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  1. I’ll let him tell you. He’s the authority on the pyramid.
  2. Burnieman knows what happened I’m sure.....
  3. You’re usually all over anything to do with the pyramid?
  4. Correct, a LL West and LL East would sort the west out, bit harsh on the EoS Premier but it might encourage more Juniors to join. What happened at the PWG meeting Burnieman?
  5. Airdrie Auchinleck Talbot founded in 1909?? “Talbot folded in 1916 due to financial problems.” “In the 1928–29 season however, the club were forced into abeyance due to financial difficulties.”
  6. There’s a difference between having your league membership bought and being liquidated! Rangers are no more,look up liquidation.
  7. A wee team with all those European cup winning stars?
  8. Homeless? I think you better check our excellent twitter page for updates on how the ground is coming along! Before you trot out “it’s Yoker’s ground” it’s a council owned community ground that will be ours as well as Yoker’s home ground.
  9. What’s the predictions for Bankies v The Village People tonight? A repeat of last seasons 3-1 win would do nicely.
  10. None of the above stops the West Region joining the pyramid.
  11. It is fact . Unlike the tired old EoSL fed drivel.
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