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  1. You know fine well He will be the first to put the boot in & quickly followed by his wee weasel Richmond tagging along on his coat tail, how times have changed
  2. They aren't even Darvel fans, probably never even been to Recreation Park
  3. He might be full of mince but your full of p*sh!
  4. Heavy rain forecasted for the weekend, they probably don't want another game off
  5. Nae bother DL, the real story is circulating, tic toc
  6. I don't think so, one man's ego trip has went a step to far this time
  7. I've heard DL tried to royally shaft the chairman & the rest of the committee so good luck to the club now the bampot is no longer there
  8. Seen as Darvel were in Ayr on Saturday I took a walk round to see what all the fuss was about, they certainly deserved to win, have a few decent players in the team & look to play a passing game when possible. Spoke to a couple of their fans & was hearing of the work being done up there, fair play to them & good luck, it's just a shame one or two on here are hellbent on ruining that without even realising what they are doing, the players & managers jobs are hard enough without numpties shouting they are going to win this or that or challenge Talbot, that is totally disrespectful towards all the other premier teams & makes a bigger target on their backs
  9. GG & PD, what a pair of p***ks, I hope your next shites a hedgehog, comments are bang out of order
  10. The same player who fucked off to the medda, from what I hear he didn't have yo go to u lot, he could've said no & stayed at Darvel...
  11. I did hear there were more away fans at beith that night, but with wankers like you there am not surprised home fans stay away
  12. Did I say you hit people with a bottle? No, & people can change, maybe not you, your still a p***k
  13. A lot can change in 5 years, I bet you've done things you regret...
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