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  1. The grown ups are trying to have a discussion kiddo.
  2. We're not going to get anymore money. I already see where this is going. Boris will say NO and will hope that public services in Scotland fall apart leading up to the 2021 Scottish elections. But here's the thing, public services will continue to fall apart right across the UK as a result of Brexit. Boris is hoping that we're too stupid to realize why public services are failing in Scotland and that we'll blame it directly on the Scottish Government. Even if the failing public services are still not failing quite as quickly as they are south of the border.
  3. Is it really nessessery now? We already have an idea of just how much damage brexit is going to cause economically. It makes the whole "what currency are you going to use though?" sound more like a stand up comedy routine by comparison.
  4. He was very anti-independence in 2014. (But like many) not so much now. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/4828924/billy-connolly-scottish-independence-bbc/
  5. Even when they were shouting from the roof tops 10 years ago for an EU referendum? and how exactly would they "work around it"? The Lib Dems were clear that they weren't going to work with Labour. So they took tactical voting right off the table, while urging as many people as possible to vote for their party. Knowing exactly what effect it would have.
  6. Yeah.... Billy Connolly isn't a tory. He wasn't given easy bread growing up like Rod Stewart.
  7. Cheer up m8. Next time you play them, you won't even see any of the messages in their end from all the Israeli flags in your own end.
  8. Worries me a wee bit as well. Labour could become less pig headed about independence and win a few more seats. Any drop in SNP seats, even say 40 SNP, 13 Labour, 6 Tory would see the media paint it as a massive drop in support for independence, no mandate etc. Wouldn't work. Labour would have to be clearly in favour for independence to have any hope of clawing some votes back. The media wouldn't be able to spin it. The real concern is Labour splitting the independence vote, paving the way for tory gains in Scotland.
  9. So if he goes for the tory leadership instead, will that be ok? 😂
  10. I said this would happen. The tories are rewarding her for splitting the remain vote. Exactly as intended by the Lib Dems. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/jo-swinson-could-parachuted-house-21101824
  11. I'm not convinced. They should pull out some heavy weight like Gordon Brown for example to convince us all.
  12. Will be interesting to see how fans of The Rangers manage the new national hymn sheet next year.
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