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  1. This is either a Dee who is taking the pish, or an Arab who is clearly and justifiably pished, and a combination of alcohol and grief has resulted in a momentary loss of his mind... The welcome home bit is fine for me, but the rest can get in the fucking sea......
  2. Great point and well made sir..... Of course, it is the general consensus amongst all Arabs that Robertson, Gauld, Armstrong, GMS, Cifti, and Russell to name but a few from recent years were all indeed shite,,,, Like I said, Mcmullan was indeed decent for us last year, but this year has not shown the same flair at a higher level, and barely kicked a ball for us. Anyway, do enjoy your night at our expense, I’m fairly sure that our turn for a laugh will come over the next week or 2.
  3. Oh alright, I’ll bite, Your decent wee winger was decent enough for us too when we were in the Championship. if you lot manage to shitfest your way into the big league, you may view you decent wee winger in a slightly different light. That’s a big if mind.... Enjoy the playoffs, I might peek in myself from time to time to see how you are getting on. Cheers.
  4. Yeah well done.. someone already found him. Best of luck in your semi next week......
  5. Hibs were better than us...end of. No complaints, we needed Hibs to have an off day today and/or a bit of luck, neither of which happened. Despite us not scoring anyway, the offside goal does have an impact on the dynamic of the game but these things happen in football, so just need to suck it up. Thought things were looking encouraging right up to the first goal... What Smith was doing with the attempted clearance is anybody’s guess, but a cracking finish from Nisbet, as was Doidge’s.... play to the whistle and all that. On the upside for United, I thought Deniz was decent, which is important as Benji will likely be away in the summer, and we weren’t embarrassed today, despite never really looking like winning. Fair fucks to Hibs, don’t care who wins the final, just glad it won’t be either of the Gruesome Twosome. As for us... some work to be done on the summer.... as for now, ehm awa tae feenish getting pished!!!!
  6. Yeah, I’ve been getting increasingly nervous as the week has gone on. But nervous in a good way, at the opportunity I’d hate to see pass us by. That being said, I’m telling myself that at least I am not nervous in the same way as Killie, County and Accies fans will be at the moment for their next games so need to be greatful for for that. I’d be properly shitting it just now we were in their shoes. Before a ball was kicked this season, if someone had offered me a semi final in the SC against Hibs with neither cheek in the other semi, and guaranteed leave safety with 4 games to go I’d have bitten their arm of for it. Can’t wait.... P2BAA
  7. Mentioned on another thread but I think we still need to start as strong a team as possible (barring anyone with niggles), in order to keep the team due to play next week match sharp. I would also be interested to see if last Sunday was not just a fluke and we have actually have clicked a bit as well. That being said, I think we should use all subbies regardless of the score to give the younger lads some game time at least. There will still be 2 meaningless games after the semi to play more youth if need be.
  8. Wasn’t just the pens iirc. He was fucking superb in the 120 mins previous as well. A couple of 1 on 1 saves as well as another few superb stops. We just couldn’t get past the fucker..... His fucking enormous girth was helpful in this regard granted, but he just so happened to be on great form that day as well.... Agree better going out then than getting pumped by Sevco in the final tbf, and was glad Hibs went on to win it. Hopefully our turn this year......
  9. I agree with this 100% Needs to be the right balance between keeping the best team match sharp and not risking any unnecessary injuries. As next weekend is on the grass at Tannadice against County, I see no real reason not to play the best team for a good chunk of the game and make sure we use all 5 stubbies to get some of the younger lads some game time.
  10. To be fair, it’s not a case of what games will be on cooncil telly, it’s more about just when they will be on. Absolute stick on you have Hibs v Well and Killie v Maureens to look forward to next weekend. I’m sure they will all be thrashing out the details over bacon rolls, pastries and coffee first thing tomorrow morning.
  11. Across the 90 minutes (including the first 45) United were by far the better team. The stats and whatever highlights they can find from the game will show this, including dominance of possession, and a number of decent saves, the woodwork, and some excellent last gasp defending from Forfar, stoppping the game being more comfortable for United. There is a big difference between performing above expectations, and being by far the better team, even though clearly United performed markedly below expectations. I’d have thought that Richard (with his vast experience of the game) would have been able to understand this difference, but as many on social media have pointed out, clearly he has not gotten over his team’s cup exit at United!s hands in the last round, and this is perhaps clouding his opinions somewhat, leading to him spouting shite. Again.
  12. Agreed. Whilst I think it was a fucking daft thing to say live on TV, I reckon we don’t need to get out the flaming torches and pitchforks for this one. That being said, I am getting a bit tired of how much airtime Foster is getting all over the BBC in order to talk about how shite United were against His team, and how unjust it was that we went through instead of them. It could give the impression to some who are actively looking to take offence, of a sense of bitterness leading to his stupid statement about Benji. I don’t think it was meant in a nasty way at all, but he could definitely have put it better. It doesn’t help that that Benji’s injury does look quite serious.
  13. Pressley making a fucking tit of himself as usual..... Walloper.
  14. Would be great a season when we could attend but would be happy enough. As much as we've played Utd in friendlies I don't think we've played a competitive game since 1987 when we game you more problems than Barcelona. Although my memory is terrible so I might be missing a game. Not counting Forfarshire Cup as a competitive fixture I remember that, last minute United equaliser to take it to a replay.... I was 9 at the time and still remember crying my eyes out in the final that year..... then same again a few days later.
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