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  1. Saving that with his face sums up our season. Bumbling through games in the most embarrassing way. Kennedy to have his mask tore off at the end for it to be Lennon all along.
  2. Should have heard it today, the football and commentary was almost putting me to sleep.
  3. I think he's here til the end. It has been so obvious and fixable for so long. Just point blank refusing to replace a guy the players quite obviously don't want to play for. They must be amazed he's no away... and his subs... and lack of tactics.
  4. Sexy goal. St Mirren looking like Bayern Munich.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if he's here to the end. Anyone could see he should been gone months ago and nothing. This wasn't a surprise result. Livi playing their reserves and their gaffer is again rightly disappointed he's dropped points.
  6. I have come round to the idea of null and voiding the season. Do that.
  7. What a shambles we are. Lennon after picking the right lineup chooses to make mind boggling subs.
  8. Amazing he was even on the pitch to be greeting at the end. Unlucky for Hearts overall though, they deserved that.
  9. Frightening prospect but you are probably right.
  10. Its 8-2 against a heavily weakened team as well. Frightening stuff, surely he has to go now. After all his shite after the banner stuff.
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