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  1. Bray Wyatt apparently walked out. His return has been fucking brutal, good riddance.
  2. Would be very surprised if Mulgrew doesn't end up in the same boat Scott Brown did at Aberdeen when Goodwin took over. Jim can't handle players with any sort of ego.
  3. Those results show a fucking spectacular lack of bottle. Utterly embarrassing.
  4. Will Burrows be involved in this process given that he's not starting with Aberdeen till the 27th?
  5. Beautiful "f**k the tories" chant
  6. Ryan Reynolds comes across as a good c*nt. He's either doing some of the best acting of his career or he's become a proper football fan/owner.
  7. Agree with the part about not enjoying things getting like this but Goodwin has displayed a remarkable amount of arrogance/stubbornness in his time with us that did him no favours with the support. I understand the criticism Cormack is getting but I genuinely think he gives a shit and isn't just there for his ego. I think he realises now that things are going to have to be done differently off the pitch, fingers crossed we can get the right people in. I hope he has also spoken to Mr Blank about giving us a transfer budget boost as we most definitely need it.
  8. https://www.facebook.com/dechavana/videos/1121700571829002 Given the situation, why is he in Glasgow?!
  9. Didn’t think he’d have lasted this long into the day, but it was 9.30pm when they announced McInnes was gone so not giving up hope just yet. A competent board would have a list of realistic candidates at all times so that a situation like this doesn’t drag on. Not confident that we are that prepared, however.
  10. Surely to f**k he can’t survive this. One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen from an Aberdeen side.
  11. Do we just keep going "If we lose to the next opponent he should be sacked"? He's had a year and one of the biggest budgets of any Aberdeen manager ever. It's clearly not working and there aren't really any signs that he's going to suss it all out any time soon.
  12. One of Goodwin's biggest fuckups. Ramirez knew where the net was and he became almost a scapegoat for the team's performances at the end of last season. The shit he got from reptiles on Twitter and AFC chat was disgusting. Real shame that we never got to see a front two of him and Miovski also.
  13. Get him to f**k before full time. 5-0 and likely to get worse.
  14. I don't think it's just Twitter. Our support seems to have an increasingly large amount of complete fuckwits. AFC Chat in particular is a fucking cesspool.
  15. And it appears Triple H is either demoted or gone. Nothing concrete yet but Raj Giri is insinuating such and is usually spot on. Absolute madness.
  16. They said last week that there would be no changes to the management structure/day to day. The DSOTR episode of this in a few years is going to be fantastic.
  17. The "Papa H" crowd are going to have a meltdown.
  18. Karen Jarrett currently having a meltdown on Twitter. Kurt Angle pumping Kelly Kelly and Dawn Marie should have earned him another gold medal.
  19. It was hilarious, do it every week. Rest of the segment was utterly fucking atrocious though, Tony needs to figure out another way to debut people.
  20. Holy f**k that's the worst attempted jump/dive I've ever seen
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