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  1. FA Cup 2018/19

    Do you think you'd be in the same predicament if Archie was still in charge? His luck had to change at some point!
  2. FA Cup 2018/19

    £75m for a Spanish Jamie Langfield. Petr Cech (2005-15) saves both goals.
  3. Aberdeen v St Mirren

    You're either a bitter as f*ck Killie fan, or Stevie G. Which one is it?
  4. Aberdeen v St Mirren

    Poor Hoban, he was absolutely hysterical. Really good player but so injury prone. Hope we see him in a Dons shirt again but i think that's probably his season over. Derek Ferguson said on Sportsound that Lewis Ferguson has agreed a new two-year extension also.
  5. Pie & Bovril Dead Pool 2019

  6. The saddest part is that the c*nts at the SFA and SPFL probably agree with them. From top to bottom, The entity that now claim to be Rangers are nothing more than a bunch of entitled, arrogant, overpaid, overrated charlatans. They have spent vagillions of pounds that they don't have on their "journey", enough money to fund the entire lower three divisions for multiple seasons, and have absolutely f**k all to show for it. Meanwhile, the rest of Scottish football ignored the sideshow and got on with business, resulting in multiple first-time winners of domestic trophies and a general improvement in the standard of football on display. Attendances increased significantly with an optimism and feelgood factor buzzing around the league. After Rangers died, the rest of the clubs in the SPFL evolved, with the majority becoming debt free. That is an achievement which will never be equalled by Rangers (in whatever their current form is). It's cool though, feel free to boast about winning the challenge cup at the third attempt. It only cost them £30m after all #Diddies They like to think that we'd struggle without them, but in fact the league would thrive once again. The day that the Old Firm finally f**k off to England can't come soon enough.
  7. These idiots are beyond parody.
  8. If the SFA rescind Morelos’ Red (again), they also have to rescind McKenna’s. Both are equally guilty. At the very least, I can see them postponing the hearing so Morelos can play against Killie. Without doubt, McGregor should be cited. Any other keeper does that, they get at least a booking and concede a pen. Really poor show from him. He is an excellent keeper but constantly does stuff like this. He is obviously using Gordon’s numerous decapitations over the past couple seasons as inspiration. f**k the ****. f**k the SFA. f**k Gerrard. f**k Morelos. FTOF.
  9. It’s times like these that the demise of the “B” word is really sad.
  10. Match delayed...

    An award-winning Scottish Football journalist once pished all over the Inverurie Locos dugouts whilst at my team's end of season doo.
  11. Assault or Accidental?

    Tyrone Mings "challenge" on Nelson Oliveira yesterday in the championship. End result - Looks deliberate to me. Should that be classed as assault or was it just clumsiness? Mings has previous for it also, having recieved a five match ban for stepping on Zlatan's head a couple seasons back.
  12. Like putting a plaster on a bullet wound. The constant cycle of having to replace loan players is going to significantly hold us back as a club. You can't build a team round folk who will only be here for a few months. Instead of taking folk in on loan, We should really be focusing on developing our own kids so that we can get the benefits of them and then hopefully sell them for a decent fee.
  13. Happy clappers are out in force tonight.
  14. Poor window. Letting Wright and Anderson go is frustrating as f**k. How does McInnes expect them to reach this level if they wont get game time? They haven't let us down when they've played. 5 mins every 3 weeks isn't exactly a fair chance. A thin squad gets even thinner. Couple of injuries and we are in trouble. This season could have been a good opportunity to show some ambition and put those h*n c***s in their place. Instead we look content to roll over. If we don't win the Scottish cup, i think it's time for a change in manager. As an orange former manager of ours once said - "managers have a shelf life". It's really looking like McInnes' is close to expiring.