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  1. Youth system? It is certainly proving to be working ... for Cumbernauld Colts!
  2. See earlier post for just two examples, there are more. However it does not really matter. Point I was making was that it was irrational to believe if your side of the argument lossed and you did not agree with outcome, you would have no interest in what was happening.
  3. I don't have an issue with a second vote but I think that there has to be a large clear majority in favour of the change. For me anything above 66% merits a second vote as you have double the number of Members for it than against it.
  4. I think if you look back, people were posting on this forum comments about going for another vote and how soon that could happen.
  5. You dont lose forty odd years of supporting a team overnight. Many on this forum often report they will not return to games until something happens, like a manager leaving. They still have an interest due to their previous involvement. For me to be a supporter and to go to having no interest is unrealistic. Some may have supported the club because they lived locally, but I dont believe this covers everyone. If you really wanted to win leagues and trophies other teams would be better options. Now it is hoped that new people will support as there should be more success on the pitch. I at first travelled from kilmarnock when I could because of the heritage and values of the club, when obviously I had more local teams I could follow. I was not regular in recent years for a variety of reasons and have not been to an away game for a while. So, I will not be a great loss in terms of money and outdated opinions.
  6. So all the talk about the players really being paid, the 10 cup wins, all the major innovations made by the club was all meaningless and no one supported the team for these reasons? I don't believe my opinions will affect anyones enthusiasm for change? The idea of this forum is to allow expressions of opinion and as someone who watched the team for over 40 years I believe my very small minority views can be tolerated?
  7. Lots of people become unhappy with their club. I am certain if the vote had gone the other way, those who lost would be posting comments regularly and demanding another vote. So, I don't think it's strange that someone who was on the actual losing side continues to post. No other team for me, going to games just a happy memory, not been or returning since the change in status.
  8. Yes you are right, the vote took place and things are changing in my opinion not for the better. So, just speaking for myself I will not carry on but many more will and are very happy with the changes. I don't see how accepting advertising revenue detracted from being amateur? I don't see how ex pro's playing for no payment detracted from being amateur? Don't agree that once you have been paid you can never be an amateur again. I don't see how paying officials and other employees results in players paying for no pay, not being amateur. For me the club was very different and now has become the same as every other. It's just my opinion and choice nothing more or less.
  9. Whenever the season starts I will not be there. This is a completely different club now who are no longer the under dogs, instead most games will now be favourites due to budget. Seeing the young player of the season signing for another club sums it all up really. It will not be long until a team is fielded with no experience of playing at ameuter level, which will be a further sad day for me if no one else.
  10. No other team for me. I understand why the vast majority supported the changes. I am just a dinosaur. Just would have preferred staying ameuter, whatever the consequences. I realise most supporters realistically feared what would happen without the change. The consequences probably would have been huge given the changes in football and the club do now appear to be in a far better position than many others. The change was overwhelmingly supported and very openly done. So I hope it continues to prosper, I will just continue with my memories.
  11. Those days are long gone. Money is everything and the clubs values have been discarded without a thought. Echoes of Gretna. I have not been back since the vote and will not be. Most overjoyed with these developments but not for me. The days of winning games based on good coaching and giving players an opportunity are distant memories. No more the underdog, no more upsetting the apple cart, just like every other club with money or willing to spend money which is not there.
  12. I think it's the English Game as the English FA is the oldest and the series focuses largely on two English teams - Darwen and Old Etonians. Although Queen' Park and Hampden is mentioned in the first episode in connection to the Old Etonians captain spoken to about playing against Queen's Park. The main character in the series is often referred to as being a former player of Partick as was his friend, although I believe this club is not connected to Partick Thistle. The 'passing game' is often referred to as being the Scottish way of playing football and gradually other teams adopt this strategy. A main point of the drama is the emergence of professionalism, as the main teams in the North of England have paid players. However, they try to hide this fact and the players officially have jobs, usually connected to businesses connected to club owners. The traditional clubs such as Old Etonians strongly disapprove of professionalism and as these clubs control the FA are keen to try and do something about it.
  13. Queen's Park are mentioned in the first episode of The English Game on Netflix. Very interesting drama, there is so many amazing facts about QPFC which could been used for a similar program!
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