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  1. Aberdeen - St Johnstone

    I'd love for us to start looking outside the UK to make signings. Other teams are doing it successfully, and the likes of the Czech, Polish and Croatian leagues aren't paying close to the wages we are, and there is plenty of talent to be found. Consistently signing players from the English lower leagues is doing us no favours as they've been extremely hit or miss. Signing other team's kids on loan and developing them does us no favours in the long run, even more so when it restricts the chances of our own youth players breaking into the first team. McInnes has done a lot for the club and has brought stability, but when you consider that the budget is by far the biggest in the club's history, we should be showing a bit more ambition and aiming higher than being content with 2nd place every season.
  2. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Kenny Miller has now played for and scored against all three Old Firm clubs
  3. Today's result further emphasises the desperate need to recruit in January. We are needing a striker and more defensive cover. If we can't keep Lowe till the end of the season, he is going to be bloody hard to replace. If our defence wasn't as solid this season, we'd be absolutely fucked. Between McKenna, Devlin and Lewis, they have kept scores down massively this season. If we lose McKenna in the window too, I really fear for us. Hopefully our form will encourage McInnes to adopt a different style of football, but i fear that his stubbornness will prevail. We need to change something drastically, and i'm not against that being the manager.
  4. Aberdeen - St Johnstone

    100% of Wilson's wages are being paid by Man Utd. That's direct info from a board member. The poor decision making with regards to May is where McInnes is playing him, not his wages. Never been a lone striker and is clearly unsuited to the role. McInnes' arrogance in consistently making daft decisions is one of our biggest issues. For me, winning at Ibrox against a rotten Sevco doesn't make up for losing the cup final, today's result further emphasises how shit Sevco are and that we still have a hell of a lot of work and recruitment to do before we can start making actual progress. Club has been treading water for the past three seasons. The fanbase has been slowly turning on McInnes and rightly so. If our form doesn't improve soon, I can see him being under a lot of pressure.
  5. Standard of officiating

    I'd happily see the SPFL bring in foreign referees. The guys that came in when our refs went on strike were brilliant.
  6. Standard of officiating

    I did, and pretty much everything was bang on. It takes the margin of error down to near zero.
  7. Standard of officiating

    I can understand them feeling aggrieved given the shite at the weekend, but i can see your point also. We need new refs and VAR. Fixes all of this.
  8. Standard of officiating

    I think it's important that the penalty tonight is used to draw further attention to the overall standard of the officiating rather than a potential conspiracy against the Jambos!
  9. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/319893-official-rangers-v-aberdeen-thread/?page=45 "Fucking sick of this never ending misery" Glorious.
  10. Come back when you've won the league.
  11. Standard of officiating

    A couple of screens at games available to the officials would cost next to nothing. Trusting them to utilise the equipment would be an issue, however.
  12. Andrew Dallas had pretty big boots to fill to be as much of a c*nt as his dad, but the speed at which he has done so (and perhaps even eclipsed him) is astounding.
  13. Nah, IPTV does the trick. You get absolutely everything that way also, not just the dons.
  14. I think it's time that the clubs came together to protest the level of officiating in the SPFL. Whether it's down to bias or sheer incompetence, this crop of referees are the worst we've ever had. We cannot tolerate this. https://twitter.com/compo95/status/1070426620912119812 Collum, Dallas, Madden, McLean to name but a few. All brutal, and all have made game-changing (potentially season defining) howlers in the past month. What the league lacks in money, is made up for in effort and passion from both players and fans alike. We all deserve better from the officials. We shouldn't be continually punished for their incompetence and inconsistency. The SFA are a complete and utter shambles of an organisation and it is hard to see that changing any time soon. Is it time for the SPFL to bring in their own referees?