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  1. Bankies nxt season

    Nowt to accept moonboy lol [emoji23]. I could go all night exchanging with ya. Fire away but at least you have shown your level instead of trying to be Mr Thread auditor [emoji23][emoji23]
  2. Bankies nxt season

    Moonboy why are you triyng to be all intelligent now. Flashback to about 20 posts and you were winding posters up. Stop this lengthy paragraph crap as you're not intelligent enough to pull it off
  3. Bankies nxt season

    Scotland has the highest ratio to population who follow football send using simple economics to adjust accordingly to have a better product. That simple paragraph just ended all that dross you typed. Idiots like you have to type up big boring paragraphs to sound to important
  4. Bankies nxt season

    And yet you're on here supporting a ridiculous move based on self financial gain. Germany has the correct model moonboy that's why you can go to one of their top games and pay peanuts to watch it. They worked it out through all the factors coming together and using a common sense approach. Here no one wants to work together it's all about self an keyboard warriors like yourself trying to get the the voice heard lol.
  5. Bankies nxt season

    At least yer honest big lad [emoji23]
  6. Bankies nxt season

    I think you'll find the odd one off game is hardly a marker for the state and quality of their game. Smaller teams will always up their game to play bigger teams. [emoji108]
  7. Bankies nxt season

    Broomhill ultra? As in BSC? Are you a brother, mother or sister of one of the players?
  8. Bankies nxt season

    You're just bitter because i know you actually are a cadet rather than a real soldier. Let it go Kenneth or you'll just get bitter about it lol
  9. Bankies nxt season

    Germany work on a regional league basis outside their big leagues and it hasn't affected them. SFA couldn't understand that at the time and created an absolute eff up. If they had a LL East and LL West then maybe we would have been a better solution and better standard. Who wants to travel to selkirk and hawick when we have healthy great derbies against local sides of a very good standard and a very good league set up in place?
  10. Bankies nxt season

    HTG that not tell you who has the power then? The main teams of the juniors are the west.
  11. Bankies nxt season

    They didn't go to the LL because like the all the other west teams it isnt financially feasible. Merger of the West and East Juniors is a way better standard than LL. Ffs same old ground brought up by new clowns on the block. Argument done to death
  12. Bankies nxt season

    But you are a wind up merchant.
  13. Bankies nxt season

    You're just another wind up merchant. You've lost the plot
  14. Bankies nxt season

    When did this moonrocket become the spokesperson on here? [emoji23] the seeker of truths and stability
  15. Bankies nxt season

    I understand mate. Appreciate your concern [emoji23]