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  1. Thoughts on the starting line up tonight? Would think the same as the Arbroath game surely?
  2. Forgot about the Goodwillie saga [emoji1787][emoji1787] What issues between Murray and Berra though?
  3. Might sound stupid but what's the off the field stuff with Raith?
  4. So hard to predict any places tbh but why do you think Raith will finish bottom?
  5. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about Morton or Hamilton. Think one will do alright or the other will go down lol
  6. Think you're right with the lineup. Who's the most likely to sit back in the midfield?
  7. Are squad numbers getting announced today, ahead of tomorrow's game?
  8. Does anyone know the number of substitutions clubs can make this season in the league?
  9. As you say, I don't think so atm unless we make a few more decent signings I never felt we had any chance of the Play-offs under Kerr either but hopefully Bullen is the man. Maybe some don't want to admit it but we were at our best with Shankland etc and good auld Uncle Ian
  10. The home one looks good but some reason I really like the orange and pink one lol
  11. Jako continuing to make some quality shirts
  12. I am the only one who prefers the home shirt to the away one? Saying that, if the away kit is all black (shorts and socks as well) that would look pretty good
  13. Yeah I find the lack of chat about defenders coming in a bit worry tbh. Who's going play alongside McGinty in pre-season?
  14. Yeah I phoned just after 1 and they said to phone back between 4 and 5. So they're still not ready? I'm just going leave till I'm next in Ayr or until the Elgin game
  15. Would quite like a yellow kit but will probably end up with red or black I reckon
  16. Based off of the sponsorship draw, there's also going to be a third kit. Wonder what colours they'll go for with the away and the third. Pink again anyone? [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  17. Will anyone else be ordering the new home top today?
  18. What happened to all the great wingers? We always used to have guys like Forrest, McCowan etc but now.... none
  19. I know it's weird. Personally I want Adeloye to re-sign but under Bullen he didn't start a lot of games and if he did, he was usually subbed off
  20. Yeah, I agree. The CB situation particularly gives me the fear
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