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  1. That'll be Andrade's new manager confirmed then
  2. Next week is going to be fucking epic.
  3. They must've said "shit" 50 times already tonight.
  4. That turned into a fairly decent segment, the "i'm a fat faced dipshit" stuff aside.
  5. Well, Cody is back. Meh. Could swear a fan hit Black when they went through the barrier
  6. This crowd has been great so far. It's been a while since we've had such loud "shut the f**k up" chants on live TV.
  7. Great opener. Kazarian is so underrated.
  8. Are there any top guys in AEW that Cage should be beating? I'd say no. He's slow, clumsy and has regular botches. Almost seems like a case of somebody being too big to control themselves properly. Then you factor in his lack of charisma. AEW would do well to cut ties with him before he and his mrs cause more trouble.
  9. They handled Caster's return about as well as they could have. Hope the Acclaimed get worked into the title picture at some point.
  10. Have watched this series about 5 times. My favourite TV show of all time, it is fantastic and has aged incredibly well. Finished the audiobook a few days ago. It adds a fair bit of missed detail and is a very good listen/read. There is an abridged version also but I'd recommend the 13hr one. The Pacific is also superb, for anyone who hasn't watched it, it's worth going out of your way to see.
  11. Pretty shit double standard of AEW to allow that after the shitstorm with Max Caster. MJF's promo was worse by a distance... It was tremendous.
  12. Same here. I pretty much completely fell out of love with WWE. Raw feels like it lasts a year, Dynamite flies by every week. WWE rushed Brock back at Summerslam to try and counter the Punk hype. What do they do this week?
  13. Pretty good chance that Dynamite will draw more viewers than Raw this week now. What a fucking show that was. People who don't watch wrestling really don't know what they're missing out on. What a time to be a fan. AEW are absolutely killing it.
  14. Absolute fucking scenes. Don't think we'll ever see two debuts like that at the same time again.
  15. The amount of utter, utter c***s trying to use the situation for likes and retweets last night was fucking disgusting.
  16. It'll be on watchwrestling.in within minutes of finishing. You can also watch it live there.
  17. Billy Gunn turning heel on the Big Show? Did I wake up in 1999?!
  18. Starting to get a wee bit concerned about NXT.
  19. That game was the one and only time I've left early. Was due to go on a trip round the upper West Coast with my mates directly after the game, and after the fourth goal went in we all just left. Even McInnes' biggest supporters started to have doubts after that performance.
  20. Apparently they were going to do Moxley v Tanahashi but Tanahashi has Covid
  21. Kinda bored by Dong Phallus and Omega now. The constant interruption of interview segments is poor.
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