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  1. When I saw him trending, my first thought was "oh f**k he's dead". That seemed more likely than switching to AEW. Good luck to him, i hope he does well. Anything that helps bring extra eyes to AEW is a good thing, even with the exploding barbed wire deathmatch shite.
  2. Hopefully he doesn't mistake Marko Stunt for a young girl
  3. Give the man his due, he is great on the mic when he's given time and allowed to go off.
  4. I hope the idea for that is so Drew gets his moment, winning the title at Mania with fans actually present.
  5. Get that "exploding barbed wire deathmatch" stipulation straight to f**k. Ugh.
  6. I was shitting myself thinking he was going to take a drill claw!
  7. Sting just took a powerbomb from Brian Cage. Maybe his neck is healed up a bit better than we thought? Hopefully this means he won't be restricted to cinematic matches. They get boring very quickly.
  8. If the wind is such an issue, would it not make sense to try and keep the ball on the fucking deck? This game has been beyond brutal to watch.
  9. I personally couldn't give a f**k about a manager/player's former team, 99% of them are professional enough to not let it affect them. I do give a f**k when my team's form drops off a cliff and has an alarming level of regression over a three year period. Accepting complete and utter mediocrity on the basis of "things could be worse" is sadly massively reflective of Aberdeen as a city, not just the football club. With this mentality, the club will never improve. We should be reaping the benefits of the training ground infrastructure that has been established but instead have been on a downward spiral since the gates opened. Quite how low are the "McInnes In" crowd willing to let us sink in order to keep Derek in a job?
  10. Before McInnes and Cormack have had a "chat" and the board has had a meeting, his position is obviously being considered. A couple more bad results and they could well change their minds. It's about fucking time McInnes knew he is under pressure from those above also.
  11. I hope the time and effort you dedicated to writing that post was worth it.
  12. A board member told me that we had to match Sunderland's offer to get him to stay with us, and that offer was £17.5K pw. The only reason he didn't become Rangers manager is because they refused to match that wage.
  13. McGhee and Brown both tried their best to replace him but neither succeeded. It does seem as if Leighton was an issue in that situation
  14. He inherited a McGinn that finished the season with 20 goals and never played him up front again.
  15. We're at the stage where we don't really have anything to lose. McInnes has been given pretty much everything he's asked for during his tenure and we are regressing rapidly.
  16. How many previous Aberdeen managers were on £17.5k/wk ? Lots of people say "who can you get that would do a better job than McInnes?" - For the salary he is on, there will absolutely be interest.
  17. His signings, more often than not, have been shite. Now is the ideal time to get in a new manager, let them assess the squad and hit the ground running next season. I can say with 1000% certainty that Scott Booth won't be the next Aberdeen manager. He's hardly set the heather alight in the women's game and has had his share of personal issues also. Paul Sheerin is a much more realistic candidate (especially short term).
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