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  1. Darby Allin just tried to paralyze himself. Holy shit.
  2. JEEESUS those two hits at the start of Hardy v Allin were live rounds.
  3. Crowd is on fire tonight. Hardy v Allin is the main event, a bit mental that they're giving that match away for free, easily PPV caliber.
  4. Amber Heard taking a bump on the stand. This trial has been fucking excellent viewing, these c***s are mental.
  5. Jesus f**k there are far too many matches on this show and far far too many gimmick matches. Tony needs to chill.
  6. Dax v Cash is like seeing your best mates fighting each other.
  7. Liverpool interested in Ramsay apparently. Would be some move for him even if he didn't get any gametime.
  8. Decent show overall. Next week is must see.
  9. I love the Sting mask spot, never gets old
  10. A bit out of nowhere but holy f**k the potential.
  11. Another ladder match for the TNT title on Dynamite? ffs.
  12. Okada v Pac or Mox would be great.
  13. AEW & NJPW PPV in Chicago. Interesting times ahead.
  14. CM Punk v Dustin Rhodes opens Dynamite. This surely can't be anything other than excellent.
  15. Bobby Cruise is so far above Justin Roberts. Hope they keep him.
  16. Absolutely anything that keeps McCrorie out of centre-back.
  17. Well, this has been a great reminder of why I usually don't bother watching Raw. Absolute fucking garbage. Even the worst episodes of Dynamite are infinitely more watchable than this.
  18. According to SRS, Vince said he looked too much like Randy Savage with the beard and trunks
  19. Holy f**k Elias is JACKED. Must've been given HHH's leftover "supplements"
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