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  1. Stuck Raw on for the first time in a while, saw Bobby Lashley get arrested by Craig Levein and turned it straight back off again.
  2. Hikaru Shida is an absolute babe.
  3. Corey Graves needs a really fucking hard slap. Hope Mauro is alright, seems like a really nice guy, even with his troubled mental health.
  4. Less chance of getting shot whilst nipping to the shop for a pint of milk here... Our form dependent, obviously.
  5. Obviously. It's pretty clear that he's not going to be the sole influence in the boardroom. The yanks won't be chucking money at us to have no say in our performance.
  6. Will be interesting to see how quickly changes are made. Milne has been McInnes' biggest supporter at the club and Americans don't f**k about when hiring and firing. Glad to see Brown is being kept on as an ambassador. Skinner has been crucial in the evolution of the AFCCT so for him to continue in that role makes sense. Hopefully this is the start of us actually achieving something.
  7. "fans claiming Aberdeen are shite are morons". We are shite and a lot of it stems from McInnes. 1-0 up, start the second half well and he clearly decides to hold out for the 1-0. We sit in, play shite side-to-side football and end up conceding. Good teams would put games like this away. Fifteen mins against a team bottom of the table with nine men should be enough time to get a winner but we barely upped the tempo until time was really running out. One game v St Mirren and two v St Johnstone, two points to show for it. The Old Firm must be shitting themselves.
  8. And results like this are why we won't win anything for another twenty years.
  9. Aye, the stonewall pen not given that would've made it 2-0 really cost you the game. Two fucking horrendous challenges and two justified reds. Are the refs to blame for St Johnstone being bottom?
  10. There is certainly potential for exciting times to come. Hopefully folk give Milne the respect he deserves, regardless of trophies. He will be leaving the club in a better state than when he arrived. I just hope that whoever comes in with Cormack, doesn't see the Dundee Utd method of spending as sustainable.
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