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  1. WTF with the score fae Saturday??? I saw 3 good goals fae City and 2 chalked off. 1 good goal for Turriff, and 1 chalked off. That in my book = 3-1. Did I miss something????
  2. Pretty good synopsis from neutral eyes. Looking forward to Saturday
  3. sums it all up id say From Michel Platini led applause to barbed tweets from East Stirlingshire – where’s the love for Brechin City gone? | The Scotsman
  4. This is a real clutching at staws job now. We are now a bigger laughing stock and us brechin fans are more than happy to take our play off place as that is where we are and what we deserve. The board have ruined our club and are now alienating themselves from the fans. We have always had a great raport with away fans and they have always had good words about their visits to the glebe....now we are gonna be public enemy no1 with everyone, and at what cost. This is a shambles, I am so fucking pissed off how far this has been allowed to go. Hang your heads in shame committee, this could and probably will be irreparable.
  5. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/brechin-city-latest-michael-paton-set-to-take-charge-this-weekend-as-two-candidates-to-replace-ex-celtic-and-dundee-united-star-mark-wilson-emerge/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  6. Alright folks. What is Aidan Laverty all about as a player....just come to us on loan till end of the season
  7. Was beside the group of 4 or 5 cowden fans who were gettin tore into dougie for his part in the after goal stramash. Can understand why he reacted to the language and abuse they were throwing his way. Both set of players had their handbags oot, no more than that. They seemed to think dougie had murdered somebody.
  8. [emoji460]️| Dates for your diaries.. PRE-SEASON FRIENDLIES [emoji820] Saturday 29th June | v Dundee | Glebe Park | 1:00pm [emoji820] Friday 5th July | v Dundee United | Glebe Park | 7:45pm [emoji820] Tuesday 9th July | v Falkirk | Glebe Park | 7:45pm Admission prices for these fixtures will be confirmed in due course.
  9. Maybe it's Smith that isn't liked by the players???????
  10. Come on BCFC committee, all we have is speculation. You now have the chance to try to rebuild your trust and keep the fans updated for the biggest challenge we have faced in a long time. You have all the media platforms to your disposal, use them, pass on some news and info, and try to get the club and fans pulling together.
  11. Goalie stats..... Brennan- games 22 goals 44 c.s. 3 ave 2 Oneill- games 15 goals 21 c.s 5 ave 1.4 Bowman- games 5 goals 10 c.s 0 ave 2
  12. We are gonna have to accept that it will be a team of pretty much new faces next season. Can't believe we are losing guys who have been committed to the club yet we can't use this as an opportunity to get rid of Smith, who has not delivered as he promised, and who is on a par tactic wise as Dods. We need to go out and attack league 2 or we will become a lowest league team, or WORSE!!!!!!!
  13. Hope he was just on contract til end of season. As was said earlier, he has not delivered as promised, so in my book that is in breach of his contract, so a sackable offence. Time to take a good look at the whole set up, clear out, reload and bring us back the passion and football the fans deserve. The past 3 seasons have not been good enough (scrapping into the play-off and being promoted was extremely lucky) for a club that has been established and competitive in league 1 for many years. We have gone from best to worst in Angus in one fell swoop, and this will stick in the throat for a long time. If the fans feel this, then the whole club should, and now is the time to address it from top to bottom and come out ready and fighting for the top spot next season.
  14. Jacko usually keeps fit, most of his injuries have been work related. Think he would fancy a season in the championship after starting well before his stomach injury at work in our disaster up there.
  15. Time will tell. He must be sick o this lot that's for sure.
  16. Heard Jacko has agreed to go to the Smokies, dunno how much truth in that tho.
  17. Hopefully with this free week, we can get some injuries sorted, then reassess. With the new signings experience and a bit of hard work... Hopefully a promising final third of the season to come, get ourselves to safety, then see what plans Barry can sort for next season.
  18. If fan power was the reason for his dismissal, and the committee listened to us, then Dods must have heard the same. He had plenty chances to change his approach and style of play but didn't. He just has to accept....it wasn't good enough.
  19. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/scottish-league-1/756009/darren-dods-admits-he-didnt-see-brechin-exit-coming-and-vows-to-bounce-back/
  20. Looking on every news feed possible to get news he has gone but.....No luck yet
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