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  1. New signing with squad last night. That's all I can say. Not a defender though.
  2. Have to say we'll done to the club. Giving all members of our squad professional terms until end of the this season.
  3. Think Ray need a few weeks to get to know the squad. As he said in interviews at the weekend he has to take advice from Quinny and other staff. Don't think we will sign 2 many players over Januarys window. We need some vocal players. The game against stenny on Saturday was very quiet and only players we could here was stennys. Hearing a few players possibly leaving in January due to lack of playing time. We need a organiser at the back. A strong experienced defensive midfielder. As previous posters said block away possibly to Raith. Another forward is a must. We were very poor on Saturday but still won the game. We have a few good players that I would like to see kept on by Ray. Bring in some hungry players not money grabbers.
  4. Talking about loan players. Where has Tommy Block gone.
  5. So will our current squad. Get new contracts or will they still be on amateur ones.
  6. I thought we were starting to pay our players at start of 2020/21 season. Is this correct or are we starting to pay in January.
  7. The performance was really poor. A couple of decent goals. Good ball forward from midfield and billy took really well. And the 2nd was a good finish. Defensively we were all over the place. Finnie was the the best, Little and Foy were all over the place. Someone has to change the mentality of our players. Foy never passes the ball he just punts it forward and very rarely to any of our players. Little is low on confidence. Jamieson is defo our best defender. I think we need a couple of defenders this month. The amount of times we had a free midfielder when defenders had ball was ridiculous and finnie was only one willing to pass. Great seeing Billy get a game he gives a 100% every time. He had loads of space and used it well. Will be interesting to see what Ray does how he sets up and what style of football we play. We have some good footballers in the squad who need to be coached properly.
  8. Good Luck to our new manager. Let's see what he brings. He needs to rebuild his reputation. Don't think he will jump ship so quickly after the Falkirk debacle. Will be interesting to see if we sign players in January. Are we paying our players from January?
  9. I do not understand were we are going under Roberts. He does not seem to know how to get the best out of a team. Where was Gibson, Block and Thomson today. Gibby might not be the fastest but is a good defender. Block has not played well for a few weeks but thought he done well against Cove, but he was not even in the squad. Thomson our best young player for a few years does not get into match squad but plays in a Glasgow Cup tie. He does not seem to have the bottle to drop Joff or Galty when they have been playing poorly for weeks. It's easier to drop the younger boys sign of a weak manager if you ask me. Is it time to have a change. In my opinion yes. His record is poor. We have given him the chance to build his own squad which at the start of the season look if some good players had been brought on board. But league 2 is a battle as Gus taught us. We need some battlers in there. We have none. We are too soft even the big lads in defence. The players he has brought in. Muir - Good solid keeper for L2 Finnie - Good solid defender Jamieson - Good defender poor passer Little - Far too many mistakes Summers - Good player Clark - not a defender far better at left handside Gibson - Solid defender at this level. Should be playing Foy - Solid defender overcoming horrendous injuries Galt-Great player but not playing well. Joffrey- Need to use him better. Good player seems to running on empty. Block - Does not look interested Good player when on it. McGrory - Can't get a run. Tidy player. Thomson - Real talent. Why not featuring? Purdue - Good on ball but not suited to league 2 Moore - Hard working player. Also needs a run. Sal - Keeping Mark in a job. Alfie - I don't see a player in there. Billy - Hard working. What's his best position? James - Too many mistakes. Easy to drop Luke - Good young battler Just my opinion. I think a change at the top and bring someone with experience in we cannot take the risk of the drop down to lowland league. All the other teams seem to be picking up results now.
  10. What was Mark thinking going with the same team as against Stirling. We were terrible against them as well. I don't get the Cammy Clark in at the back think Gibby would be a lot better in there. Finnie looks like a good addition to a problem position for us. Tommy was a lot better yesterday. No need for him and Luke in there. Play Calvin or Reagan in beside Tommy. Although Reagan seems to have been shunted from the squad lately. Joffrey and Galty are playing to far away from Sal. Sal was winning lots of headers but pointless because no one was anywhere near him. Get the ball on the deck play it to feet that the style of players we have. Cove kept the ball on the ground. Changes needed for the Annan game now.
  11. Can someone please tell me what Alfie gives to the team. Tommy is a shadow of the player he was at start of the season. . Willie had a good game yesterday. I thought Cammy Foy defended well but what about they crossfield passes. Finnie looked okay. Just think he some games to get up to speed. We had 2 many players off it yesterday. What has Reagan done not to be in the squad?
  12. But we would lose that altogether if we ever got relegated.
  13. Can someone answer a question for me. I'm all for going professional as I feel we have to to progress our club. We obviously receive payments from the spfl. Do we receive payments for our youth system from them?
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