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  1. Muir has been offered the chance to stay.
  2. Jamieson definitely. Not heard about Galt yet.
  3. Hearing almost all players released today apart from Managers January signings. Even Sal 🙄
  4. So who do we think ray will keep for next year apart from the obvious guys he has signed permanately?
  5. What's everybody thoughts regarding our squad. If there is no more football this season as is expected. We will still be in league 2. We have our new players signed. Which players of our existing squad do you think Ray will keep. If we had been promoted the squad may have been different. If as expected we are going to a possible full time model. As other posts have said some guys will not be willing to give up their day jobs. It may be a full time/part time model to allow players like David Galt to be part of the club going forward. We have Slater, Grant, Maclean and Bell signed up for next season. Who else from our squad do we think will be part of Ray's plans. Muir, Galt, Salsurely will be included. We may bring some of the loan players back if possible. I would like to see Jamieson kept but he may try something else. Joffrey may want to try something else as has not featured as much as he would like. Kieran has potential that can be worked on. I would like to see some of our younger players kept and help them progress. Magee, McGrory, Grant and Hegarthy.
  6. Bell signed because we offered him the most money. Him Slater and Grant have all signed 18 month deals on great money for us. We are going to a full time model. But it maybe a similar model to airdrie. Some players full time some part time. So players like Galt can keep there day jobs if they wish. I don't see many of our original squad being part of the club next year especially if we do get up thru playoffs.
  7. That's the rumours we are going to a full time model from next year. Can't see it myself if we remain in league 2.
  8. Good side. How did Bell play? Was expecting Joffrey to play to give him some game time. Good to see the players have still got a good attitude even if not starting or being included. McGrory Grant and Moore 3 younger players who must a chance of being offered a new deal for next season. Good work out for Jamieson and Little.
  9. Was hoping to get through but kept late at work. What was the team last night. Who played well?
  10. Strong Reserve side playing Livingston tonight.
  11. Fair play with his record and he has taken the club away from the dreaded play off. And pushed us up to within touching distance of promotion play offs. The reason I thought we changed to pro was to protect our long term future especially of our youth set up. Meaning we can demand fees for talented youngsters coming through the ranks instead of losing them for nothing.
  12. Totally agree with this post. We did not learn our lessons again after Brechin game. Stenny sat in and the longer they were in the game they grew into it. Again same comments from me regarding King and Slater. King is not an upgrade in the midfielders we have in our squad. He does not have. A battle in him. Slater was easily bullied yesterday and stupidly got himself sent off. The manager has Been in this division before he should know you have to change things up for different games. The 2nd half was lump ball and chase for me. The first 25 mins we kept it on the deck. 2 draws against Stenny and Brechin could seriously have damaged our play off chances. I still can't understand not bringing in another forward to assist and change things up.
  13. A few 1st team squad players played in Glasgow Cup game at Lennoxtown last night. Jamieson, Little, Grant, McGrory, McGuire and Main. All playing 90 minutes do that keeps all the boys that are not playing on their toes incase required.
  14. Fair play. Time to eat my words. Thought King played really well on Saturday. Defence looked solid. Young Morrison looks really comfortable at the back which is his natural position. Him and Grant worked well together. Concerned about Slater going off with possible recurrence of injury, hopefully he is okay. Well managed to take off two important players going into the business end of season. We need our best players fit at the end of the season to give us a chance if we do stay in play offs. Think we might see a change or two to keep everyone on their toes for end of season lottery of play offs. We will need 18 match fit players for these games.
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