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  1. Backing over 3.5 goals in our games this season could clear a few mortgages.
  2. 'We need to have a two year plan to get to the Premier League'.
  3. Mind that time Grangemouth signed 3,401,839 players, spunked away 6 figures sacking a shite manager and snaking a new managerial team, won on the last day of the season and still got relegated?
  4. I can't say I have a specific preference at the moment. As much as it went wrong with Johansson, it hasn't discouraged me from the idea of a novice manager cutting his teeth here. If we're going to bag Johansson then I'd rather it was before the relegation-bound clubs across the leagues start sacking their managers.
  5. Is Duffy a better manager than Johansson? Yes. Were Morton correct to sack Duffy when they did, despite the Banter Years-esque events since his departure? Yes. Do I want Duffy back? No.
  6. From August-November his attitude was absolutely abysmal; he cost us two points away to Dundee United and was at fault for at least one goal in Ayr's 5-1 win at Cappielow. Once he knew he loan deal was expiring he got his finger out and played well for a few games.
  7. Gerwyn Price has been given a fine and a 3 month suspended ban for his antics in the Grand Slam final.
  8. There's enough shite patter in this thread without the Grangemouth and QOTS fans chipping in. Piss off.
  9. Ahh, Father Finton Stack. He's a fine priest, really got on Crilly's tits. Excellent.
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