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  1. Someone who is neutral and doesn't react too criticism when he gets it so wrong youd expect a reaction Criticism who is qualified to criticise then who is neutral enough for that ?
  2. He was massively wrong as I said b4 hes needing too take up the specsavers offer or pack it in totally incompetent yesterday out off his depth for amateur fitba So in your opinion who would do these type of games then whoever's you pick will be in some counts bad books
  3. A can't report anyone am just a fan, look we lost to Tarbolton last weekend, we weren't good enough on the day and the better team won, no one was on here complaining about it were they?, but yesterday that wasn't the case, New Farm got screwed by the Ref, we will never know what the outcome of the game would have been if he hadn't wrongly sent the boy off so we will just have to dust ourselves off and move on, but any Referee can't have a game that and not expect a bit of a backlash How can you say got screwed by a ref he was maybe wrong but it's bad enough to question his or her honesty
  4. Well it's different being injuredbthan disabled so there how many shook his hand at the end could you do it will everyone cursing at you saying every decision is wrong ?
  5. Whereabouts on the bannockburn side line were you and never home about people being disabled that's bad
  6. Still a couple of times to go /be decided next week's big game shaping up for to be a cracker when and where's it being played surely a few neutrals will take it in then ?
  7. Opinions on a postcard please the tie of the round is .?
  8. Mick where's your game at next week m8
  9. Will that it make the Scottish tie more interesting if our game is off then a may travel up for that one is that not the tie of the round ?
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