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  1. Didn't expect that finish. Happy for Sammy, sky is the limit for him.
  2. Hahahaha MJF just said he was tired of Darby Allin's "School shooter mime on a skateboard" routine
  3. He's the trainer of American Top Team's MMA gym. One of the best in the business.
  4. Emotional stuff there. So fucking sad that we never got to see Brodie debut in Rochester, he more than deserved the pop he would've gotten. Decent enough show so far but I have zero desire to see Matt Hardy and his job squad on TV anymore. Shite character, shite faction and they all need to f**k off and come back as something else.
  5. Garry Woods is our sub although even Gordon Marshall would be better than Lewis right now.
  6. Collum booked Brown. Never thought I'd see the day.
  7. Our defense has been an absolute fucking shambles since Considine got injured. Hope people now realise just how vital he is to our team.
  8. Great show from top to bottom.
  9. The crowd shat all over Cody in that match and it's exactly what he and Brandi deserve. Get them and their reality shows straight to f**k.
  10. Cody has gotten really, really sloppy. His strikes are clearly missing by fucking miles.
  11. Danielson looks like he's legit hurt his arm. I hope to f**k not, that would be an absolute disaster.
  12. Fucking hell that suplex on the ramp. Jesus
  13. Wondered what the acoustics would be like in the arena due to the style of the seating etc. Crowd are fucking loud!
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