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  1. That's more likely to cause one of the legs to impale one of the wrestlers. They should've set up two tables, or just not done the stupid shit in the first place.
  2. Matt Sydal, Darby Allin and Matt Hardy all being a bawhair away from getting cabbaged in the first hour of your biggest show of the year isn't ideal. Tony Khan isn't going to get as easy of a ride in his post-show press conference as he has had for every other show. Sydal was an accident but the Allin bump was reckless as f**k and Matt Hardy is very, very fucking lucky to not have been killed. To continue the match after that is going to deservedly cause AEW a lot of problems going forward.
  3. Eric Bischoff is apparently the guest moderator of the Jericho v Orange Cassidy debate on Wednesday. Oh fucking dear.
  4. This old boy feeds Raccoons in his back garden to carry on his late wife's hobby.
  5. When there's more comments than likes on a twitter post, the poster has usually made a c**t of it.
  6. If it involved the umbilical cord strangling his dad to death, a wee chuckle may be in order.
  7. Impossible. Players age, contracts expire etc. The only club who could survive a year without football up here is Celtic and even they'd likely struggle.
  8. Go watch your local amateur/junior team instead. You're closer to the action and become much more heavily invested in the highs and lows of the season, on top of the social side being pretty good also.
  9. Kim Jong-Un is either on his deathbed or already dead. Failed cardiovascular surgery according to reports. Those doctors must be shitting themselves. https://cnn.it/2XMObmq
  10. Joe Lewis and Tomas Cerny are probably the best pair of keepers we’ve had since Leighton/Gunn. I couldn’t stand Langfield, but Bossu is probably the worst keeper in my lifetime. About 6ft6” and got shorter when he jumped. Hopeless. Notable mentions go to David Gonzalez who seemed to dive away from every shot, And Adam Collin who looked like a deer caught in headlights every time the ball came near him.
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