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  1. Echo this. Good player. Will benefit with your full time set up. Should make the step up as technically good. Was never offered anything with us for this season.
  2. QOS won 2-1 tonight vs Annan. One of our old players was playing for Annan
  3. Which former Falkirk or Morton player is it this time?
  4. Fantastic player can only get better. Another player we should never have let go.
  5. Agree totally. Was never offered anything by Ray. Just released. The thing you have to understand is Ray wants to build his own team. But let's hope he gets it right this time.
  6. These guys were never given the option to stay on for full time. They were released along with everyone else. No reason given. Just the club was going full time and they were not being offered a contract full stop. Was never going to give any of our young players a chance by the looks of it.
  7. No what I am saying is every player who came through our system and in the first team squad this season has been released. Grant, Main, McGrory, Magee, Foy. The only guys offered any contract where Galt and Muir. So on the day we released out full time strategy and player pathway for our youths we released them all🤯. I understand football but why not give a couple of them the chance to train full time to sere if they step up to the mark. Yes our club has the choice of every player in Scotland but I like to see one of our own being given the chance. The boys that were sent out on loan did not even get the courtesy of a call to say thank you for your service including our past captain. I hope Ray proves me wrong but he tried this at Falkirk and look what happened. I want my club to succeed but I feel since turning pro we don't recognise our club. If Mr Haughley is bankrolling it, Why are we going full time in League 2? When everyone else does not know where their next pay check is coming from. He is a businessman who does not through away money.
  8. Muir has been offered the chance to stay.
  9. Jamieson definitely. Not heard about Galt yet.
  10. Hearing almost all players released today apart from Managers January signings. Even Sal 🙄
  11. So who do we think ray will keep for next year apart from the obvious guys he has signed permanately?
  12. What's everybody thoughts regarding our squad. If there is no more football this season as is expected. We will still be in league 2. We have our new players signed. Which players of our existing squad do you think Ray will keep. If we had been promoted the squad may have been different. If as expected we are going to a possible full time model. As other posts have said some guys will not be willing to give up their day jobs. It may be a full time/part time model to allow players like David Galt to be part of the club going forward. We have Slater, Grant, Maclean and Bell signed up for next season. Who else from our squad do we think will be part of Ray's plans. Muir, Galt, Salsurely will be included. We may bring some of the loan players back if possible. I would like to see Jamieson kept but he may try something else. Joffrey may want to try something else as has not featured as much as he would like. Kieran has potential that can be worked on. I would like to see some of our younger players kept and help them progress. Magee, McGrory, Grant and Hegarthy.
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