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  1. When there's more comments than likes on a twitter post, the poster has usually made a c**t of it.
  2. If it involved the umbilical cord strangling his dad to death, a wee chuckle may be in order.
  3. Impossible. Players age, contracts expire etc. The only club who could survive a year without football up here is Celtic and even they'd likely struggle.
  4. Go watch your local amateur/junior team instead. You're closer to the action and become much more heavily invested in the highs and lows of the season, on top of the social side being pretty good also.
  5. Kim Jong-Un is either on his deathbed or already dead. Failed cardiovascular surgery according to reports. Those doctors must be shitting themselves. https://cnn.it/2XMObmq
  6. Joe Lewis and Tomas Cerny are probably the best pair of keepers we’ve had since Leighton/Gunn. I couldn’t stand Langfield, but Bossu is probably the worst keeper in my lifetime. About 6ft6” and got shorter when he jumped. Hopeless. Notable mentions go to David Gonzalez who seemed to dive away from every shot, And Adam Collin who looked like a deer caught in headlights every time the ball came near him.
  7. The ultimate danger ride. I can think of worse ways to go!
  8. If the games are to be played behind closed doors, the league or clubs should look to introduce a digital season ticket where the games can be streamed from home. UEFA and the UK’s blackouts would surely be suspended until the situation improves? Obviously you wouldn’t be able to charge the same sort of prices, but the savings on police, stewards etc would likely go a decent way to make up for the difference.
  9. Further proof (if it were needed) that this country is full of simps.
  10. WWE absolutely have to be in this list. They are still running live shows every week after paying the government an £18m bung to have them listed as an essential business. They have just let 40 staff go despite having £500m in the bank and countless other assets. Not only that, they're still on course to make insane profits for this year. c***s
  11. I don't feel too bad for him. He'll make it wherever he goes next, guy is a star.
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