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  1. Welshbairn called you out a few posts back - we're all still waiting for a serious reply. He was called out 23,668 posts ago, we've been waiting for a serious response ever since.
  2. Just saving himself for the superior opposition such as Celtic, Rangers, Dundee Utd and Ross County. The top 6 contenders.
  3. First of all, would just like to welcome back our Hibernian brethren. True justice has prevailed. Secondly, I hope we pump you back into oblivion. xx
  4. How convenient. Just squabble from the side lines about how things are done, but have no alternative policies of their own to offer. No wonder opposition parties in Scotland are an utter irrelevance. They have nothing different or new to offer.
  5. I thought as much. It seems its not the job of the opposition parties either to offer any better alternatives, considering their complete failure to do so.
  6. Well it is a minority. Despite the fake accounts on twitter making it seem like billions of people.
  7. I would argue that its impractical on the basis that they would have went down this route if it wasn't. But we'll be hearing the same thing all over again in a couple of weeks.
  8. Easy just to say that when you've got zero insight into government finances.
  9. 6 points in 2 games. Will be interesting to see how many we've racked up in 8.
  10. So you're suggesting that the appeals process should have been applied to every single individual student right across Scotland? Do you have any idea the time and money that would have been involved for such a process? Makes far more sense to use an imperfect cheaper system, then use the appeals process for the minority that fall through the cracks. The Scottish Government know this, the UK Government know this (despite their petty attacks right now), the Welsh Government know this and the Northern Irish Government know this. Which is why they're all going to be following suit.
  11. Yeah, artificially enhanced grades does not equate to "social justice". There's an appeals process for a reason. Students will get the grades they deserve. Not above or below.
  12. Not at all. The vast majority of people are avoiding the pubs and clubs. It's only the high profile venues that are seeing mobbed crowds. Most local pubs are close to empty.
  13. The vast majority of people aren't going out for a piss up in the first place. For professional football players to go out and do that, not only breaking lock down laws, but their own club rules as well following such an abject performance, is basically a big middle finger up at the club and it's fans.
  14. Was everyone else in the pub bundled together in large groups from more than 3+ house holds with work to attend within a couple of days? Or was it just a handful of auld punters sitting distantly from one another while enjoying a pint?
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