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  1. HotUKdeals is an excellent site that is for deal sharing. Here's a link to the laptop bit https://www.hotukdeals.com/tag/laptop Each deal has a heat rating system and a comments section under it with usually plenty of opinions on them.
  2. That isn't him actively wanting the league to be cut short and Celtic awarded the title. That was just his opinion, that if the league was ended that Celtic should be Champions.
  3. They are in a horrible position, they want the league finished. It suits them fine as like you say they were likely to lose the league and their season has imploded. They need the money but at the same time cannot be seen to be conceding the league. This is all just noise to get the hordes on board and to make sure they buy season tickets. A null and void with current standings money dished out would be perfect for them. I don't know a single Celtic fan that wouldn't want the league played out and I still hope that happens. I have seen fans using it as a wind up as if this would be better as it would annoy the **** more. I don't know where the notion has come from that Celtic are desperate for the league to be ended early and to be awarded the title.
  4. It was a pre season thing as Celtic Park was being worked on in 2015. Celtic rented Hampden back in 1994.
  5. The first point makes no sense as having a Rangers of some sort is good for business. The second point would make sense. Lawwell would be well within his right to have a word and try and persuade the vote the same way other chairmen can call each other up and try and vote together to prevent it. Celtic would be right to feel aggrieved if they don't get the title if games can't be completed. The same way Thistle and Hearts would be aggrieved for being relegated. I think they need to find a way to complete the games, a closed door 2/3 games schedule to cram them in. Ending season now but awarding money based on position is laughable, would be better to spread money out equally if the null and void thing happened.
  6. Where did you find this image...?
  7. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/claim-a-free-ps4-theme-for-final-fantasy-viii-remake-available-on-1004-when-you-download-the-demo-before-1105-3415949?pprmrkntfctnsrd=352699726&UATypeId=11
  8. There was a few clogger moments and a dive not that long before too. St Johnstone did play well despite that and could have gotten the win on another day.
  9. If the buns had convinced Steve Clark to go there last year then he would have.
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