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  1. I bet you're the type who thinks they're well informed about the world, but has never read through a single piece of literature in their life.
  2. Easy to call somebody a "conspiracy theorist nutjob" when you never actually take the time to listen to what they're saying and the information they provide to back it up. Instead, you write them off as a "conspiracy theorist nutjob", because your pals tell you to, even although they haven't bothered to look up any of the information either.
  3. As soon as the campaign for independence is over. The campaign to shred modern day corporate communism (aka capitalism) begins.
  4. I saw somewhere else that it was fake. Why would you chuck out perfect bananas? It's those pesky bendy EU bananas.
  5. Well timed 'Sexual Assault' documentary by BBC Scotland here.
  6. It has been proven. Their arrangements were all sent to one another via text. Something the judge and jury will have surely taken into consideration.
  7. Perhaps if they hadn't all met up outside of court to get their stories together, they may have done enough to fool the predominantly female jury.
  8. Will people take their pop star patter shite elsewhere. Really poor on a thread as serious as this.
  9. If they haven't said anything, then I would presume it's going to be automated as well.
  10. Yeah, but did your daughter tell you about all the back and forth sexual banter they were flinging towards one another in the office?
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