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  1. It is to protect those benefiting from the generosity of the clubs still playing in the junior ranks. There is a consistency of ability from John Fyfe and John Reilly (The East Region head honcho). Zero ability. Will do nothing without asking TJ or previously Scott Robertson to tell them what to do. Secretaries for each region getting at least £15k, plus expenses ((unreceipted). Then fixture secs and then the "management" committee members. Add to that £85,000 pa. for Tom J. The guy who runs the East of Scotland leagues takes £400 per annum to cover costs like phone and travel. That's it! So a lot of jobs and nice little earners to protect. Some might say it is worth it as they do such a good job? Especially those doing the jobs. 💀😱 Not sure how the Flat Earth Society runs itself. But the SJFA is operating at a similar level. You really couldn't make it up.
  2. Talbot are an honest hard working club. Deserve their success. Honesty from thir committee, honesty on the park = success.
  3. Seeing the success and devlopement of the junior clubs who made the move across to the 'pyramid'. the latest news is floodlights for free in East Lothian. https://tinyurl.com/y4cc55ql Bonnyrigg Rose shown live on BBC Scotland while progessing to the next round, with the increasing prize money is a club that is winning regular media coverage and increased crowds. Other junior clubs chapping on the door of the Lowland League. Kelty already up there. Great to see their success, their profiles being improved, their incomes increased, their community engagement more visible, and their facilities being improved and developed. Of course they are still seen as junior clubs, you can't ignore over a hundred years of history. But it is a shame they had to leave the junior ranks to achieve all of this. And in such a short time.
  4. Yes. As long as I can charge the same as Ultrasoft the company run by a Midlothian Labour Councillor has got away with over many years. Important to keep that old text/1980s style and feel to the site.
  5. Let them have their village team by all means, give the two old guys and a dug somewhere to go on a Saturday afternoon, but if you read the blog excerpt it questions the "tail wagging the dog". Namely that Round the backey Wanderers has a vote equal to that of the full time professional clubs on the direction and future of Scottish football. Does 1 club having 1 vote regardless of size, age or impact make sense? You only have to look at the Cove Rangers wee guy who is President of the SFA to see a man totally out of his depth. A professionally run sport? I think not. (Informed, sneering yes but there is a lot to sneer at, horseshit not.)
  6. A fine statement, but it says NOTHING. If accusing others of 'fabrications ' or reports that are 'massively exaggerated' then tell everyone what the truth is. If a club choose to hire someone with this history https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-16036680 , what do they expect? Evan an ambulance wouldn't go to pick him up without having an armed guard...https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/cambuslang-rangers-manager-paul-mccoll-gunned-down-outside-pub/ar-BBJrJNv Wouldn't surprise me if the referees association decided their members (SFA employees) were knowingly being put at risk and therefore refused to referee games involving Cambuslang.
  7. An excerpt from a non football blog. A view of Scottish football from someone outside the sport. Sometimes they can see the wood without the trees. You see, it's one of the great aye beenisms of Scottish Sport, that we always seem to have awfully long tails wagging the dog. Take Scottish football – 42 “Senior” teams, most of them part-time clubs. Far too many, not even all 12 of our top flight clubs can truly be said to be fit for purpose. Below them we have the “non-league senior” clubs in the Highland and Lowland Leagues, propped-up by the East and South of Scotland Leagues. If Scottish Football was to be re-organised into something resembling the reality of the situation, we would be down to something like 16 or at most 20 “Senior” clubs, with the rest being community based “Junior” clubs. Mind you, even the top junior clubs, in most-cases, mirror their senior brethren, and in a lot of cases the only locals involved are paying to watch.
  8. They won't give you an "accurate" explanation. They will give you their version, especially about what constitutes a 'professional' player. Eufa on their website states clearly what a professional player is and the SFA/SJFA should be conforming to the Eufa definition, but don't. So you have two questions. One, is a player signed as a professional player? Two, is he paid as a professional player? Can you have one without the other? Discuss! So someone on the books of Muirkirk signs the same contract form as Craig Gordon or Allan McGregor.
