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  1. Anyone know who the new assistant manager is?
  2. Jeez we were really bad... I don’t want to start the whole “we’re doomed” talk of last season because I think we can still turn it round but some quite worrying things from the highlights. Obviously highlights can only show you so much but if it wasn’t for McGurn realistically it could’ve been 4,5 nil maybe more. You’ve got to question the players attitudes and desire (no reaction to giving away the penalty, no reaction when the penalty was saved and no reaction to conceding the goal). Managers team selection still seems strange, understand that he wants to give everyone a chance but there are certain players e.g Talbot who should be starting every week if fit. Still early on in the season, so time to turn it around but need to do it sharpish.
  3. Well this is the thing, Sir Alex is one of the best and most respected managers in the world so hopefully the fact the he (someone who has no reason to take an interest in cowdenbeath fc) has shown his support will encourage the people of cowdenbeath (who do actually have a reason to support the club) to do the same.
  4. Not sure if your being sarcastic or not but I’m fairly sure they know who he is.
  5. How effective do we think sir Alex Ferguson’s backing of club 135 will be? (For those who don’t know, have a read of the article on the central fife times)
  6. The survival of our football club is totally down to us. The supporters. Not just the fans that continue to go to CP for every match, not just the fans who travel up and down the country to see us play, it’s also everyone who has just an affection for Cowdenbeath. We’re a small club in a small area but we’ve shown in the past what can be achieved when we all get behind the team as a community (promotion, successive seasons in the championship) but now the stakes couldn’t be higher, we’re talking about whether our club survives or not. So please I urge the people of Cowdenbeath and others with an affection for this historic club - save it! We need your support back. If we don’t get that community support back, Cowdenbeath with no longer have a football club as it has for the last 137 years. What would the community have then?? It’s lost enough, we can’t lose our football team too. So please get down to CP bring your pals. Save our club. [emoji838][emoji1054]
  7. He brings a bad attitude, terrible footballing ability and crap set prices, as for why that gets him into the team, that's anyone's guess.
  8. A ref having a shocker at Central Park, what a surprise
  9. Unfortunately missed the game, were the penalty decisions right?
  10. Is anyone else beginning to doubt that the announcement will come tonight?
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