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  1. I did indeed, not quite in the way I was after but a win is a win.
  2. Some of you fuckers are really addicted to misery eh
  3. While admittedly we've been far from great in basically every game other than Dumbarton, I don't think it is as bad as some of you are making it out to be. I think we have been relatively unlucky in-front of goal recently. We are getting the shots on goal (27 on target so far, one of the highest in the whole of Scotland, although admittedly I'm not sure how many of these came from one game), we just aren't converting them. Two games on the bounce where we have had the goalkeeper of Clyde and Airdrie feature in SPFL's Team of the Week. That's not going to happen every week is it? Width from wingers is required and I hope we see it soon because Dixon and Doyle going forward are hopeless, but I think there has been a pretty big overreaction on every platform available.
  4. Thank you for making me aware of this. The plans are in place. It also falls on my birthday, so it has potential to be one of my better ones.
  5. We've clearly sat back and let the like of Stranraer, Berwick and Ayr attack us for the full 90 hoping for a lucky break.
  6. Thought your number 23 done quite well last night, could have a bit about him. What position does that big lanky number 2 play? Seemed to run about like a headless chicken for the majority of the game just trying to make his presence felt which he did eventually do by poleaxing one of our players. The wee bald centre half Hammill(?) looks like the kind of bloke that wouldn't be able to stop himself rolling if he started. So so round. Keeper seemed pretty decent too, few good saves.
  7. Always thought McManus was a bit of a c**t, at least he'll be a c**t for us now. Was hoping on Saturday that we would get someone nippy so we have something different up top and this is exactly the kind of player that I was thinking. A really good signing if it is true.
  8. Something to do with the letter of no confidence that the Herald reported on you reckon?
  9. Think you're onto something here.. Was starting to think the same, with a name like BendtnerBairn I would guess he's about 15-17
  10. Just seen some balloon on that Facebook page suggesting that we boycott purchasing season tickets if the current board members are still in place at the start of next season no matter the division. What's everyone's thoughts on that?
  11. Almost that time again, weather is actually looking surprisingly good.. Anyone heading through for it? Eyeing up a Nube Negra and Beware the Bear double at the moment. Possibly a punt on Brain Power at 14/1. Anyone else got horses picked out yet?
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