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  1. Wonder if Berra being out will make any difference to Hearts stupendously high foul count. I would suspect not.
  2. Brown on Naismith - compliance officer?

    Looked like Naismith ran into him and Brown just had the bigger sized baws.
  3. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Sorry bud, but I prefer tetleys over that scrawny wee PG bag you carry around.
  4. Follow Follow - Rangers 2018-19 Season

    Bigotfest subforum for this pish.
  5. Change my mind...

    Not sure how anybody can hate Celtic as much as The Rangers. They're a great bunch of lads imo (in my opinion).
  6. Imagine being so desperate to claim a goal from a shot that was going wider than a hookers vagina. What a diddy.
  7. Has his mum allowed him to attend a game yet?
  8. Got to focus on the positives. Could have been against some absolute diddies such as Livingston.
  9. Mini sash bash session with Hertz to win this one 16-90.
  10. We did a Celtic today. Resting key players for bigger events. We just did it better by actually getting something from the game.
  11. Could only go by the commentary and how they decribed it. Saying they've seen them given, but would have been extremely harsh considering it was in no way intentional and wasn't blocking off a clear goal scoring opportunity.
  12. "Blocked with his hand" You mean a mis-timed header that resulted in the ball scuffing off his arm that was in no way in an unnatural position?
  13. Happens sometimes with smaller teams, when the bigger teams have European games to contend with on top of the league.