  9. https://www.sportsmole.co.uk/football/aberdeen/news/aberdeen-chairman-wants-consistency-and-transparency-in-disciplinary-procedures_338172.html And the Dons have called on Scottish Professional Football League chief executive Neil Doncaster to seek talks with the SFA so that clubs, players and fans can gain a better understanding of the "process and decision-making procedures employed by the governing body". Milne told his club's official website: "I very much feel there is genuine concern for the state of the game in Scotland at the moment. "We simply must have consistency and transparency or we all, as clubs, the SFA and the SPFL lose significant credibility and risk losing the fans who have been baffled by several of the outcomes arrived at recently. "Without supporters there is no game and they, as we all do, deserve far more clarity and transparency than we have at present. The junior game was there first. Junior clubs been saying this for years. Not all, just the more enlightened one. The ones who have cut and run. How are 'negotiations ' going on the pyramid anyway? Still negotiating ? Or will it be a Brexit style no deal? Remind me again, what will be a successful result be for the junior clubs?
  10. What is the whataboutery about Ballingry? Well let's look at it. The money behind Ballingry was all 'cash in hand'. Was it cos their Mister Big (ex East Fife and all) was a scrappy or cash from some other sources? Interesting to know which junior clubs are funded by drugs money? You can call it cashback to communities if you want, but not in the way intended. Don't ask me who those clubs are, ask the people at the top of the junior game. They know exactly who they are, discussing it openly. If Selkirk is the shock horror story, you might want to look at Bailieston. See Kilwinning gave the junior game a bad press https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/3133567/fans-brawl-kelsy-hearts-kilwinning-rangers-craig-thomson-hearts-paedo/ Nice thing Kelty playing walks away with no stain on his character. Kilwinning fans drinking on the bus (stated under oath) on the way to Kelty, against the law. All they have to show for it is a couple of tin plates in their brainless skulls. And TJ, John Reilly (East Region Secretary, not that you would know it), Scott Robertson (West commandant at the time) are saying what? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. As ever.
  11. Does he kiss Tom Johnstone's arse, or is it Tom who kisses the Campbell arse? What TJ does not understand is that journalists do not write stories because they like you, It is all about building their own CV and own profile. As self important p***ks go, Campbell is up there. But he clearly owns TJ. The fact he sees TJ as a useless clown is neither here nor there.
  12. Do we know what TJ's agenda is? I presume there is a document somewhere that has been shared with the clubs. Not what the pyramid looks like according to the SFA but what the junior game wants. Or does he just fit in with what he is told to accept by the SFA? After all it is much easier that way. Lazy b*****d.
  13. You going to tell me different. Go on then. Tell me about the sponsorship pouring into the game. The relevance of regional meetings to the clubs. The attempts by some clubs to create change which never gets even to the starting block. Competent people who have been invited to join committees but refuse because they know it would only legitimise the clowns in place. Why did so many east clubs leave? Clear lack of leadership from the blazers is the main reason. However some of the blazers do make decisions. Here is one I found earlier. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/scottish-junior-football-association-stalwart-8793157 It is good to see the west clubs posting information about fixtures, dates, opponents following the West AGM just a day ago. They are behaving as if they have suddenly been liberated.
  14. Yes I have. Think the fine was £50 for a no show. I would consider that paying that 50 quid would be the best thing you could possibly do. At the end of the meeting you say "why did I bother? I have LOST 3 hours from my life, 3 hours I can never get back again". In fact why did everyone else bother? But you do have the experience of the secretary chairing it in his own inimitable style. Ignorant, rude, dismissive, can't keep his mouth shut. It is all about him. [emoji616] everything. And to think he gets £10k pa to be a right shit. In public.
  15. So the West Region is not part of the SJFA? Or maybe you are just making it up as you go along to suit your own agenda? Makes you a suitable candidate to be a region committee member. [emoji37][emoji42][emoji137]
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