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  1. So are Cowden awarded the average points for the game in hand over Elgin, which means we can't finish 3rd? Even though we could have in theory!
  2. Awesome when we had them as a pairing up front and they were both great when they were both at Dundee as well. Greg is also now at Kane's old club of course, Glasgow Rangers!
  3. Subbed on after 77 mins today for his Salford debut. Won 2-0.
  4. Unfortunately I've no more to give CC, or I would give you the money to bring home KH!
  5. Order went in as soon as it went on the site today. A thing of beauty right enough😁 Had to buy a 4XL though, as definitely made on the small side😂
  6. I suppose I’m maybe in a different position from a lot of fans, but I’m not bothered if I attend 0, 1 or 18 games. I just look at a season ticket as helping the club out financially no matter how many games I attend.
  7. Season ticket purchased yesterday and a step😊 All for the Cowden cause💙
  8. New Cowden strip for season 2019/2020 revealed!
  9. Berwick fans bringing tennis balls on to the terracing at Central. Big mistake for at least 1 of them when serve was viciously returned🎾😂
  10. Actually gutted I missed breakfast! Better missing that than the train though Somey to the recue
  11. Hopefully I'm available for an away day. Berwick was great even with the extended sleep in!
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