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  1. I came here to post the same link. Incredible to see how much work goes into everything.
  2. Which one of the regularly banned fuckwits is this then?
  3. We all knew it was happening and it still shocks us. What a pop.
  4. Even free ice cream bars. What a time to be alive.
  5. Wouldn't be surprised to hear Cult of Personality, then MJF comes out under a hood or something like that.
  6. This is fucking awesome. One of the coolest crowd moments I've ever seen in Wrestling.
  7. Jesus fucking christ that suplex on to the skateboard trucks. No need.
  8. Hopefully Christian wins on Friday to make people think he has even a slight chance of winning at All Out.
  9. The idea is to suspend disbelief and make it as realistic as possible. WWE have severely watered that down over the past 30 years.
  10. In reality though, getting hit in the face usually results in blood being spilled. I can't think of an MMA fight in which there has been no blood drawn.
  11. Surely AEW have to be thinking about some sort of developmental territory or promotion?
  12. Was Flair not due to unveil the AEW championship with Jack Whitehall? I think he had to pull out and ended up being replaced by Bret Hart. Who would've seen any of this coming a few years ago? This is a fucking tremendous time to be a wrestling fan. Vince can laugh all he wants, AEW really are direct competition and despite some of the goofyness, they are providing a product catered more to the adult fans that have been lost throughout the PG era. An episode of Dynamite flies by. The same can't be said for Raw, even Smackdown can drag. It'll be interesting to see how AEW manage their roster size over the coming years. Even with Dark and Dark Elevation, they have a hell of a lot of signed wrestlers and not a lot of screen time.
  13. They still never had a DQ. They had double countouts and pinfalls but no disqualifications
  14. Yeah, seems like a bit of a daft giveaway. If they had him appear after tonight's title defence, the crowd would've lost their shit
  15. Expected a DQ to eliminate Omega. Still hasn't been a single one in AEW, although a lot of the matches seem to have no rules/shit refs
  16. https://watchwrestling.in/watch-aew-fight-for-the-fallen-dynamite-7-28-21/
  17. Well, this just got interesting.
  18. https://influencersgonewild.com/paige-vanzant-nude-bikini-nip-slip-onlyfans-video-leaked/ PVZ trying out new career paths...
  19. This podcast is surprisingly good.
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