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  1. 99% sure it's a Russo fan trying to make Cornette look bad, as he was successful in doing until Cornette addressed him.
  2. This never gets old. Have watched it about 100 times over the years and still laugh every time
  3. No idea, but holy f**k is he in great shape. Wonder if he's been hitting the gas now he isn't subject to any wellness policy.
  4. If Cena is out I could see them going with Goldberg.
  5. The reaction that debut just got makes it even fucking sadder that Brodie Lee didn't get his ovation
  6. Woah. Malachi Black (Aleister Black) just dropped both Arn Anderson and Cody. Are his 90 days up?!
  7. Jericho says to MJF he'll accept any stipulation, including pumping MJF's maw... again. Tremendous.
  8. A fan just ran into the ring and Jericho decked him
  9. QT getting the jobber entrance for the opening match was quite funny. So, so glad to have crowds back. I just hope things haven't been rushed and the people who attend are all safe and responsible.
  10. Hope he gets fired. Beyond a joke now.
  11. Now that's a proper exciting fight for Craig. He deserves it for his recent form.
  12. This is Pie and Bovril, not some Old Firm dating site.
  13. The music added to this is shite but it's still better than American commentary, Looks to be a bit like Adam Rooney, but more mobile. Good to see the club looking further afield than the English lower leagues and spending a bit of money too.
  14. Does this mean that the Forbidden Door is actually Tony Khan's back passage?
  15. Is this the start of a hipster civil war?
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