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  1. Doubt they would've believed in their wildest dreams that that spot could've been hit so well. Absolutely ridiculous.
  2. ChaseBarnes26-1486513914418536448-20220127_013829-vid1.mp4
  3. This show has been utterly fucking mental. Also - Scenes.
  4. First sentence by Moxley on his return is telling an abusive fan, through the mic, to go f**k himself. On live TV. Tremendous.
  5. The free agent status could well just be a way to get him back into the World title picture after the stupid "he can never fight for the world title again whilst signed to AEW" stipulation.
  6. Cody has covid, so Tomorrow night's Battle of the Belts is Dustin Rhodes v Sammy Guevara for the INTERIM TNT title. Interim titles in wrestling is actually a really cool concept, especially with the increase in injuries across the whole industry.
  7. He's not been featured much since the dildo on a tray incident. Last month he was apparently auditioning for The Voice in the US and made it through.
  8. Proper weird ending with the random cuts to different wrestlers. Were they just trying to kill time after the Fenix injury? Brutal arm break/dislocated elbow. He is going to be out for a fair while.
  9. Insane to let someone of Regal's talent, knowledge and scouting ability go. Even more so, when you think of the WWE's new development approach of hiring models and college athletes. Would there be anyone better to teach them the basics than Regal?
  10. The wrestlers actually enjoying themselves and their environment really does shine through to the product. Obvious that they're all having the time of their lives, none more so than Punk and Danielson.
  11. Such a fun main event though. Two hours never feels like a long time on a Wednesday night!
  12. CM Punk should come out to this for a heel turn.
  13. Looks like Hardy pulled a Pillman to get out of his contract. Several sources have said that he was in no way inebriated before, during or after the match he walked out on.
  14. Cody pins Andrade whilst literally on fire. 2021, what a wild ride.
  15. Butcher smacked Ramirez in the balls while he was squaring up to Edwards
  16. That is absolutely fucking disgusting by Madden. That fan went out of his way to shove Ojo, and Ojo gets sent off?
  17. Seeing Hangman throw the beer and go in for the hug was absolutely fucking beautiful. Four hours flew by, epic PPV. Glad they didn't overshadow it with a Wyatt debut.
  18. Didn't expect that finish. Happy for Sammy, sky is the limit for him.
  19. Hahahaha MJF just said he was tired of Darby Allin's "School shooter mime on a skateboard" routine
  20. He's the trainer of American Top Team's MMA gym. One of the best in the business.
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