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  1. This show has been unreal so far, well above expectations. Claudio Castagnoli had some debut, his theme is ace.
  2. As for Gallagher, the Aberdeen section of his wikipedia page being a single sentence pretty much says everything. What a shite signing.
  3. Disappointed in the Roos signing. I've seen him play a fair few times for Derby, He is pretty much a Dutch Langfield who's howlers for Derby have resulted in him being the number one trend on UK Twitter on multiple occasions. Keeper is the most important player on the pitch, If we have money to spend we really should've pushed the boat out a wee bit. Fingers crossed the new defenders can ease the burden on Lewis and he can get back to his best. Have we announced next season's skipper yet? Haven't seen it anywhere so far. Hopefully it's not Joe as him being given the armband seemed to be the catalyst for his poor form.
  4. Really hope we get McCrorie out of defence. He's not a centre back. His best performances for us have all came in midfield, where we are still lacking.
  5. Yep, folk take life a wee bit too seriously sometimes.
  6. Quite possibly the tidiest AFC WAG of all time. Get her doing the half time draw in a bikini and we'll shift season tickets no bother.
  7. Youtube compilations can be deceiving as f**k but this guy at least appears to know where the back of the net is. Nice to see us signing players from outside of our usual comfort zone of the UK, fingers crossed it pays off!
  8. Couldn't really care about Forbidden Door but Okada on Dynamite is fucking cool. Hope we get to see more of him. Mox dropping another F-bomb on TV was a bit daft
  9. Disappointed we didn't go in for Siegrist. Too good a keeper to be sitting on Celtic's bench. Hopefully something can be done to solve the Ramirez situation more positively, our "fans" treatment of him since he signed has been fucking embarrassing. Even when the guy was banging in goals, c***s were sending him dogs abuse on social media. He is clearly a very decent striker and with the right service could still do well for us. If he leaves, our loss will definitely be someone else's gain.
  10. Danielson appears to be fighting ZSJ
  11. I do wonder if it's more due to the other historical hush agreements. If he comes out and does this though, he might be confirmed as the greatest villain in history -
  12. Nick Khan is one cutthroat motherfucker. Hopefully this is the start of a real change in WWE, it's been 95% dogshit for the last decade.
  13. redditsave.com_using_a_stepladder_on_stairs-ld3insx3x3291.mp4
  14. Really good to see Miro back. Putting him on after that MJF promo is a great call.
  15. Holy fucking shit. That was incredible.
  16. Bored of Thunder Rosa already. Keep her as far away from a mic as possible.
  17. Darby Allin just tried to paralyze himself. Holy shit.
  18. JEEESUS those two hits at the start of Hardy v Allin were live rounds.
  19. Crowd is on fire tonight. Hardy v Allin is the main event, a bit mental that they're giving that match away for free, easily PPV caliber.
  20. Amber Heard taking a bump on the stand. This trial has been fucking excellent viewing, these c***s are mental.
  21. Jesus f**k there are far too many matches on this show and far far too many gimmick matches. Tony needs to chill.
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