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  1. "Soft loans", Whatever they are. They'll probably have another share issue and shaft the fans again. For £1k, you will be sent a signed piece of David Murray's tin leg, etc.
  2. Just saw this belter on HunMedia - That's where McInnes' comes in ...I don't think he'd do it, but if he comes out and says he wants to go as Rangers are his team and the Ibrox job is his dream job and he'd find it difficult to give Aberdeen the attention and time they deserve in light of that then I reckon that 800k could drop dramatically. That could literally happen as Aberdeen would be against the wall on it and would rather take a few hundred grand than an unhappy manager, team morale effected etc. But again, he probably has too much respect for Aberdeen and he strikes me as a professional. Would be good if that happened - in years gone by I wouldn't have condoned that as it would be sneaky and immoral but after what Scotland and Scottish football has done to us since 2012, I'd f**k anyone of them over any way I could. This would be perfect. Poor c*nts are so hard done by, eh?
  3. I get that there have been plenty zoomers on here previously claiming to be in the know, etc, but i am genuinely good friends with a member of the board and talk to him regularly. The view of the directors is that McInnes is content at Pittodrie, and whilst managing Rangers might be a career ambition for him, he has no interest in joining them in their current state. He is said to be quite pissed off at the way Rangers have conducted themselves and the media over the past few weeks also.
  4. I've spoken to someone on the board and can confirm that is pish.
  5. Source says that they asked for permission to speak to McInnes but AFC not allowing any talks without compensation being agreed prior, and the belief is that Rangers cannot afford the compensation. Source says that the only way the move will happen is if DM resigns, but also says DM is genuinely upset at the events of the past couple of weeks and cannot see it happening.
  6. It wouldn't have killed it, but it would surely have calmed it down. If he's as much of an Aberdeen man as he claims, if he truly sees his future with us, he should have and would have said he wasn't interested.
  7. Indefinite period until successor chosen. Tommy Wright was preferred choice but his overall performance this season has put them off. Michael O'Neill mentioned but expected that he will take the Scotland Job. Strachan is an absolute non-starter.
  8. Someone on the big table at the club. Won't name them to protect them.
  9. I have it on VERY good authority that if Derek goes, Paul Sheerin will be given the role as caretaker on an indefinite period.
  10. McInnes could've killed the Sevco shit months ago by simply saying he wasn't interested. Instead, he has poured petrol on the flames on a consistent basis. For me, the McInnes era is one of missed opportunity. Pretty much every big game has been bottled. We had a proper chance of winning the league against Deila's Celtic team, and they beat us pretty much every game. He's incredibly stubborn, and if a tactic/formation fails, he will persist with it until it works, to portray himself as some sort of tactical genius. He waits far, far too long to make substitutions that are glaringly obvious in games. He has very little faith in our youth players, and has brought through pretty much nobody. Scott Wright has looked like a natural successor to Jonny Hayes when he has played this season, but is getting less and less game time whilst McInnes persists with shit like Mackay-Steven. He's got a massive boner for Kenny McLean, who has been completely fucking dreadful for all but six months of his time with us. I hope he takes him to Sevco. *Awaits "Who better than McInnes will come to us" etc.* Ugh.
  11. In no particular order - Nacho Novo - Nasty little c*nt. Fernando Ricksen - Horrible illness, but that doesn't mean he's not a c*nt and wasn't a complete c*nt of a player. Scott Brown - Always a chip on his shoulder when playing Aberdeen. C*nt. Jim Goodwin - Tried his best to referee every game. C*nt. Barry Ferguson - Ned c*nt. Neil Lennon - Horrible, horrible c*nt. Steven Pressley - Diving, hammer-throwing c*nt. Artur Boruc - Holy c*nt. Aiden McGeady - Always scored against us. Ditched his country also. Diving, lesbian-faced c*nt. Lee McCulloch - Elbowing h*n c*nt. There are plenty more but they are the first ten to come to mind.
  12. "Infuriating Things Your Partner Does" Not know she's my partner. #ChristmasTime,Rohypnol&Mine
  13. Steve Clarke utterly seething in his interview was glorious.
  14. It's almost as if Lewis was more comfortable playing behind Ash Taylor
  15. Killie going down would be good for Scottish Football. Horrendous team, no fans, awful pitch. The only thing people like about Killie are the pies, which you can get in Spar. Get doon.
  16. Shoosh. If we build him up to be a good manager, we can get rid of him as a pundit.
  17. H*n keeper is absolute dogshit. For a pro to not be able to take a goal kick is absolutely embarrassing, even more so that he plays for one of the biggest clubs in the country.
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