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  1. Aye this has been utter pish so far. Some of Anderson's darts have been fucking wild.
  2. Fucking hell, that was a tough watch. A cracking match, but I thought Anderson was done when he bottled that 5 leg lead. It's nice to see the old clinchers disease still reigning strong with Michael Smith.
  3. Gayfield, Somerset, East End Park and Palmerston are all good away days with good views of the pitch. I prefer Tannadice to Dens Park, but it mostly depends on where they decide to put the away fans and how wanky the stewards are feeling that day. The Caledonian Stadium is shite, and the pigeon loft at Firhill is manky. They're definitely my two least favourite. Firhill got my vote, the redeeming feature of Inverness is the 70% chance of a scrap in the Morton support. I can understand the criticism of the Cappielow main stand, but the Cowshed has to be one of the best terraces in the country. The view from the top of the Wee Dublin End on a sunny day is excellent too.
  4. A landlord is cleaning up his pub one night after kicking out time. He hears a knock at the door, and opens the door to a homeless man. The homeless guy asks if he has a toothpick. The landlord is confused, but gets a toothpick, gives it to the homeless man and goes back to cleaning up. A few minutes later there is another knock at the door, and a second homeless man is at the door. Again, he asks for a toothpick. The landlord is again confused, but hands over the toothpick and goes back to his cleaning. A few minutes later, there is another knock at the door. He answers the door and sees a third homeless man standing there. The landlord says 'let me guess, you want a toothpick'. The homeless guy says no and asks for a straw instead. The landlord asks 'why do you want a straw?'. The homeless guy replies 'someone's been sick outside and all of the good bits are already gone'.
  5. Big John Henderson in Aberdeen again. Outstanding. I hope they don't shite the bed and pit him against another Scottish player.
  6. What a final so far, outstanding scoring and finishing from Wright.
  7. Aye, as we were talking about on Saturday, I don't think we will see Anderson in the Premier League unless he's offered a massive amount of money. He doesn't have the same fire in his belly now that he's won his World titles and the Premier League. He doesn't enjoy the travel involved in the Premier League and I think he'll take a lot of convincing to play in it year on year. Onto tonight's action, I'm glad we're all absolutely delighted to see that roided up arsehole get battered about the oche. I'm not a huge fan of Wright but I was right behind him tonight. For some reason I've warmed to MVG over the last wee while, possibly as a result of all the Little Englander arseholes in the crowd giving him stick. The crowds at darts have definitely got worse over the last few years. I've never went to the darts, when I do go I reckon I'll go to Aberdeen for the Premier League or Dublin for the Grand Prix. The Premier League in Glasgow's just a nedfest. I don't really mind who wins the final tomorrow, hopefully it's a cracker.
  8. I think that's a far more risky strategy. It risks underestimating how many staunch 'anyone but the SNP and anything they support' types there are. If we can have a capable campaigner and speaker like Harvie or Fox underlining the fact that the SNP don't have a monopoly on the Yes campaign it could prove far more fruitful. There is enough talent and political nous outwith the SNP to deliver enough of a swing to clinch it. The SNP's role in the next referendum is to provide the funding, and ensure a high turnout in their support. If they also want to take the lead on convincing floating voters then we run a massive risk of the staunch types simply not listening to the speech because they don't like the speaker.
  9. I think the key to winning this time around is how the official Yes campaign is organised and delivered. The SNP need to realise that there isn't anything to be gained from them being front and centre of the Yes campaign, it needs to be seen as a diverse cross-party campaign. There are guys like Patrick Harvie waiting in the wings, to offer cross party support. There are also some experienced campaigners (with mixed political results) like Colin Fox and the Radical Independence Campaign guys. Those guys stand a far better chance of convincing and converting unionists than an SNP politician does. The SNP are both the most loved, and the most hated party in Scotland, and it's important we recognise this and work around it. There is also going to need to be a watertight media campaign, which will need to be funded properly. Without going all tinfoil hat about it, the British establishment will be throwing absolutely everything at this and we need to have answers to everything. Let's get it fucking done.
  10. I still think MVG will come good at the Worlds. He's never defended the World Title and he will be focused on that. Price has been playing some excellent darts this year. It's probably my dislike of him, but I think this year could be the year he loses in a semi/final and we find out whether he has it in him to cope with a defeat and come back stronger. The optimist in me wants to believe that Gary will come good, but I just can't see it. I can see him wimpering out in the last 16 or the quarters. I'm looking forward to this year. If MVG goes out then there's half a dozen or so players out there who will see it as win-able. I'm also hoping Barney bows out in style. If I was betting on it at this stage, I'd probably just back Van Gerwen.
  11. Backing over 3.5 goals in our games this season could clear a few mortgages.
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