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  1. He won't want all the shite that comes with it.
  2. Frightening prospect but you are probably right.
  3. Its 8-2 against a heavily weakened team as well. Frightening stuff, surely he has to go now. After all his shite after the banner stuff.
  4. I had actually started typing this exact message when Motherwell scored.
  5. Seemed clear as day we need to change midfield and Lennon brought on Frimpong replacement (injury forced) and changed striker for a striker who's done fck all for a while. Turnbull must be sick. Motherwell unlucky not to have capitalised on their chances.
  6. Slow motion looks horrific but it happened in a flash.
  7. That team hadn't played in a month and were heavily weakened through covid. Can't see Lennon being sacked or walking no matter what.
  8. At no point has he mentioned Rangers or the players being punished. The issue is the attitude of the Scottish government with all three cases. Celtic and Aberdeen did the same thing that Rangers have and quickly dealt with the players. The SNP should have not even remarked on the current situation as it would only highlight the over the top way they dealt with Aberdeen and Celtic. It was used as a squirrel at the time to bury bad press for the SNP. That's the problem. They deserve to be called out on it.
  9. Yes that is clear. I would be very surprised if all Aberdeen fans felt the same way you did. There will be plenty on here who will say the same you have (from other clubs too), it's a strange place at times.
  10. The only reason Rangers "had a grasp" is because the police were involved. It is about timing here, the SNP had a story to bury when two scandalous footballing stories surfaced. If it had been this story with the two Rangers players back then, they would have had two games postponed too. The SNP should have kept quiet rather than congratulate Rangers for doing the exact same thing that they blasted Aberdeen and Celtic for. There are double standards there whether people want to admit it or not.
  11. Ferguson got a great ability to foul like f**k and come away with the free kick.
  12. Duffy on about 30K a week as well...
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