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  1. Ian Blackford MP

    Keith Vaz.
  2. Copied from the Photo history thread
  3. If these have already been posted, apologies. If not, enjoy! [emoji51] Dons beating the h*ns at Hampden after defeating them in Europe [emoji813]️
  4. They could've taken the easy, glory-hunting option and chosen one of the bigots. Instead, they turn up in decent numbers through the good and more often, the bad.
  5. Don't think an Ayr Utd fan can criticise other teams grounds, Somerset Park is a fucking shithole within Ayr, another shithole.
  6. Terrible waste of a promising career.
  7. Can Partick stop being terrible now please? Proper club with proper fans in a city otherwise full of c***s. Really hope they get out of the shite they're in.
  8. Shay is a hero, gives zero fucks what people think and always puts in 100%, even if he hasn’t been at his best this season. I bet the bigots try to get him banned for those pics.
  9. Hibs vs Rangers

  10. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Lets all take a minute to remind ourselves that the h*ns paid THREE MILLION pounds for Connor Goldson. Three f*cking million.
  11. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Next goal in this game is absolutely crucial. Half time break looks to have killed our momentum.
  12. Aberdeen v Sevco - Scottish Cup QF

    Max Lowe is the best full-back in the league by a fair distance. He has to be our number one priority to sign in the summer.
  13. Aberdeen v Accies

    I don't have a short memory, I've sat through a fair amount of shite over the years through various managers. Whilst things might not be as bad as the McGhee era, we are regressing at an alarming rate whilst the rest of the league is getting stronger. How far do we let things deteriorate before we try and stop the rot?
  14. Aberdeen v Accies

    What a goal it was. Has to be on the list for the Puskas Award, whether he meant it or not.