading all the different opinions post match, and their constant reminders from Honest Men on here that of your record against us this season, as if we need reminding. To them I say don’t be bitter having lost tonight: you can take solace from the fact that our inability to take anything from you other 3 games this season has been instrumental in our failure to secure automatic promotion.
  10. Dundee FC 19/20 Season

    Better get used to it mate.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    This was exactly us the year we went down. Often went ahead, missed multiple chances to kill the game, before losing a goal then our arse collapsing and losing another and ultimately the game. You are not out of touch with The Maureens yet, but I reckon the best you can hope for is the playoffs, which may well be against us, which I imagine is the outcome none of us want. Shite isn't it?
  12. Nope. We're winning this game. Just going to do enough to make our inevitable arse collapse, at home against a fucking knackered Ayr team the following Friday all the more painful.
  13. Dundee FC 19/20 Season

    He sure has. He was doing such a good job at the start he nearly blew his cover, so chose to win a few games to alleviate suspicion, before reverting back to plan A.* Sum Boi. * Operation f**k The Dees Right Over. P. S. Don't tell anyone.....
  14. Dundee FC 19/20 Season

    Welcome. Not sure if the Mods will allow this one to stay so we should enjoy it while it lasts.... An extra Dee thread is always welcome. More sheer misery porn for us all to enjoy.
  15. Looking forward to seeing a really really really physical Highland Derby tonight!!!