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  1. As a wee laddie growing up in Glasgow in the erly 80s, having never set foot in Dundee before, I started supporting United because of the team Jim built, and the football they played....... Nothing I can write here can do justice to the man, so let’s leave it at RIP Jim, a true legend, and thank you. Thoughts and love from the whole clan MaCArab to the McLean family.
  2. Merry Christmas to all Arabs everywhere. Hope you can all celebrate as best as you can, and let’s hope 2021 is a fuckload better than 2020. P2BAA
  3. Now that Smith is back fit, I can’t understand for the life of me why we play 5 at the back, especially against the likes of Accies. Smith and Robson with any combination of 2 out of the Bombscare 3 at CH suits fine, keeping Bolton further upfield where he is far more effective. We absolutely need to get more service to the strikers, especially at home against anyone but the top 4. Agree that had Hamilton not scored today, in all likelihood, they would have left with a point, and MM would have been OK with that..... Another point closer to not getting relegated, which is his one and only objective for this season. I thought McNulty looked really decent at times today, just not on the same wavelength as others, but hopefully that may come. I also think there is def a player in Fuchs, and he just needs more game time to adapt. Mental that we only started playing any form of vaguely decent football When we went behind. I think that had we started with the formation we finished with, we would have won far more comfortably. Hats of to Nicky Clark again. Showed some real composure for both finishes today. Also agree with others... Is this shite to watch? Yes! However, At the start of the season, If someone had offered me United having 20 points after 15 games, clear in 5th and 13 off bottom, and the Dees languishing in 7th (seventh) in the Championship.. I’d have bitten their arm off for it. A bunch of happy Arabs in our house tonight!!!!
  4. Bloody hell, we are fucking rancid to watch. Got a point away from home.....(Our relentless march to mid table mediocrity continues). Others didn’t tonight. The mist blocked out most of the second half..... That’s about as positive as I can get. (My poor eyes)
  5. Like you, I bought my ticket with no realistic expectation of getting into Tannadice this season, and given the shite year this has been (Even with some of the performances this season), I have still enjoyed being able to watch United, home and away every week. As such, I will buy my ticket for myself and my daughter as usual next year regardless of whether I see a game live or not this season. That being said, I have a solid job which has been unaffected by Covid, and I appreciate that is not the same for everyone, but I would like to hope that the majority of fans who are committed enough to buy a season ticket every year, will not take advantage of this clause, if they can afford to buy their ticket next year.
  6. Yup. Risk averse football might be the way to go, and 6th place after 12 games is pretty good...but it's a tough watch and feels like an awful waste of Lawrence Shankland Tough watch is as kind as it could possibly be put. Utterly brutal, anti-football, shiftfestyourwaytapoint is my description of the past few games. Without a decent goalie, that doesn’t work, thank f**k for Benji. I agree with others, 2 points from the last 6 is not too bad, and I have been on here for the past few years dreaming about Premiership mid-table mediocrity, but fucking hell, this has been brutal to watch over the past few weeks. What I don’t understand is that we played some really decent stuff early on in the season... What has changed?
  7. I know that you are dangling the hook Tam, but I think it’s fair to say that in order for any striker, prolific or not, to score goals, he needs to have some semblance of service somewhere within 30 yards of the goal, and a midfield that has any other gear except reverse. We need to get Shankland on the ball in the box, and if we do, he will score. We were totally overrun in midfield today, and well before half time, looked like a team just looking to escape Perth with a valuable point, which is a shame, as we have shown we can play some decent football at times this season., and i would have liked to have seen a bit of effort in attack, rather than the utterly toothless display we showed today. Hoping our new Cameroonian Galactico can shake things up a bit, and get some creativity from midfield, as that was fucking dreadful to watch from an Arabian Perspective today.....
  8. That was fucking brutally, eye bleedingly bad from United. I get that it is all about getting points but that was fucking pathetic. To not register a shot at goal (never mind on target) in 80 I minutes is fucking woeful. Happy enough with the point, but fucking hell, have a go at least. Whenever our midfield pick up a loose ball their first though is always to go backwards..... Always.
  9. It’s all about results. In retrospect, pish performance today, but decent backs’ to the wall point against a clearly better team. We were far better 4-4-2 IMO, and if Smith gets back to full fitness soon, we can get back to using Bolton where he looks far more effective. Midfield is powderpuff, and am looking forward to seeing the Fuchs’ Effect* At the start of the season, if someone offered me anywhere in the top 6 after the first round of games, I’d have bitten their arm off for it. P2BAA * If he is fucking garbage, thIs phrase has nothing to do with MacArab
  10. Yeah, Wright was gilty of missing a couple of sitters..... Sorry. I’ll get my coat.....
  11. United serving up what has become customary garbage so far. Aberdeen fucking streets ahead in terms of quality; thank f**k for Benji Was a stick on penalty as well!! Sometimes you get away with one. I’d love to say that things can only get better second half, but I’m not convinced tbh. Unless this is the case, if we take anything from this game it’ll be daylight robbery. Not sure that bringing on McNulty will make any difference either, as we are being so badly and deeply bodied in the midfield, our strikers aren’t getting a sniff....
  12. The thing that surprised me most about tonight’s game was not in fact that there were 8 outstanding goals in it, but that Sow lasted a whole 49 minutes. That’s more than he did for us. If he is true to form, you Dees might get another 20 minutes out of him sometime just after Christmas. I am sure that this has been mentioned on other threads, but why the f**k you signed him after you saw everything that he didn’t do for us is absolutely beyond me.
  13. Fantastic game of football to kick off the championship season; with some great flowing football and some fantastic goals. Really enjoyed that, well done to both teams; superb Friday night entertainment from a neutral point of view.!!
  14. You are the master of understatement. I thought your team were excellent today, and we were not even close to being as good as crap. Like our game against Livi, the only team that played any decent football today were not wearing Tangerine & Black. For the (few) players, given a start today looking to stake a claim for a start against Aberdeen; how do you think it went? Fair play to the Blue Toon. Beautifully taken goal, which was well deserved based on balance of play, and as I mentioned in my post, we were lucky not to lose by more... Just pissed off that they eventually got the stream working as I ended up wasting 70 minutes of my life watching that turgid shite, when I could have been painting a fence or something. Betfred is as good as fucked imo, and we need to hope our new boys bring something special in the weeks ahead, and focus on staying mid table, which is about as good as we could possibly hope for this season I think.
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