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  1. Definite foul on Cosgrove in the build up to that goal though, both teams stopped expecting the whistle to go.
  2. I feel sorry for whoever has to wash all of the returned "Duffy" Celtic tops.
  3. Surely not. Ojo is fucking woeful. Could see a straight swap for Cosgrove.
  4. Loan players can't play against their parent club. He can't play against the h*ns this season unless we come to an agreement in January.
  5. From Richard Gordon’s ‘Tales From The Dugout’: “Referee Kenny Clark, when he was fourth official as the Dons were being routed by Motherwell, “Ebbe turns to me and says, ‘I want to make a substitution’. I remind him I need the numbers of the players going on and coming off so that I can input them into my electronic board. He returns with the sheet, but it’s only got the number of the player he wants to put on. I tell him I need to know who he wants subbed off, and he replies, ‘You pick. They’re all pish’.”
  6. "The operation was a success but the patient died" was another cracker of a quote. RIP Ebbe
  7. That is a cracking point. Would love to see a religious person try to explain why there is no mention in holy scriptures of anything outwith our planet.
  8. If you need commandments from a book written by people who didn't know where the sun went at night in order to go through life and not be a c*nt, you're probably a massive c*nt. In the modern era of rapidly developing science, religion has been shown up to be nothing more than a manmade vehicle of population control, financial exploitation and excuse for war.
  9. Would it not make sense to keep the same back 3 and put Tierney in at Left Back. You could then play Robertson in front of him in midfield. Tierney is the better defender of the two, and Robertson is the better attacker.
  10. Was that not to stop him missing the Serbia game if he got booked tonight?
  11. Jigsaw falling into place The Considine effect
  12. Had Mark McGhee not been part of the Scotland setup under Strachan for so long, he'd have been capped well before now. In fact, had Considine played for anyone other than Aberdeen, he'd have been capped before now also.
  13. Cerny injured. Garry Woods in on loan from Oldham.
  14. That's more likely to cause one of the legs to impale one of the wrestlers. They should've set up two tables, or just not done the stupid shit in the first place.
  15. Matt Sydal, Darby Allin and Matt Hardy all being a bawhair away from getting cabbaged in the first hour of your biggest show of the year isn't ideal. Tony Khan isn't going to get as easy of a ride in his post-show press conference as he has had for every other show. Sydal was an accident but the Allin bump was reckless as f**k and Matt Hardy is very, very fucking lucky to not have been killed. To continue the match after that is going to deservedly cause AEW a lot of problems going forward.
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