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  1. Beaton shouldn't be referring any football at professional level in Scotland. After the three Morelos red card incidents he missed/ignored during the game against Rangers. Even given the opportunity to pretend he didn't notice - and have retrospective action taken - he still said he wouldn't have red carded the player. He is either too stupid to see it or he is a cheat.
  2. What a shocker of transfer window we are having. McKenna is a fucking donkey.
  3. I never said he demanded it, I am making assumptions obviously along with whats being said. I agree though that say they both offered the exact same terms that he'd be best going to Norwich. Celtic have a history of signing players like this and letting them down with not getting a fair chance, even Christie was on they way out there. He will also be in the promised land of the EPL, and won't have to put up with the baggage of playing in Glasgow. Even if he had demanded it, he would have been proven right to with this Norwich offer coming in. If they didn't there would have been others probably willing with most of the window still to go.
  4. I hope he wasn't our number one target. Defence is a riot.
  5. Definetly, although I don't think Celtic were being cheap not giving the boy 20K or whatever it was, they simply couldn't because the other players at that age don't get that. English clubs can gamble on young players with money like that without breaking sweat. It is an excellent move for him, his agent has played a blinder. Celtic could have come out of this ok if they hadn't made total fools of themselves by spitting the dummy out, when the agent asked for what has been proven to be attainable wages. Then to top it off they seem to have got a whiff of this Norwich bid and chose to embarrass themselves further by acting like they were pulling out, f*ck sake.
  6. I tried contacts too. (Monthly and Daily)Unbearable, I thought they'd go in and you wouldn't feel them. I was constatnly aware of them and it was just uncomfortable.
  7. I wanted this done and couldn't get it. I questioned a lassie behind the counter who had specs and she said that she was unable to get any the treatments and I followed up with the surgeon. He had specs too, I was told they would never risk their eyesight being made even slightly worse as their livelihood depends on their vision. That's why they didn't get it apparently. Would get it in heartbeat if I was suitable as I know a few people who have had it done. Optimax I hear are much better than optical Express for price, aftercare and being all more safety cautious.
  8. Aye its complete riddy stuff. If he waits out for an English club he'll get the money he wants no bother. If Celtic don't want to give him it walk away with some sort of dignity.
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